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Full Version: Character Transfers and Invites
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Who is the SG Leader of our auxilliary group? I have some alts I'd like to move from the main SG to the sub group so as to make room for new members.
Plus - I've moved my Level 50 Scrapper, Lora Doubet, from Justice server to Virtue, and Cyberman 8 is coming up to level 45 soon, so any High Level TFs I can now participate in.
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Crossroads - Legendary Beta or something? I can't even remember the name of the auxillary group! =(
Er. I thiiiink Rev and Cindy set that up, but I'm not certain.
I do have a few unassociated alts that could be shuffled in there... most notably Light Errant and Astreal, so I should prolly find out...
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Yeah, I'm running the Legendary Beta Team. Let me know when you'll be on and I'll pop by with invites.