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Full Version: Merry Christmas! Website Updated. (^_^)
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Morning, folks! [Image: smile.gif]
Just an FYI, my webpage at www.bgcrisis.com has been updated a bit. I've added some more of my commissioned artwork to the 'Artworks' section, and posted the work-in-progress on my digital colouring of some black and white artwork of one of my heroes in the 'Siegeworks' section.
So Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy the artwork. [Image: happy.gif]
Best wishes,
Bert V.V.
(PS - *comment* on something this time, willya?! [Image: eyes.gif] )
Oh, I always read your threads. I just ALWAYS forget to comment. =(
Cool beans. I'll check that out in a sec.
-- Acyl

His Lovely Wife

Very nice stuff.

So, when do you start taking commissions? [Image: roll.gif]


Hello! ^_^
Heh. I'll start taking commissions when I can draw somewhat as well as David Nakayama or the Moy brothers. [Image: wink.gif]
The key to the colouring looking good is a fairly high-resolution scan of the black and white artwork. 150 Dpi is where you should start, I'm told. I'm playing around at 300 dpi if I recall correctly.
Thanks for the compliment though. ^.^
Bert V.V.


high DPI is easy.. gracefully handling gigabyte-plus .tiff files.. not so easy.Wire Geek - Burning the weak and trampling the dead since 1979Wire Geek - Burning the weak and trampling the dead since 1979