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[The Legendary] Foxboy: I was talking with Jimmy about his "VIIOR Avatar"
[The Legendary] Jimmy Amp: you were? when?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: This morning
[The Legendary] Jimmy Amp: and why don't I remember this?
[The Legendary] valles: Which's that?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: You play Electroeagle don't you?
[The Legendary] Jimmy Amp: not I
[The Legendary] Foxboy: My bad.
[The Legendary] valles: Speaking of which...
[The Legendary] valles: ...how aware is Nogi of her ninja?
[The Legendary] Jimmy Amp: no worries... haven't slept in 36 hours or so
[The Legendary] valles: Emotional state?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Well she's gotta have some equivalent to the "pet window"
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Knowing when her pets are mezzed, damaged, buffed, etc.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: So... lessee
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hive mind-ish
[The Legendary] valles: I'm planning to write Akai as knowing when Nogi's about to cap off about the Spines guy, so.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Semi autonomous drones with Nogi as the "queen mind"
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Perfectly allowable.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Even if Nogi were "natural" origin, it could be assumed her ninja know her well enough to look underneath the underneath and know what she's about to do
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hm.
[The Legendary] valles: Great! *blinkblink* ...could they survive without her? Assuming a power source.
[The Legendary] valles: A la FSN's Servants.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Presumably, so...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Oho! For later when Nogi discovers her serial immortality.
[The Legendary] valles: I'd had a throwaway line to that effect, though I -hadn't- formed that connection.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Or the relationships that may develop between her ninja and "real people"
[The Legendary] valles: It was... just something that followed from the assumptions I was making.
[The Legendary] valles: I figure that if Nogi -does- end up developing her own Epic Pool...
[The Legendary] valles: Brightsky'll ask for Akai.
[The Legendary] valles: Hm. More generally, I'm working from the assumptions that...
[The Legendary] valles: The kunoichi's bodies are physically real.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Or close enough as makes no difference
[The Legendary] valles: That is, they have all the right biological and neurological functions to be real people.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Clarke's Law and its inverse
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...indistinguishable from a rigged demo
[The Legendary] Foxboy: HUH? That one eludes me.
[The Legendary] valles: The magic involved in sustaining them is all about connecting the departed spirit to the summoned meat.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: I can't remember the whole thing ;.;
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Got it
[The Legendary] valles: Psychologically...
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Or meat-like food substitute product
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Spam ninja?
[The Legendary] valles: ...the girls don't think of themselves - aren't, in a meaningful sense
[The Legendary] valles: ...enslaved.
[The Legendary] valles: They're -retired-.
[The Legendary] valles: They're quite capable of defining and working towards their own goals, but...
[The Legendary] valles: They've already -done- all that.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: They've been part and parcel of Nogi;s goals for so long her goals are their goals
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Actually the serial immortality is gonna SCARE the bejeebers out of the core of myself that's still there.
[The Legendary] valles: Not as bad as the girl that gets jumped to. ^_^
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Right but let's say that Nogi has a "nictuslike" incorp state.
[The Legendary] valles: I'm dead.
[The Legendary] valles: HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I'M DEAD!!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And... I AM not getting Judged for my life as my beliefs tell me. I am damned.
[The Legendary] valles: or, 'Waaaaahhh! Where'd the world goooo!!'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: THAT one is gonna cause some difficulty.
[The Legendary] valles: 'cause the good girls go to heaven, but the bad girls go everywhere...'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Essentially V!Nogi will eventually find out why she didn't go to final judgement:
[The Legendary] Foxboy: She "aten't all the way daid"
[The Legendary] valles: *blinkblink*
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Sorry my Discworld fennishness kicked in
[The Legendary] valles: Ah. She doesn't -really- die until some magical heavy zarks the ghost?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Pretty much
[The Legendary] valles: The thing that's gonna scare Brightsky shitless is...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I mean the "possessing ghost" isthe Natural state of a Nogitsune
[The Legendary] valles: ...I approach my emotions about the same way as a rigid Jedi.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And Sky wears her heart on her sleeve.
[The Legendary] valles: They are unambiguously The Enemy.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Ohhhh.
[The Legendary] valles: So, not only is she emotive, but...
[The Legendary] valles: her temper.
[The Legendary] valles: Sky - canon Sky - is terrified of herself.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: That's something that I hope Dead!Nogi can pull off: the moral search for a host.
[The Legendary] valles: She is just one step short of being an outright berserker....
[The Legendary] valles: ...and she knows it.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Right.
[The Legendary] valles: She -knows- that when she loses it, she'll hit whatever gets in her way.
[The Legendary] valles: Including civilians.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: So a better written Skysaber Akane, eh? [Image: wink.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: I don't read Skysaber, but it sounds apropos. ^_^
[The Legendary] valles: And... 'To serve and protect'... that's her -life-.
[The Legendary] valles: Thats -why she feels she exists-.
[The Legendary] valles: ...compared to, I literally cannot remember the last time I sincerely lost my temper.
[The Legendary] valles: In a wierd way, I think each of us wants to be the other.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: So a Yin and Yang balancing act.
[The Legendary] valles: ...in a washing machine.
[The Legendary] valles: Which is why, when Akai actually draws blood...
[The Legendary] valles: ...kaboom.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: On heavy load?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Still mezzed right?
[The Legendary] valles: Yep.
[The Legendary] valles: Sky's still mezzed - though thinking more in terms of 'I'm fine, -they're- being controlled'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Messy.
[The Legendary] valles: Uh-huh.
[The Legendary] valles: Akai spends a moment or two thinking, 'Eep.'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Like 'Why can't they see they're working with a VILLAIN?'
[The Legendary] valles: I actually do have her using the AV line.
[The Legendary] valles: She makes a beeline, Akai gets in the way...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: The Holy [excrement] it's an AV!
[The Legendary] valles: They fight a bit...
[The Legendary] valles: Then everything goes all cold and shadowy.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Darkest night or Shadow fall?
[The Legendary] valles: Whichever one Nogi's going to be dropping - can't recall off the top of my head.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: OR the Howling Twilight
[The Legendary] valles: I figure she gets the entire battlefield with it.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Howling Twilight for the mass res.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And disorient.
[The Legendary] valles: Aagh! Can't -see-!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Letting Shizuru get some mad containment action
[The Legendary] valles: Which would, I figure, include demezzing the Legendary who'd gotten got.
[The Legendary] valles: ...sky pulls up short, thinking, ohh... shit...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Some impassioned speech by one of the heroes counts as giving you a BF insp
[The Legendary] valles: Telepath vs. Telepath wouldn't cover it?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: That works too.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Right, Shi is a sonic she can do clarity
[The Legendary] valles: Or I could go with the original plan for how that happens...
[The Legendary] valles: chu! [3
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Ah the Madmartigan tactic
[The Legendary] valles: Don't recognize the reference, but sure. ^_^
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Willow?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Dingding!
[The Legendary] valles: I saw that... once... how long ago?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Val kilmer in a Celtic-inspired medieval starwars/snow white combo
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: You misplaced "starwars" and "celtic"
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Details!
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: Of course, this is -after- Akai tried to talk her out of it, thought she'd succeeded... and then barely missed getting kicked int he stomach.
[The Legendary] valles: Faking a ninja isn't going to happen, of course, but Sky tried.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Good thing she isn'ta pirate or it would have been to the death [Image: wink.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: Snrk.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...There will be so many Real Ultimate Power flipouts out there...
[The Legendary] valles: RUP?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Google it.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Mostly from Nin/nin stalkers and kat/regen scrappers.
[The Legendary] valles: Okay, one sec.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Nin nin! [3
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...sorry, too much Disgaea
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Inconceivable!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: No such thing!
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: A *large amount* then
[The Legendary] valles: Oh, -those- guys.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: The purpose of a ninja is to flip out and kill people.
[The Legendary] valles: In a lot of ways, it's a real shame I've never been able to really get into Negima.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: It is.
[The Legendary] valles: I mean, deliberately transparent hot ninja Xellos babe.
[The Legendary] valles: It's perfect.
[The Legendary] valles: But the book just bores me to tears.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Ah well...
[The Legendary] valles: I'd've done a little teary face, but the game punches those into local for wierd reasons.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ;.;
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: No it doesn't [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: ...gah.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: You need to put a space before the first ;
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: (I can see Negima being called a lot of things, but boring? A first)
[The Legendary] valles: ...D'OH!
[The Legendary] valles: I had a thought about how to handle the big Legendary Discussion Scene.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...Yes?
[The Legendary] valles: Rather than show it...
[The Legendary] valles: ...show the TV interview(s) where the participants talk about it.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: (And I think I can get the King over to the east coast without marooning him in his kingdom... excellent...)
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Ah, nice.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hm. Depends on who can do what Talk show host/reporter
[The Legendary] valles: It'd be much easier if we still had the logs of that argument I got into about what the govt would do...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Well, let's see. How long would it take the so-alled "real govv't" to believe it was actually happening?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Becasue the local is going to pass the buck and it goes all hte way up
[The Legendary] valles: At the national le-
[The Legendary] valles: Hm.
[The Legendary] valles: I would guess... not long.
[The Legendary] valles: Hour or two, tops.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And this is pre-"Surge" right?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Vazhilok and Clockwork teamup in this mish. Makes sense, they have different recycling lists.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: ^_^
[The Legendary] valles: Um... I need to pay closer attention to the news?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Oh man... were any *troops* playing CoH?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Oh dear.
[The Legendary] valles: Probably.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Even worse good RP'ers playing CoV
[The Legendary] valles: Definitely.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: "Iraq is MINE!'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: No.
[The Legendary] valles: Merc MM.
[The Legendary] valles: In the military.
[The Legendary] valles: In Iraq.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: *snerk*
[The Legendary] valles: Eep?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Say it with me: "COOOOBRAAAAAA!"
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Yo, JOE!
[The Legendary] valles: LOL.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Female model... I Oncssssse wassss a man.....
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: *dies*
[The Legendary] valles: Uh.... okay....
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Quote from the GI Joe movie
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Cobra.... LALALALALALALA!
[The Legendary] valles: ...That was even longer ago than Willow.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Cobra commander became a snake creature at Serpentor's whim
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Thoughtt hat was Golobulus
[The Legendary] valles: With... this... giant clamshell thing?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: (The comic was SO much better.)
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Yeah
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Either way is fine with me
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Exactly
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Mutation spores in the clam
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...that just doesn't sound right.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Another question how many Cease and desists for N00bs in the tutorial at the time of the event?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...A lot.
[The Legendary] valles: Um? Like, would-have-been-generics?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Yup
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Lotta short hairy Canadians, eh?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...help me...
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: I do not want even my avatar to live in a world overrun with Logan
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Laughing that hard, Lurker?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Yep
[The Legendary] valles: Their attempts to escape the legal action of the Marvel corporation would become known as...
[The Legendary] valles: ...the Logans' Run.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: OWWW!
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: *can no longer breathe*
[The Legendary] valles: Score!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I simultaneously LOVE and HATE that movie
[The Legendary] valles: Never seen it. ^_^
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Book, better [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: Never read it. ^_^
[The Legendary] Foxboy: The also-ran sci-fi movie of 1977
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Eh, I said "better," not "great" [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: Just -knowing that it existed- was enough. ^_^
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: The chase scene in the finished Crazy Horse memorial...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: [-- real first name is Logan
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: --]Wolverine's isn't
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I'm glad most of my "teasing years" were in Oklahoma rather than New England
[The Legendary] valles: Eh?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Otherwise I'd be stuck wiht "Airport" as my nickname
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Ouch!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: SO glad my last name isn't O'Hare
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: I need to use that now
[The Legendary] Foxboy: The name Logan O'Hare?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Ues
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Yes
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Iteven fits an Irishman
[The Legendary] Foxboy: 'Y'great gobshite! Say't agin an I'll cosh and pandy ye smartly, boyo!"
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: I can't do Irish
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Just barely Scottish
[The Legendary] valles: Hmph. Well sure and you're a fool, then, or you'd not be sayin' somethin' so daft.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Believe it or notit took a british puppet show for me to get a "Modern" Irish accent down pat... oog I punned myself
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: And that's only because I have some Scot ancestry
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...well, and some Irish, but a lot less
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I Cannae rrrrrrroll me arrrrrrrs prrrrrroperly.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Scot pirates!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Stage Scots is pretty close to stage Pirate
[The Legendary] valles: Sans rum.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Plus whiskey.
[The Legendary] valles: But... why is the -rum- gone...?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Horrible band name for Oh My Goddess just popped into my head
[The Legendary] valles: Oh?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Bob Whaley and the Marllers
[The Legendary] valles: *laughs*
[The Legendary] valles: Nice thing about playing an MM:
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Another mini arc for VIIOR just came to mind
[The Legendary] valles: Plenty of time to chat.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: I was just wondering what Redemption Song might do for Doug, and it snjowballed
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: A Schrodinger
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: 's Whale with a mini Marller backup group
[The Legendary] valles: Ooh, ooh, arc, arc!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: 'Two Weeks Notice'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: The last two weeks some of the Virtues have at their old jobs
[The Legendary] valles: Wherin many employers conclued that ... ooooooh. I like that better.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Clever
[The Legendary] Foxboy: See Ninja mastermind at a supermarket help desk
[The Legendary] Foxboy: 'This one must not kill the customers"
[The Legendary] valles: Hee.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Flip out and greet people!
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: (coined by Chibi Konatsu)
[The Legendary] valles: Might it be best to use only rough approximations of real people?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: 'This one is Japanese and not Chinese...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Well chain stores will have to be fictionalized
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Will they? We're not publishing, are we?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: If it's on the web? It's published or as good as.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: So could count as badmouthing the company etc.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: I'm pretty sure 7-11 doesn't care about fanfic...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Though one of my best bits includes a supervisor not believing that Nogi's ears are real
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Heh
[The Legendary] valles: Oooh.
