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Please use this thread, which is permanently stuck to the top of the forum, to identify yourself and the characters you have in the Legendary. Please do not post requests to join here -- they will be deleted. Create a new thread for such requests. Also please do not post chatter in this thread. This is a reference thread only.
A full roster of the Legendary -- including members who do not frequent this forum -- will be posted in a separate thread which will also be pinned to the top of the forum.
This thread will remain open and editable; members of the Legendary should feel free to update and revise as necessary.
Thank you.
ETA: Um. I want to note that just because I included my real name in my entry -- because everyone knows it already -- I didn't mean to imply anyone else was required to do so. I've watched the list build over the past few days with all those real names, and I hope no one felt they had to reveal their identity against their wills.

-- Bob
For Jor-El so loved the Earth, he sent his only begotten son...
Player: Robert M. Schroeck
Global Handle: @Looney Toons
Evangelia (Broadsword/Invuln Scrapper) (Level 50)
Sailor Null (Dark/Dark Defender)
Looney Toons (Storm/Electrical Defender)
Beach Baby (Energy/Energy Blaster)
Nameless Terror (Invuln/Superstrength Tanker)
Tokiha Mai (Fire/Fire Blaster)
Some Random Schmuck (Fire/Kinetics Controller)
X-Ray Ted (Radiation/Kinetics Defender)
Halo Kitty (Rifle/Gadgets Blaster)
Legendary Academy
Negi-kun (Kinetics/Energy Blast Defender)

Lord Omega (Robotics/Force Field Mastermind)
Paragon Special Investigations
Watanabe Shinichi (Rifle/Energy Blaster)
Riot Squad 6.1
Range Sabre (Rifle/Gadgets Blaster) (Level 50)
Life Sabre (Empathy/Psi Defender)
Shield Sabre (Shield/Martial Arts Scrapper)
The Eleventh Hour
Sailor Loon (Mind Control/Kinetics Controller)
Mike the Wizard (Radiation/Kinetics Defender)
Death Miser (Necro/Dark Mastermind)
Hugh Kent Simi (Stalker)
Santa Ana Wind (Fire/Storm Mutation Controller)
HoodedCrow (Claws/Dark Defense Technology Scrapper)
Mistress Stiletto (Claws/Regen Scrapper)
East Coast Legendary
Looney Toons (Storm/Electrical Defender)
Saber Blue 2042 (Rifle/Gadgets Blaster)
One and Only Moe (???/??? Tanker)
Mistress Stiletto (1 Claws/Regen Scrapper)
Sergeant Pepper (Sonics/Fire Blaster)
Tsuki no kage (Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper)
Mongo of Rock Ridge (Invuln/Super Strength Tanker)
Bicycle Repair Man (Empathy/??? Defender)
MadKow (Invuln/Super Strength Tanker)

Tiger's Hand (Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper)
Farkenstein (Invuln/Super Strength Tanker)

Little Legends
Luna Toons (Storm/Sonics Defender)
Cupid T. Cherub (Archery/??? Blaster)

Ms Pritty Kitty (Invuln/SuperStrength Tanker)

Son O'God (Psionics/??? Controller)
Todes Schatten (Rifle/Gadgets Blaster)
Witchwind (Storm/Electrical Defender)

Oba-sama (???/??? Scrapper)

Satans Daughter (???/??? Blaster)
IceScream Man (Sonics/Ice Blaster)
Giggles D Clown (???/??? Tanker)
MissionaryMan (???/??? Controller)

The Great Grape Samurai (Assault Rifle/Energy Manip Science Blaster)
Shabbes Goy (Fire/Fire Technology Blaster)
Papalman (Empathy/Psychic Magic Defender)
Rokklobster (Stone/Stone Natural Tanker)
Suzuhi Harumiya (Illusion/Kinetics Magic Controller)
Tsuki no Kage (Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper)
Along Came Jones (Invuln/Super Strength Tanker)

-- Bob
For Jor-El so loved the Earth, he sent his only begotten son...
Player: Allan Twigge
Global Handle: @Paladrone
Characters in the Legendary:
Paladrone (semi-retired)
Shining Kamen
Schrodinger Black--
I have the power to channel my imagination into ever-soaring levels of suspicion and paranoia.
If you become a monster to put down a monster you've still got a monster running around at the end of the day and have as such not really solved the whole monster problem at all. 

