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Full Version: Question for the Members - Personal Quarters?
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Is there anyone in the legendary who - by concept, actually lives at the base? Or who would, if there were personal quarters made available?
Because it's looking like we have a LOT of available space right now. And putting in a decorative room or two would be pretty cheap. Or we could make one really BIG room and subdivide it in various ways. I've experimented with this sort of thing before. But not really seriously. Shizuru wanted an office, and I'll be getting back to that request soon. But it started me thinking about this other possibility.
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Evangelia would certainly welcome an office or other personal space, but doesn't need it.

-- Bob
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Right. It has nothing to do with -need-. Because as far as base functionality, we've got everything a non-PVP base is going to need. I'm talking about - what do you the player want?
We've got... what? About a baker's dozen actual players in our group? And then all the alts of those players. We've already got several places in the base that I set up almost solely for the purposes of role-playing: The meeting room, the club area, and the "breakfast nook"; none of these has any actual function. But they look really cool, they make the base seem more "real", and they're spots where people can do various types of RP.
So, to clarify, if anyone has a character who would tend to "bunk out" at the base for any reason, let me know. I'm going to be tinkering around with spaces for that purpose. I'll make a couple of things and post screenshots of them, or I can leave them in place and you can take a peek at them in-game whenever you want.
FYI - the main entrance for these experimental areas is most likely going to be from the hallway right next to the infirmary. Although I may experiment a bit with having extra rooms with entrances off the big teleport bays.
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Well, Yukiyo would probably sleep at the base if possible.
And any room that is remotely hers to sleep in would be, basically, a bed, a desk, and spell books piled up absolutely everywhere.
I couldn't say that Amber (Mine in Legendary) would be sleeping at the base. But Ankh, (Stalker in Infamous) more than likely would. I happened to notice that the Crypt Fox had made for me in there has gone out to some where in the twisting nether...Cant seem to find it. Chance? Cause? Happenstance?[Image: smalldarksideoc5.png]
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The Master said: "It is all in vain! I have never yet seen a man who can perceive his own faults and bring the charge home against himself."

>Analects: Book V, Chaper XXVI

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Although he kind of has a home, Marcus could probably be found at the base most of the time. He likes to tinker with things and The Mac Hine won't let him have a lab of his own. If there's room a small room full of electronic stuff, that would be spiffy for him. The other Mac Hines have their own places and use the base mostly as a meeting place.
None of my characters need living quarters at the base, but may I suggest a small dojo or other training/sparring area?
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Tachiko almost certainly has quarters off-base, most likely a large apartment of some sort (subsidized by the TSAB and expanded upon by her pay from the SG).
As far as DHH goes, I may add a 'dorms' area once we have enough to expand the base a good bit, but right now we're a bit too cramped for it. There are assumed to be dorm-rooms off-map for folk.--
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Hmmm. I *did* establish that Alexis had a bed *somewhere*, but not where it was...
(Mind you, I'm not sure I like that part anymore, and have considered changing it.)
Characters with a secret identity will likely have living space under that identity, but would probably appreciate guest rooms if they needed a place to crash for a while, and I've read stories where such things became necessary for various reasons.
Characters without such silly things, on the other hand, might or might not live at the base, but given a choice would want *someplace* with good security. No one wants to be woken up by some Council moron with a machine gun, even if your defenses *do* stay on when you're asleep.
Un-generalizing, I'm not really sure if Alexis would typically live/want to live in the base. She wouldn't precisely *need* to, but it might be reasonable depending on how she ended up in the group in the first place... Pity I never actually established how that happened.
Mirami, on the other hand, has adopted certain habits of one of her older sisters, and can often be found napping on roof supports, the tops of large computers, the walls, the ceiling, and any number of other places that should not really be practical sleeping locations, and thus has no need for actual living quarters. (Whether or not she actually needs sleep is also an open question.)
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I'd say a dorm, but not personal living quarters.
One would assume with most, if not all of our characters that they have lives outside of heroism and The Legendary. (Yes, even sentai cheeseballs like Senoku.)
As such, I would expect them to have their own living spaces and the like, and only crash in the base when necessary.
If we must have 'private' quarters, why not a sort of generic guest bedroom type thing?--
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