[The Legendary] valles: Mebbe a five year old or two has the same problem?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And a nice Kansai war bride encountering a Kitsune for the first time since 1936
[The Legendary] valles: Or worse, doesn't?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...wait, what?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: 'Momma lookit her ears!'
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: What *is* the status of magic pre-Virtue, anyway?
[The Legendary] valles: 'Itaiiiiiiii... Please, Kodomo-chan, release this oNE!'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Pretty much wiped out
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I figure Europe was zorched during WWI
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Zorched?
[The Legendary] valles: Probably shaky long before then.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Right
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: I suspect I missed a lot of discussion [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: To keep from getting consistent results when tested.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Let's say that some of the Ley line kookswere SORT of right
[The Legendary] valles: You're not alone. ^_^
[The Legendary] Foxboy: The old flows of magic were along the lines connected by churches graveyards, etc.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: For example, has the Virtue thing actually *changed* the laws of physics? Are colliders turning up new kinds of particle]?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hm.
[The Legendary] valles: Ooh.
[The Legendary] valles: That would be -fun-.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Newtonian physics are relatively unscathed.
[The Legendary] valles: The blood in Uni physics departments would get knee deep, but it'd be fun!
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Let's jsut say that exotic radiation will be more common
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: See, I am just this nosy, so King-me will be asking himself all the hard questions
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Allowing for totally native supers down the line
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: And concluding "On some level, this was a deliberate action."
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Someone DID this to us.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Which is true/
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Even if it was an accident
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Lessee. Falwell will get a few shots in on the Virtues before he dies.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Bleh.
[The Legendary] valles: Hah. Hahahaha.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Verisimilitude.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: How many of them will shoot back?
[The Legendary] valles: Bets someone ends up taking exception to his language?
[The Legendary] valles: In person?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: If it's Nogi, she might actually divine his time of Death
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: And tell him?
[The Legendary] valles: That's twisted and perfect.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Yup.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Yikes.
[The Legendary] valles: Also, tell his insurance company.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: ^_^ All of them ^_^
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...*owie*
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hm. We may have a few suicides among the Virtues.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: ESPECIALLY the "vampires"
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: There was one like that in Ed Becerra's thing...
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: The convention...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Yup
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Where I got the idea.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Steal shamelessly and from the best.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Also a couple of Buffy Fans might do in one of their friends who got "turned"
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: But then there's the vamps and infectious werewolves who *like* their state...
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Could get *ugly*
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Fortunately, the Virtuesthemselves are likely immune
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Could be worse. Could have been a populous WoW PVP server.
[The Legendary] valles: Eegh.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Yes MUCH worse
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Raidtards on the march...
[The Legendary] valles: And I just Killed DEATHSURGE! Woo!
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: *applause*
[The Legendary] valles: *bow*
[The Legendary] valles: Thought:
[The Legendary] Foxboy: The pocket D arc for VIIOR should coincide with the Valentine's event
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Pocket D arc?
[The Legendary] valles: You have cases where young kids had adult characters, like in Rev's bit.
[The Legendary] valles: You also have cases where people were _RPing_ kids.
[The Legendary] valles: ...age of majority laws.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Right. And hte Pocket D arc is when someone gets the guts to use the Pocket D VIP pass
[The Legendary] valles: Consent, responsiblity, custody, etc.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Another question to ask oneself... were the characters *cloned* from their world, or *transferred and merged?*
[The Legendary] valles: I've been assuming 'cloned'
[The Legendary] valles: -then- merged.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Personally I prefer "cloned" but the question is valid for character angst.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: But people who don't know can be worried...
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: If I get rid of the King, does that set him loose on his world again?
[The Legendary] valles: Brightsky's attitude towards that question will be pretty much...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Becasue if in a later arc Nogi!Me encounters Nogi!Prime
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Could be amusing or not pretty at all.
[The Legendary] valles: 'Neither of the people who made me did this on purpose, and neither of them would want me to worry about it. So. I won't worry.'
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Heh.
[The Legendary] valles: Anyway, I figure that the law -should- decide to count a person as -either- their real or character age, -whichever is younger-.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: I would have hoped that they'd take actual maturity level into account. Oh well...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Or perhaps apply the emancipated minor rules in cases wehre body and mind mismatch
[The Legendary] valles: How on -earth- do you -determine- something like that?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: For more liberal places.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Good question
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Besides, assuming someone was "minored" that might make them wards of the state if the don't have relatives willing to take them in
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: If you can prove your identity and are acting your age...
[The Legendary] valles: Really, that suggestion is just an excuse to toss V!Sky and O!Sky into the same freshman dorm room.
[The Legendary] valles: Sometime way later.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And V!Nogi as guest professor in Comparative Thaumatology.
[The Legendary] valles: From which Comedy Ensues.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: No, no. Hijinks.
[The Legendary] valles: ...QB would -spaz-.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Heh.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: As would Crey.
[The Legendary] valles: I think Crey would spaz just on general principles....
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Nogi's current body might be considered stolen property aftre all
[The Legendary] valles: ...an entire new world full of markets and victims...
[The Legendary] valles: ...all of them -Preconditioned to hate the brand name-!
[The Legendary] valles: It's not -fair-!
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: *ha!*
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Ooog. Rikti invasion on hte Heels of Nemesis....
[The Legendary] valles: In -our- -world-?!
[The Legendary] valles: ...woah.
[The Legendary] valles: That's kinda scary, yeah.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Mebbe. but MUCH later on
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ouchie
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: So what *does* the Pocket D pass do?
[The Legendary] valles: I want to see some V-Earth native organization knock Arachnos back on its heels, though.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...That'd be a nice trick.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: For one thing a lot of the portals from *A* Paragon City wid up in a state park in Rhode Island
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Uh-oh...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Protected Salt-water marsh
[The Legendary] Foxboy: IIRC
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Is there even room in Rhode Island for anything that isn't Paragon City? [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: They've placed it to real geography?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Croatoa would be like on the Connecticut/RI/Mass. border.
[The Legendary] valles: Probably not...
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Heck, I'll go google for a map.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: No but the closes match to the Geography I found was a state park in western Rhode Island
[The Legendary] valles: IIRC, Paragon's supposed to be the largest city in its world...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Random Factoid: The Circle of Thorns has almost NO interest in V!Earth
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: No Mu, No Oranbega, different Gods if any
[The Legendary] valles: Oranbega never existed, and datamagic has -fuck all- to do with what they practice.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Right
[The Legendary] valles: ....wait.
[The Legendary] valles: Datamagic.
[The Legendary] valles: ...nanoha.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: run away!
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: (I think I see it. There's a river almost the right shape.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: You know...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: nvm i lost my train of thought
[The Legendary] valles: Creating an Intelligent Device or something clsoe to it would be an absolutely logical thing to do.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Okay. Datamagic might be V!Earth's "Breakthrough!"
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: So... people from V-Paragon will be able to get to V!Earth from Pocket D?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hmmmm.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Trying to figure out what you meant
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I'm guessing that DJZero can get people "home" from the Pocket D
[The Legendary] valles: Two questions:
[The Legendary] valles: Breakthrough?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Issue 9
[The Legendary] valles: And, what the heck -is- DJZ, anyway?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Inventions system
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: DJ Zero runs the Pocket D
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: He has dimensional travel powers
[The Legendary] Foxboy: DJ Zero is a Mxyzptlk-type actually for CoH
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Ah, didn't know that
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Or REALLLY powerful mutant
[The Legendary] valles: ...y'know, I kinda wish it were possible to attack people in Pocket D.
[The Legendary] valles: Not, I hasten to add, to damage them, merely to attack.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Storywise, you can but you'll get banned depending on the severity.
[The Legendary] valles: ...leading immediately to your being dumped where you were when you entered, with a load of debt for your trouble.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hm. First arrival to Pocket D from V!Earth might have to stay a bit longer than they wanted to while DJ Zero sets up the portal connections
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: And might have to deal with a lot of questions about why he's dressed up like person X
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hmmm. I'm trying to think of "celebrity" level Virtues... like Ascendant
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...yeah, I can't reconcile this geography with real RI at all
[The Legendary] Foxboy: It's too big, yeah.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: And no part of the coast does anything *remotely* like it even if I assume the compass points are wrong
[The Legendary] valles: As long as the surrounding states are correspondingly smaller...
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Heh
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Did you see the state park in the west?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Becasue ther is MORE tectonic activity in COH!RI than real
[The Legendary] Foxboy: So more varied coastlines...
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: I did find a few golf courses and a very small state park
[The Legendary] valles: Not neccessarily -natural- tectonic activity, either.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: The closest match is in an area with some golf courses and small towns
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Potowomut River almost looks like whatever the Independence Port body of water is called
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Oh... OW
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hm?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: If there are connections... if the Mirror Kingdom is connected to both...
[The Legendary] valles: Six shadows.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: The REAL King of 3 Shadows will be pissed!
[The Legendary] valles: Not, in an of itself, such a bad thing. Merely inconvenient.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Fortunately, transit via the two mirror kingdoms is harderthan between MK and Earth whatever
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Can be spun that way
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: I was thinking there was only the *one* [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: Fox, you weren't here for my earlier...
[The Legendary] valles: ...commentary about how Sky's defensive powers work, were you?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Nope or if I was I was SF-ing
[The Legendary] valles: In short, she can painlessly deflect anything she sees coming.
[The Legendary] valles: But, to have the unconcious 'go away!' reflex that stops most damage she'd receive...
[The Legendary] valles: ...she needs to feel it.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: ... Street sweeping is the way to go for salvage it seems]
[The Legendary] valles: This means that, one, Sky ends up with a lot of superficial bleeding.
[The Legendary] valles: And two, medkits mean than she's usually in better shape than her clothes.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Ah, just like "empowered" by Adam Warren... sorta.
[The Legendary] valles: Dunno it.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Wait didn't we discussthis vis-a-vis Icon versu JCPenney?
[The Legendary] valles: ...don't think so.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: That COH costume "slots" are more durable than "normal clothes"
[The Legendary] valles: I didn't realize she'd suffere the Fairchild Effect until -after- I'd worked out the logic of it, actually.
[The Legendary] valles: Yes, but, unconcious deflection relies on the pain trigger.
[The Legendary] valles: Its like how the 'pull your hand back' reaction....
[The Legendary] valles: ...to a 'yow that's hot' stimulus doesn't even need to reach the brain before the muscles go into action.
[The Legendary] valles: Hm.
[The Legendary] valles: Her outfit's probably pretty durable vs. most things.
[The Legendary] valles: ...subject to Theiss Theory.
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Incidentally, y'want this chatlog saved and posted?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Might be a good idea.
[The Legendary] valles: ...sure, go ahead.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Perhaps a seperate thread like VIIOR Chatlogs?
[The Legendary] valles: I don't think I blurted anything -too- embarrasing....
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Alright, I'll handle that before logging off
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Nogi's not powerful at all, she just soloed three 50 bosses! Whooo!
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Sweet!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Losing her Oni TWICE early in the fight!
[The Legendary] valles: Heh. You have to wonder how many -other- topped out 50s were on that night...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Scary Akai and Kuroi is RIGHT!
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Yee.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I'd like to make the assumption that theres MAYBE 5 others
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And GW and GM_Emily
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: I'd *like* that, sure...
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: But how *likely* is it?
[The Legendary] valles: After accounting for whatever differences are made by character concept, etc.
[The Legendary] valles: A stock 50 is just a stock 50.
[The Legendary] valles: Breaking that barrier requires something underlying the mechanics.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I can handwave and say they were on Alts, nw Khelds or switching characters/servers
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Or even testing respecs on Test
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: ...Khelds in a world with *no Nictus*.
[The Legendary] valles: Happy space squids?
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Which reminds me, there should be recipes for temp power quantum weapons [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Well, except for the angsty Power gamers who became Khelds
[The Legendary] Evil Midnight Lurker: Of course
[The Legendary] valles: Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.
This needs editting badly but I'm wavering on the edge of no connection, so here it is.

[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Been thinking about the shopping trip... I don't want to step on any of your plans, so I'm keeping things low-key so far...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [one of the things I'm pretty sure of, and this may be something Misao notices but few of the others do, is how uncomfortable Nogi is]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [1.) Stronger senses of Smell and Hearing]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [2.) She's had a weird "itch" since she dinged 51]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [And 3, the body-modesty question?]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [3.) A combination of the two may result in a mini "kyuubi" rampage when a Perfume counter clerk goes too far]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Body modesty.... The mind thinks it should be more modest, but the body knows it isn't... if that makes sense]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Grin. I'll leave that particular scene for you to write... and yeah. Misao-me is still a bit nervous, but it's more "isn't quite sure she isn't going to suddenly turn back" than "doesn't want to flaunt what she's got".]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Essentially one of my costume slots is what I wanted it to be rather than what it WAS online...]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [... which is...?]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [anthro fox, nine tails, etc]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [*grin*]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [SERIOUSLY gonna feak out the saleslady]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [I figure once we get in the mall, people will split up, wander through department-store to do the initial 'necessities' purchases, then congregate again for specialty stores...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [one thing that the Kunoichi may be commenting on is the difference in sizes between US and Japan]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Ooh, point. I have inserted a mention about Misao-me 'finding out her bra size'...]