The Hunterminator

Player: Gabriel Pelletier
Global: @Glalev

Characters in Legendary:
He Who Brings Peace
Player: Logan Darklighter

Global Handle: @Atlantea

Characters in the Legendary:

Virtue Server:

Cyberman 8 (Technology Scrapper - Martial Arts/Super Reflexes)

Lora Doubet (Technology Scrapper - Martial Arts/invulnerability) (My old main, and "badge collector" at level 50)

Kara Skye (Mutation Controller - Kinetics/Grav)

Lora'Lai (Primary Base Designer) (Natural Peacebringer)

Vigdis Brightblade (Magical Scrapper - Broadsword/Willpower)

Sharon Kov (Mutation Defender - Radiation/Radiation)

Dr. Stephen Fayte (Magic Controller - Mind Control/ForceField)

Zmierch (Science Warshade)

Characters in the Infamous:

Lily the Diamond (Science Brute - Superstrength/Willpower)

Mechanon Prime (Technology Mastermind - Robots/traps)

Cyberman 9 (Technology Brute - Energy Melee/Super Reflexes)

Infinity Server:

Characters in the East Coast Legendary:

Stalnoy Volk (Technology Blaster - Energy/Energy)

Jenetra (Science Tanker - Energy/Invulnerability)

Falconseye (Natural Defender - Trick Arrows/Archery)

Unaffiliated Heroes:

Justice Server:

Utena Tenjou - (Natural Scrapper - Katana/Super Reflexes)

Falconseye - (Natural Defender - Trick Arrow/Archery)



"This kind of thing tends invariably to devolve into the kind of "No, Nakajima, THIS is true power!!" argument that only really works if
you're yelling it from the cockpit of a giant robot . . ."

Player: Edward Dunkel
Global Handle: @ Drenivian
Virtue Blue
Shizuru -  
Mind/Sonic/Fire Controller (50) - Day to Day Manager of Legendary Affairs
Plasma Sabre - Fire/Fire Scrapper (Riot 6.1 SG)
Kikukawa Rena - Energy/Energy Blaster [50] (TSAB Special Forces SG [Leader])
Hisatori Miyoko - Warshade (Dojo of the Immortal White Tigers]
Mitarashi Miyoko - Claws/Regen Scrapper [50] (Dojo of the Immortal White Tigers SG)
Virtue Red
Mistress Valeria
- Mercenary/Dark/Mu Mastermind (50) - Leader of Citadel Succubi Forces (Citadel of Eternal Damnation VG)
Chaplian Extermanus - Bane Spider (Citadel of Eternal Damnation VG)
Uzuki Kohana - Ninja Blade/Ninjutsu Stalker (Infamous VG)
Infinity Blue
Aeri Lille
- Gravity/Empathy Controller
Lt. Faceman Peck - Mind/Emp Controller (Member of the A.Team)
Justice Blue
Fujino Mai - Ice/Fire Blaster (Little Legends SG)
Updated to show who I'm actually playing.

Beware foul creatures, for you face, the "Flaming Bard!" my D&D Character Xypheal summoning Bosk, his Pink Flaming Sword.
In the epic rage of furious thunder
legends create their tales
when the twilight calls and the dark lord falls
our glory will prevail

[Image: strikersetcfinal9_th.jpg]
Player: Christopher Angel
Global Handle: @Paradoxe
- Virtue -
The Legendary:
Australis (PB)
Bowtruckle (TA/A Defender)
Kheldians In Black:
Agent Nightbreak (WS)
The Infamous:
Oni Yuri (Ninj/Dark MM)
Condenser (Stone/Elec Brute)
- Freedom -
Last Line of Defense:
Paradoxe (Kat/Inv/Body Scrap)
Entropic Avatar (Ice/Ener/Ener Tank)
Unseeing Eye (Ill/Kin Controller)
Great Lakes Legendary:
Dustball (Dark/Dark Scrapper)
Northern Lights (Energy/Rad/GW Corr)
Inheritance (Soldiers/Traps MM)
Great Lakes Infamous:
Waylayer (MA/Ninj Stalker)
East Coast Legendary:
Psyclone Sally (Mind/Storm Controller)
Twilight Ray (Dark/Rad Defender)
Bull Nettle (Spines/Regen Scrapper)
East Coast Infamous:
Disrespect (Thugs/Poison MM)

