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Full Version: TF's for this weekend?
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His Lovely Wife

Seeing as how this weekend is Labour Day - in North America anyway - is anyone up for any TF's this weekend?
I just got a new computer so I will be able to get into Grandville now :-) States TF is now a possibility for me! Wheeee!
So, HLW available for States TF or Lady Gray on Virtue, or other TFs on Infinity and Justice on Sunday and/or Monday
Anyone else?
One bar in one week at 44... doable, no? Yeah, I'll be game.
Ja, -n

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Hmmm. I'm up for some of the lower-level TF's... Tachiko's at 17, and Misao just pinged 20...--
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Work's being a bear to me again, what with 8 hour shifts pegged to Weekend evenings X( If I find I have Monday free, I'll try my darnedest to join up.
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States sounds like a good idea to me.
Or one of the lower levels now that I'm powering along with Sarah.-Terry
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I don't know what we'll be doing this weekend, to tell the truth, except I'm pretty sure I'm busy on Monday. If I can find a time to get on, I'd be up for just about anything -- I think I have enough characters in the right ranges for most of the TFs.

-- Bob
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Saturday would be right out for me.. I can probably do sunday or monday... depending on the time[Image: faveosig.jpg]

His Lovely Wife

Noonish EST, no later than 1230. Virtue Server. We'll see who shows up and go from there.


heh, I didnt wake up until 3pm EST >[Image: faveosig.jpg]