[The Legendary] Sweno: signing off for the night, have fun everyone
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi's Kunoichi are going to look for the same bra size they would in Japan.... and get something monstrous huge]
[The Legendary] Drenivian: Night S.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Likewise
[The Legendary] Skrymir: Have a good evening
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Inches rather than cm, and the cup sizes are different]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi "lost" a cup size]
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Skyway City.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [a 36 C in US sizes is like a ... 70 D in Japan... IIRC]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Heh. Yeah. I'm not sure what they use in Naruto-verse... although this particular version of it may be more Japanese than not.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Brightsky is our "Power Girl" for "va va va voom"]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Heh. Yeah. Misao should be fairly modestly sized. Nice, but not large.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Minimum slider?]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Close to, yeah.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi winds up "modest" centerfold]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: (grin)
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [But Brightsky is our "check your brains at the door, boys!" figure]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [As I recall, Hex isn't too modest, either.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [nope [Image: wink.gif] ]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [BUT]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi is "delicious" enough to be gorgeous, but not so much as to be hard to take seriously]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Mmm-hm. Misao has plans to be elegant enough for Nogi...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [It's hard to draw her, since she falls so distinctly in the middle of the character design triangle...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [The three points of which are Cute, Sexy, and Elegant]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Indeed. Misao is the same, although the Anko-inspired wardrobe is definitely oriented towards point #2.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Mikuru's face is firmly "cute" while her body is on "Sexy"]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [for example]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [if you've seen Haruhi Suzumiya...]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Haven't, actually, although I probably should.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [The Cute and Sexy for Nogi come from her genetic stock, Elegance from carriage]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Hmm. Maybe I should do a bit of Misao encouraging her to try some outfits...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [I put this in IWATDP... There WILL be ""costume effect" in play]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Which means...?]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [It's where if I wear a costume I tend to get a little too into character]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Ahhhhh.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [and remember, this is in January
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Good point...]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Hm. Jeans, boots, light sweater, a leather motorcycle jacket...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [That said, Nogi will have a long-sleeve "Fox Racing" shirt amongst the purchases]
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Sharkhead Isle.
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for St. Martial.
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Sharkhead Isle. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [*grin* Hmm.]
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in St. Martial. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [I may have to hit up some specialty shops for some of the things Misao will want.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [I'm sure there's a Hot Topic in this mall and there may well bee some Naruto Ninja Headbvands about]
[Broadcast]Bashinator: lvl 9 brute lft
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Mercy Island.
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Hmm, that'll take care of the Misao part of Misao-me...]
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Mercy Island. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [and there's going to be the "asian Imports" store that is going to be VERY scared of Nogi]
[Broadcast]Ghost Snake: lvl 13 Stalker LFT
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [WHich will provide a number of kimono and other Japanese-styled clothes... plus some anime-themed bits... think they'd have much cosplay stock?]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [If you're doing Ranma cosplay. Mostly a Korean family business, with the "touch of home" and Martial arts stuff]
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Atlas Park.
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Hmmm, maybe an abbreviated cheongsam or the like, then...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [yup]
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Atlas Park. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Hmmm. Perhaps a goth shop. We can apply the inverse of the puppy-dog-eyes schtick...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [I figure Nogi's "Itch" is what Henge feels like if you've been under it for too long]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [explain?]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Nogi and Misao... two utterly beautiful, elegant, hot, intimidating... put on the domme act with the shop-clerk...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [oh-ho! Nogi is GOOD at it, too...
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [That's part of what attracts Misao to her.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [We'll do it, but Nogi will likely be embarassed as all heck when it works...]
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Founders' Falls.
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Founders' Falls. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [the part that's "me" still isn't comfortable being Nogi, after all]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [*chuckle*]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [And, most of the drooling fanboys will be centered on Brightsky, letting misao and Nogi Blindside them]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Lora'Lai is almost a match for Nogi in Elegance and she has the Nobility of Character bearing...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [that is, she's got the touch of Exotic that most of the Virtues have, but in higher quantities, due to being Kheldian]
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Galaxy City.
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Galaxy City. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [I've been thinking on this...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [I imagine there's a Virtue who got changed Blueside, right? He works directly for the govermnent right away]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [He set traps for the Villain players to "catch" them doing villainy]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [He keeps trying to bait Nogi like she was a Batman Theme Villain]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Setting lax security on "Fox" themed valuables]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [etc. etc.]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Heh. Ooh, I like that idea.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [See, he's caught several "Catwoman" types already... he's arrogant enough to think Nogi would fall for these]
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Nerva Archipelago.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi tweaks his nose about these regularly]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [And he may not realize how effective her help is, with RP-style stealth jutsus.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [right]
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Sharkhead Isle.
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Nerva Archipelago. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [For example, when he sets up Janacek's manuscript for the Opera, "The Cunning Little Vixen" Nogi brings a grade-school Fieldtrip to see it. Payng admission, etc. and doesn't steal it at all]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [But she sets up an origami fox under genjutsu to show up when he checks his trap]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: *grin*
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [She's done NOTHING wrong or illegal]
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from St. Martial.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [But... she has a copy of the manuscript she created via a spell...]
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Founders' Falls.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [y'know, like the art student that does a sketch of the Mona Lisa in hte Louvre]
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Mercy Island.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi's less about the OWNING of something than *experiencing* it]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Makes sense to me.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [The RIAA wants her So bad....]
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Cap Au Diable.
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Cap Au Diable. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [I'm trying t odecide how the Virtues go over overseas....]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [I can definitely see Nogi and Misao bugging Kishimoto sensei
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Atlas Park.
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [*Chuckle* Or picking up a few other martial-arts/ninja types to start their own Hidden Village.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [... that might be something that Nogi has that our as-yet-unnamed Government Tool THINKS she's stolen]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Original Art from Naruto]
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Grandville.
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Peregrine Island.
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: night all, take it easy
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [ 'This one has been more than understanding Agent ***.']
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Night
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Grandville. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Peregrine Island. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: ['But you have gone too far.']
[The Legendary] Drenivian: night, oh ninja of mass explosions.
[Broadcast]Tag Wolfe: threat lvl 11 samurai lft!
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [The Island is on my TV....]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Yayay! Inari is 15th lvl now!]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Yay! Misao isn't far behind, she's about 2/3 through.]
[Broadcast]Rikti Solution: lvl 9 brute lft
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: Able to hit BB and the Tartikoss SF!]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [and I'm eligible for another Run at a Bank]
[Broadcast]Shatterblast: lvl 9 dom LFT
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Galaxy City.
[Broadcast]Cackle: Rikti team has room for a few more. Send me a tell for an in
[Broadcast]Hassan i Sabah: LF Bomb Team
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Nerva Archipelago.
[Broadcast]Cackle: Rikti team has room for a few more. Send me a tell for an in
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Kings Row.
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Port Oakes.
[Broadcast]Spartan From Hell: someone invite me
[Broadcast]Spartan From Hell: thats at bm
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Just sent you some more draft.]
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Kings Row. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: lemme dodge some drop ships ]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Yeah, I've got them here, too.]
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Port Oakes. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [did you send to Nogi or Inari?]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [ah]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [inari]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Got it... though it was the previous send]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [I lead off with the same 'a month earlier', yeah. Just appending to the end of that. Let me know if it got cut off again.]
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Cap Au Diable.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Just after the Green skir...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi was saying One Must...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [May want to add some reactions occasionally like "I can't believe I just said that with a few wonky...]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Ok...]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Yeah...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Trouble between "this one" "sessha" and "I"]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [And of course entire conversations ins Japanese when we aren't aware of the language shift]
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Grandville.
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Yeah. I think they're going to go on talking, call over the shopgirl to help, and she's going to give them a blank look 'cause they're talking in Japanese...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Worse... Fangirl Japanese]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Eek.]
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Talos Island.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [The Asian Import store... the Reason they're scared of Nogi is the fact that Korean Fox tales are much more Hannibal Lecter than Puss in Boots
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Talos Island. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [You've mentioned that.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Sorry, I forget who I've told]
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Peregrine Island.
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [NP. Part of my thing with the clothes is, I've done a lot of RP in MUSHes and the like - strongly text-oriented environments. I've made a hobby of coming up with interesting outfits for my characters... I have a lengthy file of them.]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [And, of course, it's an opportunity to flirt with Nogi.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [That can lead to awkward moments for sure]
[Admin]WARNING: Rikti ships have been detected heading for Steel Canyon.
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Grin]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [One of the other ideas is definitely going to need custom tailoring. I'm a huge fan of the "elizabethan/napoleonic uniform" look.
[Admin]DANGER!: Rikti invasion forces have been spotted in Steel Canyon. Non-combatants are advised to seek cover.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi may have a version of my "Tailchaser Vic" character's outfit]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Oh? What would that look like?]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Just the fun of a Foxgirl in a "magical girl-esque" Foxhunting outfit]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Heh.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Breeches, Wellingtons, crossed gunbelts on hte hips, bright waistcoat and red cutaway with tails]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Cravat with a hunting horn stickpin]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: *grin*
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [I figure that Nogi's wardrobe in future will hav LOTS of Japanese Traditional outfits]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Especially the capital K KIMONO she gets to meet Akihito-sama]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [Oh, so will Misao's, that's for certain. But she's not as deliberately traditional as Nogi... so we might find her wandering around our Lair in little more than an abbreviated, not-quite-sheer yukata, and slippers... [Image: wink.gif] ]
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Port Oakes.
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Kings Row.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hi, BOB!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And others Tongue
[The Legendary] Drenivian: Fox, he may not have the channel loaded on his char.
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: Hey folks.
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: I do indeed, I just had to switch to it.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: It's a Bob!
[The Legendary] Drenivian: oh, he does. Hi Bo... Norm!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: So....
[The Legendary] Foxboy: ETA on Post-preread changes? [Image: wink.gif]
[The Legendary] Drenivian: yay finally close to done with this frigging TF!
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: I'm hoping by Friday.
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: A couple suggestions that Chris and I need to eval.
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: Oh, and Chris and I finished the concordance entries tonight.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hurrah!
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: Should be a fun read, especially if you're into existentialist Christian theology.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: *peeks up*
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: *grin*
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I write Eva fic, Bob. Of course I do.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: ^_^
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: *grin*
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: Anyway, I don't have the time to really hang around tonight -- I just wanted to get Nabeshin here to a store. Yeek.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Heh.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: We were having some discussion Redside that could lead to some more of VIIOR, so that's good too.
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: Yeek was a Rikti materializing right next to me.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Yeah, Nogi and Misao are going Shopping... and we have some fun ideas.
[Broadcast]Blard: how
[The Legendary] Foxboy: They tend to do that.. [Image: wink.gif]
[The Legendary] Drenivian: Make'em fear the Fro!
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: I shot it, it vanished.
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: Someone's l49 pet is running around Steel. Oh, it just fell over and died.
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: More VIIOR? Cool?
[The Legendary] Horned Dragon: Hello, all!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I Have amini-arcs in my head... I just need to WRITE them
[The Legendary] Drenivian: I'm having the same problem Fox.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Ah yes, Catorce's Abuelita stampede?
[Broadcast]General Hummel: anyone have skyway mayhem pst please
[The Legendary] Kaeda: *chuckle*
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Misao wants to build the Village Hidden In The Real World.
[Broadcast]General Hummel: or IP
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I was thinking Plain Sight, myself.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hitomigakure [Image: wink.gif]
[The Legendary] Drenivian: Since Shizuru isn't as good with her mental powers, she founded a Legendary, Mad-City
[The Legendary] Kaeda: That works, Fox.
[Broadcast]General Hummel: you will be rewarded btw
[Broadcast]From Behind: Skyway mayham is rewarded for Cap paper missions usualy?
[Broadcast]Fianait: No idea! Let's find out, I have one due.
[Broadcast]Pogue Mahon: Is it a bug when you keep doing newspaper missions and your broker doesn't give you a mission even though the message pops up saying he has a mission?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: We currently have the Kunoichi Three ... or at least Nogi and Misao in one of hte Goth Shops pulling an inverse puppy-eyes
[The Legendary] Foxboy: ^_^
[Broadcast]General Hummel: i missed the badge thats why i was asking
[Broadcast]Raven Commander: You're probably talking to the wrong broker.
[Broadcast]General Hummel: and im 45
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Nekome no Jutsu?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Let's just call it Nogi being "Nogi."
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Talos Island.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Heh.
[Admin]ALERT CANCELED: The Rikti have retreated from Steel Canyon.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Best equivalent I could think of is Lucy Liu's lecture scene in Charlie's angels
[The Legendary] Hexane: Despite the oddities of Super Hero physiques, I'd like to think the kunoichi aren't that skinny.
[The Legendary] Hexane: And I know, that's not what you're talking about.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Part of it is a recommended "split up" for the Shopping Trip of Doom
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Well, mostly because I'm not confident of writing more than two characters at a time.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: If somebody wanted to take my draft and write their own characters into it...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And a recurrign theme I think is the tenuous grip on identity most of the Virtues have.
[The Legendary] Hexane: I think we might benefit from a brief timeline or the trip, or something so that we don't step on each others toes.
[The Legendary] Hexane: *of
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Okay.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I figure timeline as of the "Heathers" seeing us enter is Sunday, 1-1:30 PM
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: Okay, folks, that's it for me tonight. Catch you all later.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Later Bob! Good night!
[The Legendary] Hexane: Night Bob
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: Sorry I missed most of the conversation, but I had a small mob of outcasts object to my existence.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Seeya, Bob.
[The Legendary] Drenivian: night Bob
[The Legendary] Looney Toons: Good night everyone!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Discussion scene, wherein "necessities" are acquired about 1:30 to 2:30
[The Legendary] Kaeda: 'Necessities' being defined as 'basics and boring'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: 2:30 or so split up, for individual Mall problems.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: I've written in Misao-me picking up jeans, underwear, and sneakers, for example, then skiving off with Nogi to a specialty shop.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Meet about 3:30 or 4
[The Legendary] Hexane: Sounds good. Any plans for the "Heathers"?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Nogi's big Perfume counter Blow-up occurs when there are enough of the Legendary/Infamous around to calm her down.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: As written they are justa framing device but if you want to tease them go ahead
[The Legendary] Foxboy: They're actually surprisingly multi-ethnic for a clique like that...