- Justice -
Little Legends:
New BRUCE (BS/Regen Scrapper)
- Triumph -
Facets of Yrmaw:
Detective Dean Shade (FF/Dark Def)
(whatever the bad guy counterpart of above)
Jack the Flare (Elec/Fire Brute)
- Pinnacle -
Paragon Paranormal Investigations:
Psiren Song (Sonic/Psi Defender)
Indominatable Will:
Power Prevalent (Grav/Storm Controller)

That's all I can think of. I may have others elsewhere.--
Christopher Angel, aka JPublic
The Works of Christopher Angel
[Image: Con.gif]


Player: Ken Hagler
Global Handle: @Ryouko
Characters in The Legendary:
Obsidian Heart
Name: Aaron F. Johnson

@Global Handle: @Ebony

Characters in The Legendary (Virtue):

Numero Catorce, Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper

Characters in Riot Force (Virtue):

Aaron Blackstone, Peacebringer

Binary Pulse, Gravity/Radiation Controller

Wotansdottar, Broadsword/Shield Scrapper

Cosmic Fairy, Energy/Energy Blaster

Purrfect Cut, Katana/Dark Scrapper

Characters in The Infamous (Virtue):

Baron Bedlam, Sonic/Dark Corruptor

Honest Gentleman, Thugs/Alchemy Mastermind

Kaze no Kage, Dark/Dark Stalker

Characters in the Little Legends (Justice):

MART-1N, Invulnerability/Energy Melee Tanker

Students at Dark Heart High (Virtue):

Polly Calypso, Electricity/Energy Brute

Assorted Independents:

Plutonium Lady (Champion), Radiation/Radiation Defender

Stormchilde (Champion), Electricity/Electricity Blaster

Doc Rumble (Virtue), Super Strength/Invulnerability Tanker

Ebony the Black Dragon

Senior Editor, Living Room Games

Ebony the Black Dragon

"Good night, and may the Good Lord take a Viking to you."
Player Name: Chris Nasipak
Global Alias: @Kaeda

Heroes in the Legendary:

Tachiko (17 Energy/Energy Blaster)
Villains in the Infamous:
Kagetsuki Misao (25 Ninja/Dark Stalker)
Little Legends:
Kagetsuki Yukiko (10 MA/SR Scrapper)
Other Ninja:
Kagetsuki Raiko (5 Elec/Elec Blaster, Infinity server)
Makage (6 Dark/Dark Defender)
Saurvi (5 Fire/Fire Dominator)
Pyetra (3 Dark/Dark Corruptor)
Alouette D'Aubainne (10 Thugs/FF Mastermind)
Kali-Yuki (19 Ice/Ice Blaster)
Kirika. (6 AR/Dev Blaster)
Kaeda (8 Katana/Regen Scrapper)
Victoriae (6 Mind/Kinetics Controller)
Pinnacle Server
Kamikuro (4 Dark/Dark Brute)
Dagny (9 Fire/Fire Tanker)
Torayuki (8 Ice/Cold Dominator)
Dark Mariah (5 Ninja Blade/Ninjutsu Stalker)
Aerynne (6 Rad/Rad Defender)
Signy (8 Energy/Energy Blaster)
Sucrose Octanitrate.
Proof positive that with sufficient motivation, you can make anything explode.
Name: Logan J Goodhue
global handle: @foxboy
Characters in The Legendary:
Wide Receiver - 39 inv/ss tanker "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!?"
Emi Arizona - 14 rad/rad defender "The boss isn't happy you've stopped saying your prayers, Lenny."
MirrorKnight Hiroshi - 18 BS/SR scrapper "Foul creature, you shall taste my blade! . . . That sounded soooo COOL!
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll
Name: Niteflier
global handle: @Niteflier
Character in The Legendary:

The Infamous:
Myr'tai - 20 bots/poison MM]Profile here.

