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Full Version: Morgan Hits 43
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His Lovely Wife

And in the Lv 43 tradition, here is Morgan's story:
Morgan looked awkwardly at the little velvet box in his hand and took a deep breath. Morgan. We are going to be late. It is your party; we need to be on time. Carmen called from the front hall.
Be right there! He set the box on the night table and walked out of the room.
Pocket D was hopping, but then, when wasnt it? The old guard of The Legendary had shown up for this shin-dig. Min, Wide, Evangelia, Shizuru, Jackie, Superball, Syndesis; a few members of IST were around, hed seen them; his siblings had also shown up, that was nice of them. They had commandeered the bar on the lower level. The bartender was setting up the 43 shooters right now. Carmen has said that in his honour, it would be scotch. How lovely.
Morgan. Carmen handed him the first glass. With a hesitant toast to his friends he downed it.
He didnt remember the first ten; or the last ten. He did remember the middle ten. It had taken a lot of effort to bolt them back. That left ten unaccounted for. Not good. His regeneration abilities had been compromised by his lack of concentration. He had the concentration of a goldfish right now. Carmen had to keep handing him glasses of whatever.
Scotch Morgan. Drink it down. He drank and she took the glass from him. Cheers came from a group of people nearby. He turned, waved and gave them an idiotic grin before Carmen brought his attention back to the glass in his hand.
He nodded and drank it down. She had to catch the glass from him because when the cheers went up he turned to face his friends and wave, that same idiotic grin on his face.
Morgan, pay attention. This is number 38. She put a glass in his hand when he turned back to her.
I love you Carmen. he said to his glass. He let out a smirk and put a finger to his lips and went Shhhh. Dont tell her. Sa secret. He drank quickly and handed the glass back to Carmen.
39. He took it and held it for a while, his face devoid of any type of animation.
Carmen! Whazit?
Scotch Morgan. Drink up. He drank and cheers erupted behind him. He turned and waved. He went to move to join his friends but Carmens hand on his arm made him stay seated. Not yet Morgan. Here, drink this, its number 40.
Snot 40 Carmen. Scotch. He drank and tried to place the glass back in her hand. But her hand kept moving; finally he just dropped it on the counter. It reappeared in his hand, full. He stared at it a moment.
41. His eyes were crossing. He blinked, glared at the glass and downed it. The cheers were muffled.
42. Someone was talking to him through a long tube. Drink up Morgan. He opened his mouth drank whatever was poured into it. His eyes closed. He didnt feel his head hit the bar. Morgan? Carmen looked up at the crowd. Hes asleep. Minuet stepped forward and took a quick look at him.
Hell live. Let him sleep it off. Oren, would you mind? Wide gently picked up Morgan and they left the party. Carmen looked at the last glass of scotch in her hand. She raised it in a toast to Morgan and his friends, they cheered, and she downed the drink herself.
Carmen saw the box on her night table and opened it curiously. Morgan was in no shape to answer questions regarding it, but it was fairly obvious what it was. She closed the box and put it back down, some things needed to be done in a certain way. This was one of them. She lay down next to him and watched him sleep. She leaned towards him for a kiss. He met her half way.
Two months later
Carmen stood in front of Evangelia, and handed her a Request for Leave of Absence form. The matching ring set on Carmens left hand winked at Eva for a moment. You dont have to submit a Leave of Absence form if youre just going on vacation Bella, you know that.
It will be a bit more than a vacation. And I want the maternity benefits to kick in. You need to submit the form for that.
Evas squeal of delight could be heard through most of the base. Morgan, waiting at the entrance, smiled in pain and rubbed his temples, feeling very sure that the hangover from two months ago still hadnt gone away.
From: Evangelia@legendary.sg
To: Loralai@legendary.sg
How fast can you come up with daycare facilities for the base?

-- Bob
The Internet Is For Norns.

His Lovely Wife

How fast can you come up with daycare facilities for the base?
:-) So, whose creating Super Nanny? And what powerset would S/He have?
From: Loralai@legendary.sg
To: Evangelia@legendary.sg
From: Evangelia@legendary.sg
To: Loralai@legendary.sg
How fast can you come up with daycare facilities for the base?