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Since I don't actually have a character in The legendary, I suppose I shouldn't post to that thread..but it occurs to me that you all might not know who I am on Virtue beyond my post in the virtue is it's own reward thread. I had been absent from COH for a while..
So without further ado..
Chars on Virtue
Kyriea (L42 Magic Broadsword/Regen scrapper)
She's huge
Maranwe (L24 Magic Katana/Dark Armor Scrapper)
Call her 'Drow' only at your peril.
Kowaiko (L30 Magic Dark Melee/Regen Scrapper). Aka, scary perky goth.
Nova Rose (L 22 Mutant Energy/Energy blaster.)
Sailor PSi (L11 Natural Kinetics/Psi Defender.) 'Enlightenment can be found in the strangest of places. Even fangirls'. The wise man says.
Microforge (L4 Tech SS/Invuln tanker)
Who is really just a geek girl playing her favorite FPS...remote controlling this robot she built.
Fusion Drive (L12 Science Energy/Energy brute)
A girl just getting by, with her fists..and taking out her anger issues on anything nearby.
If that girl happens to have a contagious fusion-powers plague* (*of course, the most common power is 'you get really sick, and then explode, if you manage to not fight the infection off in the first place)
Esmerelda Dark (L9 Magic Dark/Dark Corrupter)
Aka 'Little miss Ex-leader of the Flying monkey terrorist cell. Wanted for extradition back to Oz on many, many, many criminal charges, not excluding munchkin punting.'

So, if you see any of these upstanding sorts - or wanted criminals - there I am.
While the area is called "The Legendary", it is effectively "City of X in general". So don't worry about it!-- Bob
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