_Virtue server_

Reyshal - 50 Grav/FF Controller]Profile here
Mirage Sabre - 25 Ill/Kin Controller
Anarakis - 24 Fire/Fire Scrapper

_Infinity Server_
E'lyia - 50 FF/dark Defender
Brahela - 28 Fire/Ice Blaster

Naqueth - 36 Bot/Trap Mastermind


Name: Doug Ingebretsen
global handle: @Electroeagle
Character in The Legendary:
_Virtue server_
wildheart ace
Name: Terry
Current as of 2009-04-10

Global Handle: @sweno
Legendary Characters:
* Frenetic Sublimation (Fire/Ice Blaster)
* Sarah Becker (Peacebringer)
* Gamma Emission (Rad/Rad 'fender-tank)
* Creeping Chill (Ice/Ice tank)

Riot Force:
* Smouldering Decay (Fire/Rad Controller)
* Purrect Kick (MA/Shield Scrapper)
* Cool Comfort (Emp/Ice Defender)
* Bat Butt (TA/A Defender)

The Infamous:
* Igneous Nadir (Fire/Dark Corruptor)
* Clank Patrol (Bots/FF Mastermind)
* Battlefield Triage (Sol/Pain Mastermind)
* Irradiated Krait (Rad/Rad Corruptor)

Other Virtue Villains:
* Fedayeen
"so listen up boy, or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing to happen to you today"
TF2: Spy

His Lovely Wife

Hi there. Just introducing myself.

Player: RevDark's Wife, Cindy
Global Handle: @His Lovely Wife
Characters in the Legendary:
Morgan Mac Hine
Minuet Mac Hine
Rose S.R Redd
Fae Wree Tail (Beta Team)
Felspar/Matthew Mac Hine (Beta Team)
Characters in the ECL
Sylvia Black
Margaret Mac Hine
Meredith Mac Hine
Characters in Infamous
Mace Mac Hine
Characters in IST Paragon City (Infinity)
Windy Day
Characters in East Coast Infamous
Characters in Little Legends (Justice)
Madrid Mac Hine
Maureen Heisman
WR Heisman
Mercator Mac Hine
Meteor Mac Hine
Stormy Day Johnson
Other Toons
Marianne Mac Hine
The Mac Hine
Columbia I Fields (Freedom)
Marag Kesh (Freedom)
Charlotta Brion (Champion
Morrow (Champion)
Georgina DaSanto (Infinity)

Feel free to say Hi anytime.
Updated with current active character list.

Player: Acyl (my handle comes from my RL initials, nyah)

Global Handle: @Acyl

Legendary (Virtue):

Syndesis (50 - DM/Regen Scrap) "Violence. Never leave 'ome without it."

Space Mage (50 - Dark/Eng Def) "I am the sorceress of the space age!"

Superball (MA/Inv Scrap) "Eight ball in corner pocket!"

Light Errant (Kin/Sonic Def) "Oh yeah, we're all gonna die."

Riot Force (Virtue):

Payload (Will/SS Tank) "This is war."

Steel Sabre (BS/Shield Scrap) "It's just a matter of enlightened self-interest."

Infamous (Virtue):

Obsolete (Rad/Rad Corr) "-whirr- Error. Error. Error."

Battery Acid (Elec/Will Brute) "I never tell a lie. Creative truth will do."

Operative Parker (Bane Spider) "Just your neighbourhood friendly spider."

Noonlighter (name remains reserved, pending reroll) "C'mon, punk. Make my day."

Other Characters (Virtue):

Glass Lass (50 - Ice/Ice Blaster) "Glass is being here to help!"

eMage (Ill/Rad Controller)

Grace of the Spirit (Mind/Emp Controller)

John Prester (Ill/Rad Controller)

Impossibelle (MA/Regen Scrap)

Greybird (Claws/SR Scrap)

East Coast Legendary (Infinity):

Flu Shot (Ice/Ice Tank) "This is a cryogenic gauntlet. That is your bladder. Questions?"

-- Acyl
Player: Russ Howard
Global Handle: @Skrymir
Characters in the Legendary: Skrymir
Other Characters
Jack O'The Green
42 lev: Skrymir
20 lev: Truncheon


Howdy, all!

Glad to join you all! I'm from jpub's SG over on Freedom, where I still have most of my characters.