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Perhaps we should eat dinner at the mall... and they end up at the next booth...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I Figure AShleigh is the Icy Blonde Hotness stereotype Queen B++++
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Nice idea.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And Remember, we have HLW there as the "reality check" person
[The Legendary] Kaeda: HLW?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I'm pretty sure she'll [IC] Tell us when we're too tarty to be allowable
[The Legendary] Foxboy: HLW = His Lovely Wife
[The Legendary] Hexane: His Lovely Wife (RevDark's wife Cyn')
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Right. [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Horned Dragon: We have a reality check person too. Steph.
[The Legendary] Horned Dragon: Though, she just hits us to help.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: ounds likea reality check to me! [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Yep.
[The Legendary] Hexane: Just more evidence of the link between man and machine, both need percusive maintenance.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Actually, Hex, Fox, perhaps we should exchange email addresses so we can pass a draft back and forth? [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And we forgot all about the Minions
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Yes, we did. I was assuming they'd be in the background...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I know that Nogi's have cased the joint.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: They may have even done "industrial espionage" on hte clothing stores
[The Legendary] Hexane: Hex's are there they need regular clothing, and they can carry shopping bags.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Also, we have another "antagonist" character
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Or at least a proto- one
[The Legendary] Foxboy: A "hero" who likes to entrap "villain" Virtues through exploiting tropes.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: He's been wildly successful as far as his FBI minders are concerned.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Yeah... question is, is he a cop who was playing when It Happened, or just a highly successful norm?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: But, he's set his sights on Nogi.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I'm not sure.
[Broadcast]Fianait: 19 corruptor lft!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Might bre funny if he's just a comic-book geek pulling off a 60s batman
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Hm. I have a scene in mind.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Misao goes after him, pranks him a few times, slaps him around a bit, warns him to stay away from Nogi. He thinks she's one of Nogi's thugs. He doesn't get that she thinks he's after Nogi romantically, and is acting to remove a rival for her affections. :
[The Legendary] Kaeda: [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Never mind that Nogi is still coming to terms with pining for a fictional character.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: *grin* It's Misao who was after her... but given how much Misao and Misao-me are merging...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Nogi-Me is more playful than Vanilla Nogi...
[The Legendary] Kaeda: *grin*
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And more appreciative of Western Art, Music, etc.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Vanilla Nogi has SOME appreciation....
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Vanilla Misao is very Anko. A bit psycho, a bit tart, and a bit teenager.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Misao-Me... is a bit more appreciative. Enjoys being powerful and beautiful. Likes going for something more than tart... elegant, classy, stylish.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Nogi-me is also more otaku-ish.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Oh, definitely. Same here.
Chiyuki Inari: Just imagine the sheer geek-out of suddenly being able to watch the Raws of new anme
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Just imagine the sheer geek-out of suddenly being able to watch the Raws of new anime
[The Legendary] Kaeda: *grin*
[The Legendary] Kaeda: And being able to cosplay your favorite characters.
[Broadcast]Grave Spirit: Can anyone tell me how long it has been since the last invasion?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And Ranma would be a favorite cosplay for anime cons for a while, ne?
[The Legendary] Kaeda: We could go to one together as Ranma and Akane, maybe.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Or the main from Kashimashi
[Broadcast]Sound Shift: i cant...., sorry
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Or Bleach cast...
[The Legendary] Drenivian: Hey, I forget, on the last mission of the Synapse TF, do you have to run around and take out the Clockwork Dukes?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Don't think so
[The Legendary] Drenivian: oh good.
Nother bit here
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Oh, right, I need to take some time and copy/paste some "E-mail" your way.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Send it via regular email if it's easier. I've got everything in text files.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Kunoichi... neeeds.... stamina... badly.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Heh.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Valles and I started a new team over on Virtue Blueside last night.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Er, Infinity, not Virtue.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Oh? What've we got?
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Elec/Elec Blaster, Ill/Son Controller.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Theme?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Or "Heroic" kunoichi?
[The Legendary] Kaeda: We were thinking, try to do a balanced team. One specialist each, Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: So you need a MA/SR scrapper?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Been there done that.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Unfortunately.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Possibly. Or a tanker of some sort might be more interesting.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hmmm. /em tanker....
[The Legendary] Foxboy: or does that exist...
[The Legendary] Kaeda: *watches the lag roll in*
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Ah. Invasion in your zone?
[The Legendary] Kaeda: No, apparently just wandering by the black market does it.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Cap gets bad.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Actually, War Witch was a little lazy in cleaning up the zones.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: There's all sorts of unnecessary polys.
[The Legendary] valles: *blinkblink* Ak! Ninja! Backinasec!
[The Legendary] Kaeda: *chuckle*
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Bwahahha! Eat -rech Longbow Luts!
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: Oi.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: Hai? On a B-ranker ATM, Sacchan. Back in a few.
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: Hey there, Sac-chan. Long time no snug.
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: Un.
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [I had an evil inspiration for Nogi-Me.]
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Hrm. Apparently I /can't/ drop this one.
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: (Oh?)
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Oho?]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [I Had Nogi as a Sorceress of sorts, right?]
[The Legendary] valles: Spotted in Cap au Diable: Fruity Pebbles.
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Ayep.]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Yup...))
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Uses my limited funds to get sytnthetic fabbric...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [And a spool of silk thread and sympathetic magic to get Silk cloth]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Hmm....]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Hmmmm. Nice.))
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Not sure silk still goes for -that- much in this day and age.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [No but ist's a STYLE point]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Yeah. But if you could reproduce whatever handwavium the costumes are made out of....))
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [*nodnod* Yeah, there'd be some real applications for that stuff.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Maskmaker Badge. Nogi CAN]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Though, ATM Magic requires proximity to Computer networks in VIIOR]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [RP magic, not powers magic, of course]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Powers are internally driven unless specifically roleplayed otherwise, I expect...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [The Personal conflict is gonna explode when clank shows up]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Oooohyeah.]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [...BTW, two unrelated things...]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [1st, did you track down that name I gave you? For Sky's casting.]
[Broadcast]Mr. Munkey Buttz: aww..didnt get to do my oh no! hes dead thingy T_T
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Not yet, I forgot it Truth to tell]
[Broadcast]Twilight Radiation: Such a shame.
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Gemma Atkinson.]
[Broadcast]Mr. Munkey Buttz: shame, me am Tongue
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [and just pray she can do a decent Rhode Island Accent, eh?]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Pretty much. ^_^]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [sec alt-tabbing]
[Broadcast]Mr. Munkey Buttz: lol3 on 1 [Image: happy.gif]
[Broadcast]Twilight Radiation: WOOO! Unfair advantage!
[Broadcast]Mr. Munkey Buttz: lol,type kill Tongue
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: *mutters grumpily at mish*
[Broadcast]Mr. Munkey Buttz: i cant blame you guys,it took 3 on you to fairly right me, all good [Image: smile.gif]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [r4ck3d l1k3 t3h wh04]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Invite us! Invite us!]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Or Sky's background could be pretty easy to tweak to make her British anyway...]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [And yeah, I saw a picture of her and thought...]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [...'Okay, blonde, but that's as close to perfect as real life gets.']
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Much like the casting of Mary Jane in the Spider man movies]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Pretty much. Closer investigation turned out that she's about three inches too tall, but that's still insignificant.]
[Broadcast]starlet eye: lvl 19 brute lft
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Sends a 'Help, I stuck w/o cheezeburger' to Support.))
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [The other thing is that I've done quite a bit of thinking about Sky's costuming, but I'm not sure how much of that would be applicable to general Virtue tailoring materials.]
[Broadcast]Syynge: Citizens of the Isles, listen up. I represent the Wraith Spiders, an elite arachnos unit dedicated to serving lady Ghost Widow. Youre in luck, we just happen to be in search of freelancers to bolster our ranks. See me for details.
[Broadcast]Syynge: " ((RP Arachnos themed VG, PST for details and/or an invite!))
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [...what?]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Mission's stuck.))
[Broadcast]Flaming Howl: lvl 16 brute lft
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: Like how the VIIOR Brightsky has lots of FLUFF for her costume... that may not jibe with everyone else's]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Okay, but, cheeseburger?]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [...and yeah, exactly.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Misao's hungry.]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((IU='m hungry.))
[Broadcast]Tamborine: lvl 19 brute lft
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [I made cookies today. They're nummy. ^_^]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [*steals them all*]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [eben better, my MOM mad e cookies [Image: happy.gif] ]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Better indeed.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [And GAh I need to write the family meeting thing for ViiOR for Nogi-me. My sib's reactions would be PRICELESS]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [...so, Sky's outfit is this very tough, slightly stretchy stuff...]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((I've been noodling over the 'first meeting' scene for Misao-me and her putative DHS contacts.))
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [My brother would come very close to Nogi's "line not to cross"]
[Broadcast]Insect Zapper: 13 brute lft
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [...insulates about like an arctic-grade dry-suit vs. both heat and cold, likewise electrically nonconductive.]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [In other worse, she notices plasmas and cryogenics, but normal environmental stuff, not so much.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Right just enough for all-weather comfort, but not enoug ht o greatly reduce powers damage except for what's statted]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Yeah. Her powers take care of smashing/lethal.]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [The gauntlets are mostly there as heat sinks, with built-in cooling systems.]
[Broadcast]Rikti Solution: Any Takiross SF's forming?
[Broadcast]Abhoth: lvl 17 brut lft
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Most of her offensive powers involve compressing air, right?]
[Broadcast]Count of Halifax: lvl 13 son/kin cor lft
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Compressed gases heat up.]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Hmmm...))
[Broadcast]Cardiff Giant: Need 4 more for badge team pst
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [She can't hold on to a blast for very long, because it'd burn her hands.]
[Broadcast]Dr. Gunn: Lvl 12 MM lf missions team
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Wait which build is Brightsky for this one? Tanker?]
[Broadcast]Cardiff Giant: 50k per person if you help me out
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Having these heavy lumps of metal there to soak up the heat let her do so longer/more often.]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [My mental image has pretty much been, 'not really relevant by reason of roleplay'.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Dagnab unavoidable Seer Marino arc]
[Broadcast]Barbyque: with what?
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Onnit right now. ^_^]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Right Sky's been three different ATs, IIRC]
[Broadcast]Cardiff Giant: get Bone Daddies badge
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Blaster, Tank, and Scrapper.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [So when shall we three meet again? In lightning thunder and in rain?]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [But, her powers actually haven't changed much.]
[Broadcast]Count of Halifax: lvl 13 son/kin cor lft
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [She can control her personal gravity and attract and repel things close to her skin.]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((*Heh's at Inari* I just finished that one. Have grown to HATE Fort Cerberus.))
[Broadcast]Count of Halifax: lvl 13 son/kin cor lft
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Pity the poor speedsters. ^_^]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Viior or the Arc?]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [In combination with the fact that she's a fairly competent though not exceptional martial artist -]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Heh again.))
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [....and for having to deal with Fort C....]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [- she can shrug off many hits and throw concussion blasts - though the last will take a lot of practice to really get back to practical levels.]
[Broadcast]Fatbot 2.0: 13 mm lft
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [So Brightsky IS our Supergirl/PowerGirl archetype]
[Broadcast]Abhoth: lvl 17 brut lft
[Broadcast]Burning Psyche: ((Anyone have the Salvage Luck Charm, or Thorn Tree Vine? I really don't wanna pay 10000 inf for common stuff))
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Yep. She's not exceptionally strong, physically, but she can do most of the real prerequisites.]
[Broadcast]Insect Zapper: then set a bid at 1000 and wait, it will sell
[Broadcast]Fatbot 2.0: any mish teams runnin?
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi is going to wind up the typical end villain from a kung-fu movie: Lots of faceless mooks and a real threat solo]
[Broadcast]Burning Psyche: (( I know... but I'm impatient lol))
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [and too smart to be FACED solo]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Indeed... and she has at least one Named Lieutenant, too, if things go as they seem to be.))
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [... so we gonna team or what? [Image: smile.gif] ]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Let's. Alllmost done with this one..
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [She has six named luts to begin with [Image: wink.gif] ]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((I need to kill this mission.))
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Oh, I meant Misao-me. [Image: smile.gif] ))
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [That's going to be one of the things about Nogi that disturbs a lot of Vanilla MMs]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [3 LTs, 2 Bosses, 1 EB. ^_^ ...what?]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Invite away, BTW.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [!.) Her pets don't LOOK vanilla]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Her mastermind-ees aren't mindless cardboard mooks?))
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [That as well]
[Broadcast]Count of Halifax: lvl 13 son/kin cor lft
[Broadcast]Frost Cancer: lvl 19 corruptor lft
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: ['You're recruiting PC?!']
[Broadcast]Dr. Gunn: lvl 12 mm lf missions team
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [...pcS. X(]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: ["Ara?" Puts arm around Nearby Stalker "of course!"]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [There has to be at least a few scenes in the Shopping trip that have the Kunoichi speaking Japanese without realizing it]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: [*Leans into Nogi-dono, smiles lazily* "Who wouldn't?... if she knew she could trust them, that is."))
