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His Lovely Wife

SO, is there a magic level or qualifier to get the Keeper of the Secret Badge and the Oroborous thing? I ask because my Lv 30 blaster didn't get it when I logged in. But I have it on a Lv 25 scrapper. Does this make sense?


The trick is to get 'exposed to temporal energy'
The easiest way to do this is to jump into an Ouroboros portal. If you need one, log on latish tonight and I'll be happy to come to you and pop one open for your blaster.Wire Geek - Burning the weak and trampling the dead since 1979Wire Geek - Burning the weak and trampling the dead since 1979
Ah. Well, that explains that. I was curious why of all the toons I've played since Oroborous showed up, only Eva got the badge...

-- Bob
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Specifically, you need to be level 25 (to use a portal) and have a badge or souvenir associated with time travel (to gain the portal power).
The first available for heroes is "The Real Faultline" for completing Doc Delilah's arc in Faultline; for villains, "Echo Down the Aeons" in Cap au Diable.
If you miss whichever, at level 25 you can use someone else's Portal and get the Chrononaut badge at the top of the gnomon in the Ouroboros zone itself, or have been playing this game since day one and have the 5th Columnist badge for the first and second anniversaries.
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His Lovely Wife

Wow EML, that's a lot of info at your fingertips.
Thanks to all! Horned Dragon was able to help me. My Lv 30 blaster was on Infinity. I am now Oroboros enabled for others wishing the badge on Infinity toons.
Another point: if you earn an ouroborous badge while teamed with a highbie doing the mishes via the Base version of the Pillar of Ice and Flame, you can unlock the power as well, you just can't initiate any flashback content yourself until 25.
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