Player: Dave Weirs

Global: @Jimmy Amp

Characters in The Legendary:

Tempestador 12 Storm/Electric Defender

Shining Binary 14 Peacebringer

Sonicspeed 2 Kin/Sonic Defender

Characters in The Infamous:

Killerjoule 2 Energy/Electric Brute

Solid State Sin 7 Dark/Electric Brute

Chars in East Coast Legendary(Infinity):

Schiavonar 9 BS/Regen Scrapper

Ian Cognito 8 Ill/Rad Controller

Shivershot 8 Ice/Ice Blaster

Chars in East Coast Infamous(Infinity):

Hideo Kusanagi 2 Ninja/Dark Mastermind

Chars in Great Lakes Legendary(Freedom):

Kobalt-60 26 Rad/Rad Defender

Chars in Little Legends(Justice):

Schiavonar 10 BS/Regen Scrapper

Gunsmith Ace 3 AR/Dev Blaster

On Guardian:

Diamond Head 19 Stone/Fire Tanker (Volcano Tanker (get it? [Image: tongue.gif]" src="http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/im ... tongue.gif"> ))

Wavebender 9 Sonic/Energy Blaster


Hero SG: Last Line of Defense

Ian Cognito 19 Warshade

Chars in Great Lakes Infamous

Wavebender 14 MC/Psi Dominator

Villain SG: V.I.L.E.

Ridan Zero 44 DM/DA Brute

Quantum Charger 13 Ice/Kin Corrupter

Netherburn 13 Fire/Dark Corrupter

Johnny Volt 12 Elec/Elec Brute

Mesotronic 14 Rad/Rad Corrupter


Hero SG: PPI - Paragon Paranormal Investigators

Gravitic Wave 50 Gravity/Rad/Fire Controller

Jimmy Amp 50 Elec/Elec/Elec Blaster

Nadir Zero 50 DM/Regen/Body Scrapper

Ian Cognito 40 Warshade

Chimaeron 32 Ill/Rad Controller

Sherman Abrams 22 Inv/EM Tank

Proton Burn 8 Fire/Rad Controller

Ki Lo Ni 8 MA/Regen Scrapper

JImmy Blazer 3 Fire/Fire Blaster

Waveshock 11 Kin/Elec Defender

Hero SG: Pinnacle on Tap (alcohol themed SG)

Brain Eraser 50 Rad/Psy/Psy Defender

Kiwi Crush 12 Ice/Rad Controller

Dead Bull 2 Dual Blade/Regen Scrapper


Villain SG: The Dead Gentlemen

Spineshatter 49 Thug/Dark/GW Mastermind

Cobalt-60 24 Rad/Rad Corrupter

Professor Zot 43 Robot/FF/BS Mastermind

Villain SG: Shut Your Pie Hole

Boxx Cutter 28 Dual Blade/Willpower Brute

Deuce Black Omega 15 Merc/Dark Mastermind

Thunderwall 11 SS/WP Brute

Villain SG: InfiniCorp

Goran Savanovic 17 Necro/Dark Mastermind

Also on Virtue: KIB: Kheldians in Black

Agent Singularity 6 Warshade

A few more on other servers as well.... yes, I have alt-itis.Global: @Jimmy Amp

"Broad-minded is just another way of saying a fellow's too lazy to form an opinion." -- Will Rogers


Player Name: Matt
Global Handle: @EchoesVisage
Characters in The Legendary:
Nyghtingale - 50 Energy/Energy Blaster
Onyx Razor - 31 Archery/Devices Blaster
Infinity (East Coast Legendary)
Pure Flash - 11 Illusion/Empathy Controller
Nyghtingale - 11 Peacebringer
CoV (The Infamous)
Dark Faux - 12 Dark/Dark Stalker (Virtue)
Unassociated Characters:
Forlourne - 22 Energy/Kinetics Corruptor (Virtue)
Desiree Skye - 20 Peacebringer (Virtue)
And that's pretty much all I play with any consistancy
Player Name: Sam
Global Handle: @Evil Midnight Lurker
Character in The Legendary:
The Lincoln Memorial - 20 Invulnerability/Stone Melee Tanker
The Warlock Wolf - 9 Broadsword/Dark Armor Scrapper
DSX-Machina - 1 Gravity/Kinetics Controller
Quickflame - 2 Fire/Fire Blaster
The Head of Nixon - 10 Robotics/Force Field Mastermind
Mindlord Rissvar - 10 Psi/Psi Dominator
The Unpantsable One - 1 Dark Melee/Invulnerable Brute
The King of Three Shadows - 18 Necro/Dark Mastermind
The Punchless - 2 Martial Arts/Reflex Stalker
"Gravity is a harsh mistress."