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [The 'real' Brightsky speaks several languages... but Japanese isn't one of them.]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [That's another thing... Nogi-me is going to be kinda unnerved at WHY she starts to do what she does]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [The Social engineering, etc]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [*nodnod*]
[Broadcast]Count of Halifax: wow, slow night, no mission teams
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((*grin*))
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [She'sgoing to have a scene somewhere where she has a sickening realizattion about her "love life"]
[Broadcast]Lord Hokage: lvl 20 stalker LFT
[Broadcast]Dismal Scientist: 14-17 mish team
[Broadcast]Pink Divinity: all the free accounts stoped today
[Broadcast]Death Summoner DSX: inv me plz
[Broadcast]Count of Halifax: oh, makes sense
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Especially since I've got Nogi pegged as only having had ONE "real" relationship]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [There's no longer any such things as 'just a pretty girl'?]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Hmmm. I have this thought running through my head, now, of her distracting a flirtatious Misao by conjuring up her teammates...))
[Broadcast]Dismal Scientist: me?
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [No there's no such thing as Just a good-looking man]
[Broadcast]Dismal Scientist: ty
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi as Written is VERY equal opportunity]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Heh.))
[Broadcast]Dismal Scientist: death msg me 1 more time
[Broadcast]Frost Cancer: lvl 19 corruptor lft
[Broadcast]Count of Halifax: lvl 13 son/kin cor lft
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [And That realization come from flirting with Marcus Mac Hine because he's like Mace.....]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Misao was raised in a society where sexuality isn't terribly questioned... but she's also /fifteen/, and Nogi is basically her first schoolgirl-crush.))
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Right VIIOR!Misao has some added maturity and a legal age of "X" where x is your real age...]
[Broadcast]Psionic-Surge: (level 13 dom lft.)
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [*Shudders at the Loli-baiting potential*]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: (Heh. It's going to make the integration... interesting. I've got twice her life experience... but VIIOR-me is finding life as Misao to be Kinda Neat.))
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [Best part of it for me is the instant language lessons]
[Broadcast]Rikti Solution: lvl 21 brute lft
[Broadcast]Dr. Gunn: lvl 12 mm lft
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Oh, that's definitely a part of it for me, too... but in a way it's also the instant health upgrade.))
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [though... we may need some "bad side of celebrity" bits...]
[SuperGroup]Chiyuki Inari: [And I really need to establish what GW is up to in California]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: [Hm... Well, I know that neither Sam nor Nate have -any- clue how to deal with gushing fans or even basic complimentarity...]
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: ['Hi, hot stuff!' 'Whaaaaaat?' O.O;;]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Where to, Sacchan?
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((There's a thought. SOMEBODY is going to pull a list off of NCSoft's servers and get a full breakdown of who was playing as who that night...))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Mercy.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [several somebodies]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Ayep. Probably the FBI would be the first in the door and the rest would ask -them-...]
[Broadcast]Putrid Remains: Level 7-9 mission team, send tell for invite
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [DHS for certain]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...Department of Highway Services?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Y'did oknow you can go direct to Mercy from Cap?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Department of Homeland Security]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...wait, *headdesk* Homeland Security. And no, I did not.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [in fact the transit from Cap to mercy puts you RIGHT at the contact]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Down by the PVP chopper, the other chopper by the hangar]
[Broadcast]Putrid Remains: Level 7-9 mission team, send tell for invite
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Ahhh. Noted for future reference. Thanks!]
[Broadcast]Syynge: Citizens of the Isles, listen up. I represent the Wraith Spiders, an elite arachnos unit dedicated to serving lady Ghost Widow. Youre in luck, we just happen to be in search of freelancers to bolster our ranks. See me for details.
[Broadcast]Syynge: " ((RP Arachnos themed VG, PST for details and/or an invite!))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Hm. gotta find some cool for the other folks involved]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [How convenient! ...other folks, other folks...]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I don't want to take it all, but Nogi insists!]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...well, I seem to recall Acyl speculating about 'Noonlighter' ending up as a significant supervillain.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [right. Noon is one of the Villainous signatures when all is said and done... probably the Scirocco analogue]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Personality wise. He replaces Black Scorpion for AT]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...I hadn't even thought about it in those terms...]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Nogi = Lady Grey?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [gah, Stoopid "go see the PVP zone guy" mish]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Works for me]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Wait here, I'll brb]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Middlin' morals, numerous support staff, etc.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Ghost Widow serves to fill Lord R's role.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [actually, she's still hte same]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Mmm-hm. Who fills /hers/?
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...horrible realization:]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [her RP factor implies she's roughly immutable]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...out of the characters I can actually remember being mentioned in-story so far...]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...Brightsky is probably closest to Statesman.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Tough, flies, blasts, famous.]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Heh. That's dangerous grounjd...))
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: *leans forward, starts doing a backrub on Sachie*
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Certainly I don't plan to work to -claim- it, but there's definitely a similarity or two.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: *purrs*
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [See, the thing is, The LEgendary is probably the "Justice Society" or "Justice League"for Viior]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Or the Freedom Phalanx, not to mix our settings.]
Chiyuki Inari applies "Icy Hot for a liniment rub
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [There isa "vindicators" like group on the West coast]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Don't know that reference.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Including a few Forum/Pocket D celebs]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Hmmmm, got some possibilities there. And then there's the independants, like us?))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Heroic Infamous counts as Legendary]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I figure that the way it happens is that most of the supergroups/extended communities that were on that night...]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Hell. MIssed the jump, /again/.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...didn't gather together to meet in person. And of those that -did-, only the Legendary showed up at a supervillain incident as a group and in uniform on national television.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [right]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi gets a lot of attention for the REz]
[Broadcast]titan of enargy: lvl 2 looking for a team
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Sky gets attention for 'The following footage may contain images not suitable for some viewers.']
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Sky winds up as 4chan "S" floods]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [including the embarassing 'shops]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [If that implies what I think it doe- yeah. ^_^]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Kuso.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [/s is the "Hot chicks in not much" thread]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Ah. Without a doubt, then.]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: *waves some smelling salts under Inari's nose* You okay?
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Likewise, any of a dozen copies will be on youtube at any given moment. ^_^]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Actually most of the Female virtues will wind up there]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Un.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Probably. It will become a much better world for that kind of thing generally....]
Kagetsuki Misao: RUN!
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: I've got the big guy.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: *ties a bandage onto one of Inari's worse cuts* Reckless.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Not so much that as they dislike us Ninjitsu types more than Taijutsu
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Hn.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Hm. Lots of bosses.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Yare yare they sure do not seem to be very well-groomed, ne?
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Keyboard is having issues.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [all minions nice]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [zzzz]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Oh! The Pain!
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [this mihs has always been a pain in the kiester]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((I solo'ed it with no problems...))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Yup.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Shimatta.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Yeah but get anywhere away from solo Villainous... and Oh, Margaret what a mess]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Hosp or Base?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Hospital should be simpler, I think.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [so B class? [Image: wink.gif] ]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Definitely. ^_^]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Yup. We're going to get a few B-class out of this arc.))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Hm... other VIIOR plans...]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Okay, the Secret Service has been skeetshooting lowbie villains for one thing]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...write up an illustration of the fact that Brightsky, either version, is one of those women who can say...]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...'Menstruation is HELL' and mean it literally.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Oh dear]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [She spends pretty much two to three days out of every twenty-eight in bed.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [and woe betide anyone who makes her get up]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Ayep. Not mood swings so much, but everything else under the sun is more than enough to make up for any benefits to her mood.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [where do you wanna be positioned?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: {I'll come from above.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Right AS is lined up
[Team]Chiyuki Inari:
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Say when, Inari-chan.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Sure thing Gimpy McMu
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...ow. Maybe I should have taken a set that gave Res rather than Def...]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Def fits concept better tho']
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [True. Especially since En Aura includes a stealth power.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Dark does too, right?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I think so.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: KUSOYAROU!!!
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: It's dead, Sa-chan....
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: *kicks the Headman in the ribs, hard* Good.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: *humms a merry tune from several hundred years ago
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [one bar to 16!]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Out of debt!))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...eight bars. ;.;]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [We need a "News Coverage" take on the GIFTER fight]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [*nodnod*]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: (Heh. *mutter* I need to re-log, swapping computers. This one's giving me a headache.)
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Especially if it can be used to advance the plot]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [kk]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Like, not just the fight, but what the govt's saying and doing about it?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [We'll see you then]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Be a minute or two, it's patching.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Right. Talking heads, etc. Coulter, O'Reilly, Colbert [Image: wink.gif] ]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Snrk.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [go ahead and pick your version]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I'd toyed with the idea of writing up an after-the-fact take from 60 Minutes.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [A balance report? SHock!
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [With interviews, even. ^_^]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Have Nogi subtitled, in Japanese]
[Broadcast]BeamRay: Global Nemesis is looking for a few new people. If you feel like being around hard core players then send a tell to BeamRay.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Muahahahah.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Mainly because her English was giving the reporters headaches]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Third person self-reference, etc. and convolute speech.. .yeah a Reproter won't like that]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Misao would appear in a disguise henge... I'm thinking she'll be keeping her 'base' face out of the limelight.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi knows folks will fixate on her Ears]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Thought... Nogi's Interview was originally for NHK]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Until they get used to Catgirls, anyway.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Ooh. That's an excellent idea.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [and she'd jsut gotten out of the Audience with Heike-sama]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Aka, Emperor Akahito]
[Broadcast]BeamRay: Global Nemesis has a few open spots. If you feel like a hardcore player then and want to join send a tell to BeamRay.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Thought, just how many people are going to get changed by this? We figured several thousand?))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [*nodnod* Not sure how much he'd have to do with it... hard to get a read on, at least from where I sit.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [2500 at most]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [allowing for Hiddens, etc]
[Broadcast]Dark Phenomenon: What if you feel hard core but actually you are all soft and mushy on the inside. like nugat?
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [At least in the First wave]
[Broadcast]BeamRay: thats even better!
[Broadcast]Morte Man: lvl 3 mm lfg
[Broadcast]Dark Phenomenon: hahah sign me up then
[Broadcast]Shadowd-Soulz: 5-7 team lfm one spot PST
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [But within a few months you start seeing new mages, dyne on the streets, military superscience projects finding their way into 'testing'... etc, etc.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Still going ot be pretty rare though]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Yeah.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Will probably cap in hte Tens of thousands]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Don't want it to be like Marvel-verse.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [With most of those "Spot on the wall" level of power
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Probably more military units with super-level battlesuits than actual Virtues.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [exactly]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Especially if anyone gets into mass-producing them, yeah.))
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((OK, client's loaded on the other PC. BRB.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [and... we're going to need a few players on the other side of the Gender gap from Sky, Nogi, et al.]
[Broadcast]Lost Harvester: lvl 3 dom lft
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I expect they would. Power armor is, when you get down to it, essentially just another form of military hardware. With supergenii around to speed up the prototyping stage, it might happen pretty fast.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [HLW is close... but not quite what we need for balance]
[SuperGroup]Kagetsuki Misao: ((There we go.))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Hmm... Sky, Lara, Nogi, Badb, Hex, Misao... was -anybody- we know playing a male character that night?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [HLW, and I Know Numero Catorce exists]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...Acyl was, too, now that I think of it.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Catorce is stuck in the Southwest... the Abuelitas won't let hin leave....]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Frankie Fallout, tho I can't remember who his player was.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [He retconned out of Frankie and went with Catorce]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Ah. NVM, then.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [He CBA to actually write in it, as it were]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I've been planning on treating what I've discovered in roleplaying -since- that day as retcon.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [That is, though I hadn't worked it out at that point, Sky -always- fought in the Rikti War, etc.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I figure that "Two Weeks Notice" will be Nogi!Me tying up loose ends in what's left of my Pre-event life]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Showing up at work in Henge and dropping it to show them why I REALLY shouldn'tbew working hte cash room of a supermarket....]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Sky will just show up for classes on Monday. ^_^]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [And oh the wolf whistles... and angry glares]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((So, do you think I should retcon in Sachie and Inari as Misao's teammates?))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Sure. Nogi may not recognize Inari right offf, but hse's distracted, ne?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [In the sense of her remembering that they exist, definitely.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Not sure about actually bringing them out, though.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Nah. Leave 'em as remembered folks, like Nogi has to with Mace]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Which is bad because I'd figured by then that Nogi and Mace were "serious" in RP....]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Run!
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [too much KB to run :/]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [gonna base it to get rid of some salvage]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Froze up...))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Heck Prison cells.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Sec bio.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Ayuh]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Back.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: KISAMAAAA!
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Brutelock, yay! ^_^;;]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Chikusho!
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ...ugh. Thanks.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Dou itashimashite.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [The big problem I had with wanting to write "news casts" for VIIOR is finding a news name I like enough to use as a bvoice]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Invent a local station?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Nah. This is national stuff you think Brokaw would let joe Yokel get the glory?]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Atama ga itai...
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Un.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Daijobu?
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Rai wa ore no tomodachi ja nai!
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: KOONOOOOOO!!
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I hadn't pictured Inari as an 'ore' type...]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [great Ghu let's rest!]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I was panicking]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [But... but... FURY!]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [^_^]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Wai!
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Yatta!
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [exit time! Dainamikku ekushito!]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [*break*]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Snerk))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Gorram Marino Target bug]
[Broadcast]Mad McDonalds Clown: the Fast Food Killers are now recruting!!! We are an rp friendly sg with a large base (including teleporters)!!! gimme a shout if you want more info or wanna join!!!
[Broadcast]Shadowd-Soulz: how do we transfer influ form hero
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [fortunately I have a nidea where it really is]
[Broadcast]Shadowd-Soulz: lvl 6 stalker lft
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [We'll rely on you, then...]
[Broadcast]King's Row: ebay
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Yes, we'll just sit here and have tea on the terrace....
