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Full Version: Alex Fury to save Fortune Teller! News at 11...
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Alex Fury, a level 16 MA/Regen scrapper, is looking for others who might want to share in the fun as she boldly steps forward to be a punching bag. If anyone's interested, put up some dates and times when you might want to come along and I'll see if we can't get something sorted out. There's no rush on my end, heh.
Generally I'm available most weeknights from midnight to 2, server time; and pretty much ANY time on weekends provided I know about it in advance.
Anyone want the badge? Join me!

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Which server? I might drag Tachiko in if you're on Virtue...--
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Oh, duh. Yeah.
This is on Virtue. Sorry about that, heh.

--"Listening to your kid is the audio equivalent of a Salvador Dali painting, Spud." --OpMegs
Mm. I think Mai is in the right vicinity to join you; gotta check to see what levels my other Virtue toons are, as I keep forgetting.

-- Bob
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