Chibi Konatsu

Global Handle: @Hunk
Character in Legendary:
Mirrorguardian Naoko (Magic Controller, Illusion/Empathy)
Unassociated Characters:
The Hunk (Science Tanker, Energy/Invulnerability)
Punch Man (Natural Tanker, Strength/Invulnerability)
The Big Idea (Technology Dominator, Mind/Psychic)
Raumfarher (...I might be misspelling that. Magic Scrapper, Broadsword/Dark)
...damn, I forgot the restrictions on this thread. And Chibi Konatsu apparently didn't read them. n.n;
"If you're so evil -- EAT THIS KITTEN!"
Player: Nathan Baxter
Global Handle: @valles
Blueside Virtue:
MA/Inv (Energy/Dev) Mutant Scrapper (Blaster) Brightsky - "You can't cloud me out that easily!"
Fire/Fire Mutant Tanker Mira Wolf-Rayet - "TIME TO BURN, SCUMBAGS!"
Peacebringer Valles - "My eyes? Are up here."
Fire/Thermal Magic Controller Themaria Dist - "Hell welcomes their own."
Elec/Elec Magic Blaster Kei of the Lightning - "Nobody's dying here today."
Shield/Elec Mutant Tank Hitmi - "C'mon, stop trying to hit me and hit me!"
Will/Dark Magic Tank Kentucky Smith - "Thorns. Why does it always have to be Thorns?"
DB/Will Magic Scrapper Bellerophon Sabre - "You like to do it the hard way? That's cute."
DP/Dev Magic Blaster Tira Siaz - "Life is a smile in the dark."
DP/Psi Technology Blaster Crossfire Sabre - "Don't worry, I won't let you down."
BS/Regen Mutant Scrapper Fissionette. - "I'm not her. She doesn't know what pain is - let it stay that way."
Rad/Energy Technology Defender Deuterium Hydroxide - "Memo to Development Team: push-to-talk button sticks."

Redside Virtue:
Nin/Will Natural Stalker Jen Etroica - "That's not where you should be looking, little boy... Oops, too late."
Strength/Will Natural Brute Sachie Hanagawa - "TOO LATE - FOR REGRETS!"
Bane Spider Operative Celestian - "Don't you know? Only people can feel shame."
Crab Spider Operative Airy - "Meet the new breed, same as the old breed."
Bots/FF Technology Mastermind Madeline Dist - "Genius is a service just like any other."
Gravity/Energy Technology Dominator Battle Bikini - "No, I'm not cold. Does this hurt? Thought so."
Sonic/Sonic Mutant Corruptor Purrfect Idol - "Nyan-nyan, nyan-nyan, niirau-nyan!"

"V, did you do something foolish?"
"Yes, and it was glorious."
I suppose i've put this off long enough, time to get off my duff and post.
Player:Terry McMahon
Global HandleAngryterrenceknight
Virtue: Legendary
Terrence Knight
Natural SS/Invun Tanker
Infinity Legendary
Terrence Knight *see a running theme yet [Image: tongue.gif] *
Natural MA/SR Scrapper (on hold)

Gaean Conspiracy

Player Name: Gaean
Global Handle: @Gaean Conspiracy
Characters in The Legendary:
Pretty Witty Kitty - Claws/SR scrapper (Currently 40, but moving fast)

Unassociated Characters:
Virtue - Heroes Associated with the Paragonian Knights
Radiant Dawn (PB),
Penumbral Dusk (WS),
Obsidian-Rage (BS/DA Scraper),
Banished Sidhe (TA/sonic Defender),
Dark Mysteries (Dark/Dark Defender
Virtue - Villians Associated with the Paragonian Knights
Defiled Legacy (Mind/Energy Dominator),
Naughty Bad Girl (Thugs/Dark MM),
Daughter of Lilith (Fire/Dark Corruptor),
Icy Blue Kiss (Ice/Kin Corruptor),
Evolution in Action (Elec/Elec Brute)Gaean Conspiracy - @Gaean Conspiracy
Time to take the grime out of crime
- Pretty Witty Kitty
Gaean Conspiracy - @Gaean Conspiracy
Time to take the grime out of crime
- Pretty Witty Kitty
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