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: I think it is this one
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [bah]
[Broadcast]Tarantulus Corbec: Find a sickeningly rich villain who just happens to be desparate for influence hero-side
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Legacy Chain. Bah. What a bunvch of Poseurs.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: SHimatta!
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Worst part is... there's LOTS of em
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Not anymore.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Forgot to go level! Gah!]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: *panting, grinning broadly* Sugoi!
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [BRB I NEEDS the new power]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: *grins, tousles Sachie's hair*
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [G'wan. We'll wait. ^_^]
[Broadcast]Felspark: Its an insidious weapon that causes people to experience a lapse in time making it take longer to do many of the things we take for granted
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: *swats playfully at Misao's hand*
[Broadcast]Princess Vampira: =P
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: *chuckles lightly* Did you get hugged by a Sand-nin when you were little or something, Sacchan?
[Broadcast]king of thugs2: i chall eng all villains to a race starting point is fort darwin in mercy first one to meet me at door to ferry icon wins three unknown recipies and 250K!
[Broadcast]Mad McDonalds Clown: The Fast Food Killers are now recruting!! we are an rp friendly sg with a large base (teleporters included)!! gimme a shout if you want more info or wanna join!!!
[Broadcast]Tyranno: ((Level 7 DOM LFT))
[Broadcast]Vibro Howl: Lvl 5 Corruptor LFT))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Woohoo! Frostwork! Score!]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: *smirk* Hn. Or something.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Sacchan gets free hp]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Hm?]
Chiyuki Inari gooses Sacchan with cold hands
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: GYAH! *decks Inari instinctively*
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: *tease* Or maybe, maaaaybe, you've just got it bad for that blood-widow I've been seeing you sparring with down by the docks.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: *snort*
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Is that what they're calling it these days?
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [sheesh]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: *tosses Inari a book* Here, for your collection.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Boy do they love me [Image: wink.gif] ]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Thank you!
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Ice/Cold is so uber the AI got tweaked? ^_^]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I trhink it's the Aoes m'self]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Whichever. So long's I can SMASH!]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Scourge is my friend]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [*nodnod*]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [okay, for sure we will have Arachnos troops eventually in VIIOR]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Like the "rank and File" types]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [*nodnod* If nothing else, go to west bumfuck, Africa, and the going rate for muscle drops through the floor.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [ackies]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Most existing criminals will be spoken for, professional mercenaries are, IIUC, fairly rare in this day and age...]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [bail or "keel"?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...well, first world ones are.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I'm dead, so I don't get a vote. ^_^]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [There really aren't that many people who are strange enough in the head to think that getting paid to kill people sounds dandy...]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [No but the sense of belonging for some of hte Arachnos troops...]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...because it's -fun-. So if you want to hire an army quick, you need to find people who think that getting paid for -anything- sounds dandy.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Like the "spooky occult" girls who get trained by GW to be the new Widows and Fortunatas]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Buy out a few NY street gangs.))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [New native Supervillain group: The Cartel.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Equating to the Family, of course.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [of course]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Might be interesting to see how Nogi handles Yakuza....]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((And GW is locked into her plot-mode... she /has/ to try to rebuild what she sees as Arachnos.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Especially since *I* would have to defer to Nogi's instincts on that one]
[Broadcast]Burnedsoldier: 6 Cor LFT
[Broadcast]Tyranno: ((Level 7 DOM LFT))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I'd probably wind up pulling an O-Ren Ishii]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [and yup on the GW]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Worst part? She KNOWS Nogi.]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Nogi would probably 'convince' them to work for /her/.))
[Broadcast]Sendokage: ((lvl 5-7 teamm looking for more, one spot left. Who wants in?))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Hmm... So, the Cartel, whatever Noonlighter ends up building... (shades of Black Lagoon!) ...what else?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [GW will be SCAAAARY for the LEgendary]
[Broadcast]Racist Frankenstein: (Go on ahead. I'll join you when I hit 5. Tongue)
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Al Qaeda]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Obligatory, probably.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [If nothing else, somethign that the Patriot types take on]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [McVey brand wackos?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Many of those will get folded into Merc MM pools]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Snrk.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Neo-Malta....]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [or somthing like it]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [at a much lower "con rating"]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Likely doesn't exist to start with, but will form quickly given instability, opportunity for power, and the changing worldlaws.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [no end]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [So glad these guys won't exist in NeoArachnos]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...She should find something -worse-.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [We can agree No Mu, no CoT in VIIOR natively, right?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Definitely.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Hellion equivalents as high-con, though?]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Nothing down there but goons...
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [We only have to worry about the bloodlines form the Mu-based Heroes and Villains]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Possibly]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...The Arachnos Mob Everyone Hates: MagiBorg.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [The Fiddlebacks?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [resting]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Or CyberMages or something.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Datamagic plus implants. = hurting!]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Freakshow-ish ow]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Freakshow Circle!]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [o.O]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [That. Is. Inspired!]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I can see Deep RPers crying, 'I want my Mu baaaack!']
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Evolved from Skript Kiddies who fooled around with occult stuff online post-event?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I was thinking as NeoArachnos' mystics, but yeah, that'd work too... and not even neccessarily exclusively.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [So lots of "demonic l33t" names...]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [4z4z431.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [like V4l3f0r]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [B431z3b0b.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [okay, a Circle- like group and Neoarachnos Webspinners]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: (Argh. Getting a headache, for-real.)
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Oooooooh -Perfect- name.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [from the leet or too long staring at CRT?]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: (Too long staring.))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Recapping...]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Right let's call it a night them and see you tomorrow night?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [The Cartel. Columbian gangsters.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [The Spooks. Cut-rate Malta.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [NeoArachnos]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Self-explanatory.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Satan's Children. Hellions with room to grow.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Some leet nastiness, CoT for Datamancy]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [T3h L33t. Circle of Freakshow.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [best description evar]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Probably uses 4vchan memes as incantations]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...dude. _yes_.]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((MAterial component for all divination spells: one bottle bbq sauce))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [ZOMG SAUCE PLOX!]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Al Qaeda. GOD HATES YUU ALLZ!]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Even more disturbing if the work rituals into new memes]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [And disturbing reports of Anachronistic soldiers in Iraq....]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [High Noon Pirates. Not-quite-robin-hoods of the seven seas.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [ACtually, Noon is helping form NeoArachnos]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Heh.))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Ah? I'd missed that.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [He's essentially spelled out he's pragmatically using hte banner to rally some of the more easily swayed Villain players]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Havana will be NeoGrandville]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Cuba would be a perfect place for something like that to set up shop.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Tho IIRC there are several places in the Carib that are even worse off.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [And Castro gets asylum in the States. O.o]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...bwahahahah.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [The Island of Hispanola?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Haiti/Dominican republic?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [That was what I was thinking of, yeah.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Would fit for Port Oakes/Cap]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Hispanola alone is bigger than all of the Etoiles put together.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Huh? Y'mena Atolls?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Gah. Orange and red.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Rogue Isles are properly the Etoiles, IIRC.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [ah]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [inc tac ops]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Even without infrastructure, NeoArach is gonna be a bigger concern than its progenitor.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [advanced tech base for one]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [another chat session that need s saving]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [NeoA would be -missing- that... but have a lot more in the way of warm bodies and raw resources.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [relative to Mainland US]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [And, given enough resources, Nogi could enchant an Arcane SG base]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Arachnos has -agents- on the mainland, yeah... but I don't think that you could call that a significant share of its resource base.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I was thinking the PCs with tech origin]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Ah, point.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [especially RP'ed twisted genii]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [and Neoarachnos has its share of GIFTer Heroes]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...not sequiter: I'm thinking that Sacchan's a Ghost Axe type of girl.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I can see it]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Agh! Bad Server, no biscuit!]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [right Time to Copychat]
[Broadcast]Lauren Teisorn: And they have atleast the HP of a 30.
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: Hi Foxy
[Broadcast]Yggsil: (( is the zone lagging or is it all on my end [Image: frown.gif] ?))
[Broadcast]Lauren Teisorn: Zone Lag.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Ogenki desu ka? (are you well?)]
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: I'm doing great thanks, you?
[Broadcast]Yggsil: (( ah thanks [Image: smile.gif] ))
[Broadcast]Mysterious Amber X: evil Ritki lag!
[Broadcast]Night Oni: just glad my main hero already has the power. Means I can avoid the whole Rikti thing now.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I'm a little upset at my cable ATM... but otherwise...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Cool, overcast day, and letting my comp access,... trhen sudden sun breaks out of the clouds and No comp for a few hours.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Well, no Internet.
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: Well now. They apprently didn't install the dry ice did they?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Nope
[Broadcast]Natural Thug: Looking for a Cool Vg? Join Demonic Sin Inc., ranked 12th on the server. We are rp friendly. We do: Teams, Help when you need it, bi-weekly raids, and much more. We also have a very good and active coalition.We need ACTIVE Players, no lazy people.
[Broadcast]Natural Thug: Only thing we ask is that you play in SG mode
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: So, any good news come out of this?
[Broadcast]Professor Monochrome: Looking for some easy money? We're paying people to cause trouble for our enemies. If you're interested, contact me. I'll be in Fort Darwin. ((RP VG Recruiting - Crossfaction RP and RP oriented PVP geared. ))
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I've got SOME written on hte next segment of VIIOR.
[Broadcast]Fwed: lvl 3 brute lft
[The Legendary] Foxboy: You get to write the Victoria's secret scene. *mean face*
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: We don't have Victoria's Secret in Canada
[Broadcast]Natural Thug: Looking for a Cool Vg? Join Demonic Sin Inc., ranked 12th on the server. We are rp friendly. We do: Teams, Help when you need it, bi-weekly raids, and much more. We also have a very good and active coalition.We need ACTIVE Players, no lazy people.
[Broadcast]Mysterious Amber X: eek! there are lvl 50 thingies here at the black market!
[Broadcast]Mysterious Amber X: they just killed everyone!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Well, oyu get the wonders of getting us through JCPenny's undergarment section
[Broadcast]Darkfox: 0o
[Broadcast]Night Oni: Awesome
[Broadcast]Cy-Kill: WTF just killed me
[Broadcast]Darkfox: Look at you Combat winow
[Broadcast]John Aggoni: what gets me is you can't do ANYTHING while the market screen is open
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: Right. Can do.
[Broadcast]Mysterious Amber X: it was a nemesis thingy - lvl 50.
[Broadcast]Cy-Kill: yeah no kidding
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: First one to fondle the underwear gets a smack tot he back of the head
[Broadcast]John Aggoni: like I said...it's some high-level's ambush...
[Broadcast]Professor Monochrome: (( If nobody deals with it in 10, I can grab my 50. ))
[Broadcast]Cy-Kill: note to self keep bots till thy die got it
[Broadcast]Sendokage: Where is the ambush..near the BM?
[Broadcast]Cy-Kill: i would but i got no wakies to rez
[Broadcast]John Aggoni: oh, they left
[The Legendary] Foxboy: End result, Nogi gets elegantly designed cotton. She's going to transmute it into silk.
[Broadcast]Cy-Kill: no still here
[SuperGroup]Hanagawa Sachie: Oi.
[Broadcast]Mysterious Amber X: they killed everyone and are still nearby
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hi, Valles!
[The Legendary] valles: I'm still not certain how well that idea would work as a moneymaker... But I do have an idea of my own for Sky, so I won't press it.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Just getting HLW to write the Underpinnings scene
[The Legendary] Foxboy: She's not usiing it for money.
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: Wait, do I have to teach you guys all about feminine hygene products too?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: It's more she's using it ti SAVE money.
[The Legendary] valles: Ah, okidoki, then. ^_^
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hm...
[The Legendary] valles: I plan to write a scene about that, yeah. ^_^
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Let's say that the question is brought up, and the former guys go Huh... oh wait yeah. BLUSH
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: Great, Valles, you want an idea what cramps are like, put c-clamps on your testicles. And then invite every woman you know to come in at odd hours and tighten them
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Oh, and Brightsky has them BAD as well....
[The Legendary] valles: Oog.
[The Legendary] valles: Somewhere between a tummyache and a migrane?
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: More migrain then tummyache. And yet you still have to function, go to school/work, whatever. It's a thrill, let me tell you
[The Legendary] valles: My reaction to caffeine withdrawl is to start getting cluster headaches, so that's actually quite helpful.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Now that's going to be odd.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Nogi's Coca-Cola ceremony creation.
[The Legendary] valles: O.O
[The Legendary] Foxboy: We're talking getting hold of old-skool soda jerk syrup, etc.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: That might be fun to write out actually.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Exquisite seltzer bottle, and well-made Coke glasses.
[The Legendary] valles: So, like, Tea Ceremony, only with brand names.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Something like that.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: In fact she's ace at the traditional tea ceremony.
[The Legendary] valles: Of course!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And... she insists on Cane Sugar for her Coke Syrup.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Lots of runs to Mexico [Image: wink.gif]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I think I'll be annoyed at not being able to Drink Moxie anymore.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: It's got really strong flavors, so...
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: What's Moxie?
[The Legendary] valles: Was about to ask that myself.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: New England Regional soft drink
[The Legendary] valles: Ah.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: It's been in production for longer than Coca Cola
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: S'ok, we'll teach you to eat Poutine
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And a pack of Timmy's best, eh?
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: Damn straight baby! :-)
[The Legendary] Foxboy: That's something, Nogi definitely likes her western meat dishes rarer than I do.
[The Legendary] valles: V!Sky's internal argument about coffee might be worth a paragraph or two...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Much like the Pizza thing, eh?
[The Legendary] valles: Sorta. I, Nathan, can't -stand- the stuff. I'm not a fan of bitter stuff.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Much like Honor Harrington then.
