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Full Version: Legendary Member Status 9/14/2007
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Ok, We've got a few cuts to talk about
Eric Abbots - 132 days
Psywave - 122 days
These two are friends of mine and I know why their gone. I'll let them know personally about this.
Australis - 131 Days
Chris - if you want him to stay in the group, log in by Monday.
Itty Bitty Kitty - 66 Days - 0 Prestige
I think we ruled you had to gain SOME prestige before 30 days to stay in the group. I'll send this one an in-game E-mail
Upcoming Kicks
Rose S.R. Redd - 104 Days
Killkitty - 102 Days
Aegis Sanctuary - 101 Days
Sharen Kov - 89 Days
Saberkitten - 88 Days
Pontius Pirates - 82 Days
That is all.
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Aegis has vanished again? Oh well...

-- Bob
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I was wondering about Kitty. I'll try and get on with her tonight or this weekend.Ebony the Black Dragon
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Ebony the Black Dragon

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Any chance of getting Tachiko back in? Now that I've gotten Misao over 20 I'd like to do the same for her.--
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<surprised to find that his toons aren't on the list>

I really need to start playing again now that my girl has left (temporarily).

Without a word...
Whoops. Refreshed Bowtruckle the other day, didn't think about the others.--
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You can kick Itty Bitty Kitty. The player is a friend of ours, and stopped playing for about..oh..nine months? We'll let you all guess why.