[The Legendary] valles: Samantha, though, practially lives on it.
[The Legendary] valles: She's one of your '_Anti_ morning people'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Like fanon Nabiki Tendo.
[The Legendary] valles: Yeap.
[The Legendary] valles: One of the opening scenes from the Brightsky fic I've been trying to get started...
[The Legendary] valles: ...Sky wakes up.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Canon Brightsky or V!Brightsky?
[The Legendary] valles: Goes to the kitchen - canon - of the apartment she shares with her sister.
[The Legendary] valles: Makes coffee on one of those little home cappachino machines.
[The Legendary] valles: Walks back to her bedroom.
[The Legendary] valles: A third of the way through the cup, she thinks, 'Huh. Half-naked guy on the couch. Must be Alex's new boyfriend.'
[The Legendary] valles: 2/3s of the way through, she thinks, 'Wait, where are my clothes?'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Oh.... my.
[The Legendary] valles: Then she thinks, 'Eh. Worry later. Coffee now.'
[The Legendary] valles: She's literally more concerned with her coffee than the fact that she's standing in her skivvies in front of a man she's never met before in her life.
[The Legendary] valles: It's actually a pity I was living in a single at that point... the comedy could have been -great-. ^_^
[Broadcast]Dawn Aril: lv 5 brute lft
[The Legendary] Foxboy: How much of that carries over to the VIIOR Gestalt?
[Broadcast]Sean Trancer: NEW Vamp VG looking for members we are very very young but are building up to something grate .. be you a heavy R-P'er.. or just starting out .. we are of the Tremere Clan .. send a tell to talk more of it .. thank you for your time ..
[Broadcast]Darkfox: The Brotherhood of Xeon is a non-RP SG and is now recruiting mature and active players to have fun and team with. SG is very laid back and has a completely functional base with TP's from Mercy to Grandville,+Invention Tables and IS Vault pst for more info
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: On my way.
[The Legendary] valles: Not sure. I wanna say all of it, though.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I know Nogi-me is a lot more of a connoiseur
[The Legendary] valles: Personally I'm one of those people who is usually either AWAKE or ASLEEP
[The Legendary] Foxboy: *nodnod*
[The Legendary] valles: But AM!Brightsky is funnier. ^_^
[Broadcast]Dawn Aril: lv 5 brute lft
[Broadcast]Satantron: lvl 6 Brute lft
[The Legendary] valles: Oh, her moneymaking scheme:
[The Legendary] valles: The usual price tag for orbital lifting is $10k US per pound, right?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Oooh!
[The Legendary] valles: Even C!Sky could carry fifty-sixty pounds for the twenty-minutes or so it'd take to climb high enough then accellerate into orbit.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Right. Let me get my Bingo book updated real quick
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: You can only carry 56 pounds?
[The Legendary] valles: And she really doesn't realize that she could do a heck of a lot more than that...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Right I remember a trick NEW!Superboy did in DC
[The Legendary] valles: For two or three minutes? A lot more. For half an hour without a break?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And Brightsky's powers as described come close to that.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: See the tactile Telekinesis thing is how he's able to pick up like a freight train and not have it fall apart on him.
[The Legendary] valles: If I understand correctly he's not actually limited by the structural strength of the material carried...
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Kon-El?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Yup
[The Legendary] valles: ...which Brightsky is.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Tactile TK isn't quite superstrength
[Broadcast]Ms. LilyBang: lvl 13 dom lft
[The Legendary] Foxboy: No but it's a good workaround for HOW supes' strength works.
[The Legendary] valles: That is, she can repel whatever part of it she can touch.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Yare yare. So fast.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Osoi. ^_^
[The Legendary] His Lovely Wife: Must go, Ta ta
[The Legendary] valles: Take care!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Ciao
[Broadcast]Dark prinses the 2nd: i didnt do it
[Broadcast]BeamRay: Global Nemesis is looking for a few new memebers. We happen to be a hard core VG. With 88 - 5 in base raids. If you feel you can keep up send a tell to BeamRay!
[Broadcast]Angry Jen: costume contest in 10 mins at the base portal in mercy, 100k for first place
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [hadda help my mum in hte Kitchen... she dropped a pill and My eyesight is better]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Ah. No problem.]
[Broadcast]Angry Jen: will pay 3 places if more than 10 entrants
[Broadcast]Zrann: its a pain to have to tell person after person and hier back their reason for joining or not. its a waste of a leaders time to deal with a dozen people that are busy for one reason or another. just hit the NO button and be doen with it
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Right. Let's help this yurei
[Broadcast]Death Trap.: 4 what
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Un.
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: ooog
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [darn Mu]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hm?
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Damn straight.]
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: i'm thinkin the chocolate milk i just had isn't sitting too well with me heh
[The Legendary] Foxboy: [So what's going to be the annoying thing the Webspinners do?]
[The Legendary] Kaeda: *gives Foxboy a Klondike bar*
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: and.. Good evening all
[The Legendary] Foxboy: *chomp*
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Shimatta.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: [I'm bailing to the base to try to Invent my inventory less full]
[The Legendary] Kaeda: So, what's on the table for tonight?
[The Legendary] valles: Slow -and- Immob at the same time. (sticky threads all over the place)
[The Legendary] valles: Hold.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: That works
[The Legendary] valles: (vomitous gluey gunk)
[The Legendary] Foxboy: They'd have called them,selves WebSlingers, but Marvel's Lawyers are GOOD
[The Legendary] valles: Or Confuse. (Dance, Puppets! For I am ROOT!)
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Gah. and I need to add more of GM_Emily
[The Legendary] valles: Hm. Testifying before a Senate hearing on the whole Virtue issue?
[Broadcast]Angry Jen: Ok we have 10 so now we pay 3 spots with 100k for first, Costume Contest at the base portal in Mercy in 1 minute
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Good point. AND she acts like a fully trained "Good cop"
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Full police procedure, etc.
[The Legendary] valles: Which'd make her an ideal point-woman for the community of the changed.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And she knows she's out of jurisdiction
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [tp inc]
[Broadcast]Little Miss Icee: ((looking for a MRP VG. Must be active))
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Thank you, Inari-chan.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Like I said she's a GOOD cop in all senses of the words
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: No problem I couldn't use it, so.
[Broadcast]Sean Trancer: NEW Vamp VG looking for members we are very very young but are building up to something grate .. be you a heavy R-P'er.. or just starting out .. we are of the Tremere Clan .. send a tell to talk more of it .. thank you for your time ..
[The Legendary] valles: Competent, honest, and she still gives a shit?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Yup
[The Legendary] valles: Ack.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Add in her base personality of a decent Customer Service person...
[The Legendary] valles: And she really -is- an ideal point woman. Crap.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [sorry I couldn't get you out of aggro range]
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Hmmm..what to do..what to do..
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [De nada. My bad for charging ahead like that.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Rescue TP inc
[The Legendary] Foxboy: That Check name button is useful....
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: *flashes INari a little grin as she starts to bandage her wounds* Neat little trick, that.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Isn't it? *foxy grin*
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Bloodline?
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: It's a little trick Kaa san taught me a long time ago
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Hm.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: *Begins chakra manipulation to bind her wounds
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Bah MT
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Good job [Image: tongue.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: Hate Mu. So much.
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Why?
[The Legendary] valles: Me Brute! Need End!
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Ooooh
[The Legendary] valles: Yepyepyep. ^_^
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: *Busts out Gauntlet voice* BRUTE NEED ENDURANCE BADLY
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Just as bad as clocks... no worse their Elec is more damaging
[The Legendary] valles: Clocks aren't bad at all.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Definitely of the annoying. Don't you think you should let hte one with the invisibility jutsu scout ahead?
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: I've never had problems with Mu..unless in numbers..then things suck
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Ghost Widow's Tower
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: I think i loath Storm Shamans the most
[The Legendary] valles: -PsiClocks-, now, -those- are a Grade-A pain.
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Ooog
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Actually Wide had no trouble.
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: But they break nicely
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Yup yup
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Smash is greater than clock
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Mu on the right, Blood Widow on the left.
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Psi is greater than Smash unfortunatly
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Bunch of Wolf Spiders with her.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Hn. *cracks her knuckles*
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Holding the Mu... or trying
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Fortunatly Rage is greater than all
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [rats]
[The Legendary] valles: True that.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [man this is tough mish]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [My First A?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [B.]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((B.))
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: I really like the fact i can skimp Acc enhancments
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: because of it
[The Legendary] valles: I like it 'cause of the 'Wow, real damange!' aspect, really. ^_^
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: [Image: tongue.gif] that too
[Broadcast]Syckopath: ((lvl 4 corruptor lft))
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: 300+ KB always makes me smile
[The Legendary] valles: BOOM! AAAAAAaaaaa.....
[Broadcast]Botanical Anomaly: Lvl 3 Dom lft
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: /laugh
[The Legendary] valles: Crane Kick is a blast like that.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: My SS/Inv brute is slotting Ghost Widow's embrace in his KO Blow, actually.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: It's a HOLD. Folks don't often realize it.
[The Legendary] valles: -Literal- knock-out.
[Broadcast]King Corruption: 8ish team lfm
[The Legendary] Foxboy: We came up with some Mob Types for VIIOR last night.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Say when when the TP is ready, Fox. [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Best capsule description I remember is for "the L33T"
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: I got 3 dmg and mako bite and touch of death on my KB
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [kk]
[The Legendary] valles: Circle of Freakshow.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Especially since 4chan memes work as vocal components for their spells
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [tp inc]
[The Legendary] valles: ...wait. Combine that with the -other- time 4chan came up last night...
[The Legendary] valles: ...You know that that kind of crowd will try and work out a 'summon seccubus' spell at some point.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: You mean the Virtues winding up on /s?
[The Legendary] valles: Yep.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Why am I getting a Very Bad Feeling about this?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Poor Brightsky would have SO many MOAR responses to her NEWS photos...
[The Legendary] valles: V!Sky comes to, blinking, in the middle of this wierd circuit-looking ritual circle.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: We're also trying to figure who's going to write the 60 minutes story on the Virtues.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And proceeds to lay the smack down on the grey-conning Circle of Freakshow
[The Legendary] valles: Well, not straightaway.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Gotta have the comedy of the situation first.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: The question would be when she was taken or what she was doing at the time [Image: wink.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: 'Ewww. Why does this guy not have any clothes on?'
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: holy crap..Pangean soil sells for alot
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Sorry, just had to toss that random comment in there
[The Legendary] valles: 'And for that matter, what the hell is this that I'm... almost wearing?'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I REALLY REALLY hate reverse blind invites
[The Legendary] valles: Reverse what?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Blind invites. Y'know thre TElls that ask Cn I b on ur teem?
[The Legendary] valles: Ahhhh. Yeah, those. Irritating indeed.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Boss's mine!
[The Legendary] Zilem Kain: how about teh random passer by that see you fighting and then thinks your supposed to team with them and then get pissed when you turn them down
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: I'll just... inspect the flooring.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: *shudder*
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [NOOOOO!! SO CLOSE!]
[Tell]Katie Geoff: hey,can i join ur team?
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [gah]
[The Legendary] Zilem Kain: like on my last kill 10 red caps mish
[[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I'm going to change my Search message to say if I'm on a team don't as k me to join it.
[Broadcast]Botanical Anomaly: touche pussycat
[Broadcast]Radical Fairy Terri: brb can u meet me at kalinda?
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I just responded in character.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ['hey,can i join ur team?']
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ['No.']
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Katie Geoff?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [*nodnod*]
[Broadcast]Malevolence': They correct people on every little thing in this game
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: (Yup.)
[Broadcast]Zeltak: demon wings, is a veteran reward
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [next one we get, lewt's respond in Japanese]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: (Heh. Need teleport.))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: {Muahahahah.]
Chiyuki Inari: [Whoops]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Gomen nasai. Eigo wkarania!]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I'm hopping out to tp Misao in]
[The Legendary] Zilem Kain: I see they cut you short in croatoa ... can only get so far into the mish chains untill your level 30
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Sachie would just say, 'Uun.']
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Or possibly 'Ahou.']
[Broadcast]Katrina Eisensturm: Well at least Mal got it. I don't think it's so much every little issue. I just want to be able to understand what people are saying.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Or some response in character like Longbow sent you didn't they?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Sacchan wouldn't be that verbose, but yeah. ^_^]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [or set up reply macroes in Japanes that say My you certainly are sude aren't you?]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Heh.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [No, wait, I have the perfect answer:]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ['TAMAGOOOOOOO!!']
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Hmmm. How about this: "Sure, welcome to Squad Eleven. All you have to do to earn a place is defeat me in a battle to the death."))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Phew!
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Nice axe, Sacchan.
[Broadcast]Zeltak: have a good night everyone =)
[Broadcast]CeViper: ((dont for get NSA, NRA, NATFA, IMSFWTE...
[Broadcast]Katrina Eisensturm: No, I refuse to have a good night! ; )
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: *feeds a little electric chakra into the weapon, making it flicker and spark* Domo.
[Broadcast]Zeltak: =P
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ^_^
[Broadcast]Warspine: lvl 2 stalker lft
M1nd B3nd3r: hello
Lieutenant of Chains: Understood, Mistress.
Lieutenant of Chains Finally, I can serve the master again...
[Broadcast]Iron Shift: ( Mountebank Asylum, a Free-Form RP SG is Recruiting, We have a Fully Operational Base, and a Core or Regular Players, We also have weekly PvP Events, and Regular RP Events..)
Mistress of Torment: am*
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Get this last mish outta the way?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Yup.]
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Grr stingy mobs..stop giving me blue and green inspirations...
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Yeah.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: tp inc
[Broadcast]Wisecracker: ((Mountebank Asylum is a free-form SG looking for new members. Send a /t to Wisecracker for details.))
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Shoot, missed it.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [sec]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Hm. Thinking at random...]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I was wondering of any "RP'ed events may have consequences]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [For VIIOR]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Such as?))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [What do you mean?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Say you have someone who "cybered" as a female character before the event]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [It's three months later, and she's beginning to show]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Hm. Depends on whether or not she was -intended- to be pregnant.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Or what if the player was cybering AS it happened?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [And hadn't decided one way or the other?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ['Whoah, that feels -niiiiiiiiiiice....-]
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Hmm..Extract a group of captives from Banished pantheon..
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Anyone wanna help Kill Adamastor? Or is it possible to solo this mission?
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [sec]
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: he's easy
[The Legendary] Foxboy: What's your AT/Powerset?
[The Legendary] valles: It's possible if you've got the inspirations.
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: same as always [Image: tongue.gif] INV/SS and which inspirations should i stock up on. lots of reds i'm gussin
[The Legendary] Foxboy: No
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Blues and Greens
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And Yellows
[The Legendary] valles: Even solo he shows up as an EB, so you'll need to be careful.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Hmm, fun.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Un. ^_^
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: I still HATE the sewes
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Well no worries bout that, I've got so many greens and blues...i'm sick of the colors [Image: tongue.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: Bringing him down takes a lot of pounding.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Well, we all do, dear.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [rats]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Un!
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: I admit I don't particulairly wish to deal with Storm shamans again
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Wide took him out easy in that mish
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: They sapped my end like no ones buissness last time i delt with em
[The Legendary] Foxboy: [Two hidden spawns nearby ouch]
[The Legendary] valles: Pah. Storms are easy. It's the -Death- shamans that I always found a pain in the ass.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: They all suck on Warshades
[The Legendary] valles: Quantum Shamans? ^_^
[Broadcast]Natural Mind Shock: Hrm - still has CoV in full screen mode
[Broadcast]Hoshiko.Fujieda: Gotta restart CoX to go to windowed mode.
[Broadcast]Wisecracker: ((Mountebank Asylum is a free-form SG looking for new members. Send a /t to Wisecracker for details.))
[Broadcast]Natural Mind Shock: Ahh kk
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Osoi.
[Broadcast]Techno Force Bot: The Rogue Legends vg is looking for new members to help us grow. We have a fully functioning base and an active coalition with some of Virtue's top groups. If interested in becoming a legend or if you have any questions pst. Thanks!
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: TP inc
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Kuso
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: TEMEEEE!!
Chiyuki Inari kicks Fortunata Seer
Chiyuki Inari: Ofukuro.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: That was a mess....
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Un.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Un.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Don't like the bound ones.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Misao chan needs the frostworks more, Sacchan
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Un. Daijobu.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Oh kamisama
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Reck? What's that?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [resting]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Non sequiter: I wonder if Colonel Roy Mustard is a Fire/Fire blaster?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Hmmm.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Oi.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I assume all three of us are taking Scirocco as a Patron?]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: (Hmm?)
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Yes. Just because we /LOVES? having red lightningning]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [And since Nogi has GW]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((I was kind of thinking of taking GW too...))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I figured that being from, y'know, Rai no Kuni, the lightning theme was obligatory. ^_^]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Yare yare. Tiring work. This Yuki-onna lived soft.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Sounds like you need to spend more time sparring with Squad Eleven and less time in the spa, Inari-chan.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: *snort*
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Or I spent too much time practicing soft skills this time around
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [WAY too many mu here]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Wanna try some classic Ninitsu?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Oh?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [AS + Tp Friend]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((I like this plan.))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ....che.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Right I'm going a few rooms a way. LEt me know when you're aboutto AS]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Right in position]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Wait.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [gotcha]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Picking a target...))
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Now
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Kuso]
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Mmm Adamaster dead within the timeframe that Conserve power lasted *cheer*
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Grats!
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Got a res?))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [next time hit F7, and no sadly]
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Nice!
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: Congrats [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Used 4 small reds just before *grin* Knockout blow for 554 dmg
[The Legendary] valles: *applauds*
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Norm! ^H^H^H^H North!
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Told you to wait.
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Heya North!
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Ready!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: You might get a kick out of this:
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: howdy all [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: *blinkblink* Y'know, North, I don't recall if we've infected you with VIIOR yet?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: V an I were discussing Native badguy groups for VIIOR
[The Legendary] valles: The Spooks are bargain-basement Malta.
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: is there such a thing? o_O
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: The Spooks sound like the MIB
[The Legendary] valles: Yep.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: The Cartel are Family-like baddies.
[The Legendary] valles: But, y'know, they're not really an entrenched conspiracy the way MIB would be.
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: as for VIIOR Valles, I'd had ideas, but right now I can't seem to write to save my life. Tongue
[The Legendary] Foxboy: NeoArachnos replaces Mu Mystics with Webspinners
[The Legendary] valles: Ahh. Good luck getting past that, then.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And My favorite capsule description has to be for The L33T.
[The Legendary] valles: Who, depending on level, either Slow&Immobilize, Hold, or Confuse.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Sympathies. I"m dealing with major sleep disorders right now. Writing? Easy. Staying awake? That's hard.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Circle of Freakshow
[The Legendary] valles: Webspinners do, I mean.
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: ouch.
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: well, I've got a Saberkitten story, MechaDeuce story, and I really need to work more on Bubblegum zone before I get lynched. ^^;
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: I'm hoping to duck the lynching. I'm about 2 *years* behind on DB3
[The Legendary] valles: Because, honestly, that's exactly what you'd get if skript kiddies got ahold of datamagic.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Gah! Iv'e fogotten SkyKnight's catch phrase!
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Whee.
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: Trust me, I know what I'm doing. [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: Trust me. I know what I'm doing.
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: *lynches Skyknight*
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Right.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Are we ready to try this again, everybody?
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Un.
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: Yup. [Image: smile.gif]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Hai. I'll try to be more timely
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Trust me. I know what I'm doing.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: That's Sledge Hammer's catch phrase!
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: That and "Oh come on, what could possibly go wrong?"
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Why am I filled with dread?
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ... Because you know me?
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: *smirk*
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: I know. I stole it. }:]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: un
[The Legendary] valles: Catchphrases I've liked...
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Alright, picking a target... a Lieutenant, this time, not a Boss.
[The Legendary] valles: 'I'm gonna die!'
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Ready!
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: I've always liked "DRAKE! WE ARE LEEEEAVING!!!" [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: 'Can we fix it? NO! It's fucked!'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: 'Bad Day! Bad Day!'
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: heh heh heh [Image: smile.gif]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: well, poo]
[The Legendary] valles: 'It wasn't our fault!'
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Aiya!
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: ONE MOAH THING!
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: LOL! I use that one a lot too... ^_^
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: *two-finger smack*
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: Talisman not important!
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: 'What's a cubit?'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: 'Riiight.'
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: 'How long can you tread water.... he he he...'
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: "Didn't you get the memo?" *Mean face*
[The Legendary] valles: 'It's all in the reflexes.'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: 'Inconceivable!'
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: I seem to be having some timing issues.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: 'We are now protected by Mighty Joint!'
[The Legendary] Zilem Kain: isn't a cubit a unit of measurement? =P
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [try turning off your "Idon't want to be TP'ed" thing.
[The Legendary] Zilem Kain: Mighty Joint!
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: I shall thmite you with heavenly forthe!
[The Legendary] valles: About sixteen inches, IIRC.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Actually it's the distance from one's elbow to the tip of the middle finger.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: And then there's the ranger picture in the 3rd Edition D&D which looks like she just *smoked* Mighty Joint...
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Lmao
[The Legendary] valles: LOL.
[The Legendary] valles: 'Won't you join me?'
[The Legendary] Zilem Kain: now I'm going to have to look at that picture
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Finished Potter Year 7 recently....
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: It was good.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: It's priceless with that in mind.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Wait. that was arogue failing a disarm or UMD check....
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: There are lots of others, but I can't recall them exactly atm. [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Heh.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Yes. But I first saw it right after History of the World Pt. 1, so it just leaped out at me.
[The Legendary] Zilem Kain: rogues failing to disarm something? now that sounds familiar
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Yes. Like "You bet your sweet bippy!"
[The Legendary] valles: Something that I don't think actually was a catchphrase, but which -should- be: 'My god, we're all going to die.'
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: 'Snakes... very dangerous... you go first.'
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: Asps [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: 'Bored now.'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I translated one to Japanese
[The Legendary] Foxboy: 'Hebi da. Doushite mou hebi da!?'
[The Legendary] valles: 'Dou isshoumassen ka?'
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Hehe. I cringe whenever I hear "Bored Now". Did a Buffy marathon a few months ago, and that was genuinely creepy.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((How do I turn off the no-auto-teleport thingy?))
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Was that Illyria?
[The Legendary] valles: Willow.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Dark Willow.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [dunno]
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Dark Willow, and Evil Willow in Season 6
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Options, under misc.]
[The Legendary] valles: The vampiric version used it too, IIRC.
[The Legendary] Zilem Kain: I get 10xp for stitching my own wounds? I'm ripping them suckers out and stictching them again!
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Yep. and in a D&D game I run, the thief in the party uses it frequently. It gets scarier when she pipes up in the middle of party confabs with "Dangerously Bored Now..."
[The Legendary] valles: I need to find a gaming group. It's been -years-.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Well.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: I'm trying to put together a second group.
[The Legendary] Zilem Kain: the one that used to be in the party i'm in could do everything BUT successfully disarm a trap
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Dang. SO Close.))
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Well, I'd invite, but I think you're elsewhere in the world. [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: An AIM group.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: [please no ambush while I res... damn]
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Valles, I have a MUSH we could use to run games on.
[The Legendary] valles: ...where do I sign? ^_^
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: AIM? Active Idea Mechanics? The losers who all run around in bright yellow jumpsuits?
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: *perks up* What system would you use?
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [right we're going to fail this one]
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: Advanced Idea Mechanics.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Because I have a copy of M&M...and...I can spread it to you guys...
[The Legendary] valles: M&M?
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Mutants and Masterminds
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Trued20
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Superheroes the way it's meant to be played.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Of course, I recall they all were equipped with energy guns, and their body armor was resistant to the damage, so they could fire into melee indescriminately.
[The Legendary] valles: ...?
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Mutants and Masterminds is full point-buy and you need one dice, and it's a d20.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Oh, just me rambling. Sorry. [Image: smile.gif] Someone used AIM in a game once. The look geeky and like losers, but when you realize they can fire into melee with RM rank energy guns without risk, you realize they may have something here.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Everything is solved via degrees of failure. Exmaple: Toughness rolls/HP
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: A +10 Damage attack is a DC 25 Toughness roll.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: If he had made a 21, he would've been Bruised.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: This emulates comic book fights.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I like Classic Marvel or Mayfair's DC
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Advanced Marvel or Mekton 1 are my preferences.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Where to?))
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: I would dearly love to get an FF7 game going
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Cap
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Although I'm experimenting with Exalted as a new rules system for RIFTS
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: I have stats for the entire group and I'd like to see it eimagined with good writing.
[The Legendary] valles: I have never gotten why people are so obessed with that game.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: I'd like to see it with good writing.
[Broadcast]Catherine Nebula: I am doing the Paragon of Vice badge mission. (Villians)) Anyone interested or need that badge? First one to send tell is the lucky one.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Which is a strongly Wuxia-style action epic.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Exalted is Munchkinism on crack.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: It's amazing for its setting.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Rifts is great concept mediocre execution
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: The best description is a motivation poster that shows a couple of T-rexes in F16s.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: The tagline reads: "Exalted: Tyrannosaurus Rexes in F16's hunting dumb mastodons. Yeah. Kind of like that."
[Broadcast]Vicaden: ((what lvl are superblankets? 20?))
[The Legendary] valles: Calvin and Hobbes.
[Broadcast]Charged Wolf: ((Yesh.))
[Broadcast]Vicaden: ((than ks))
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Exalted is not about munchkinism, it's about being an EPIC HERO. Caps deliberate.
[The Legendary] Zilem Kain: hero? a hero?? players can be play a "hero"? ha ha ha
[The Legendary] valles: A game where a PC can actually -say- 'We are the Authority. Behave.'
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Except the game starts uber and gets munchkin pretty fast. Besides, it suffers from the rest of the White Wolf stuff, where every character no matter how powerful has this massively angsty achilles heel.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: WW's Street Fighter didn't have the Angst so much
[The Legendary] Foxboy: But that's because it was licensed.
[The Legendary] valles: Reading Wiki's writeup on that setting (authority) makes me suspect that actually reading it would lead to physical illness on my part.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: White Wolf vampire: "Oh, I'm so cursed, doomed to wander the darkness, forever unable to be loved..." D&D Paladin. "FREE XP!!!" *WHAM!*
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Aberrant COULD be used for more Classic Supers... but I hate WW's Mechanics.
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Lmao!
[The Legendary] valles: But nevertheless, that's a damned cool line.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Sil, if you compare it to that, Exalted is NOTHING like the World of Dimness.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: And VIIOR has GOT to have a whiny Vamp somewhere. After all we DID take characters from Virtue [Image: wink.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: Muahahah.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Just like the catgirls
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: What about the catgirls?
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Why didn't we waot for Misao again?]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: We were mentioning things that HAVE to exist in VIIOR due to the fact of the source Server being Virtue
[The Legendary] valles: Rescued NPC: The horror! The horror!
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [no wakies I take it?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Nope. And because we're -stupid-!]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((I'm in Cap, finally.))
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Well yes, but why does Virtue server *have* to have a vampire?
[The Legendary] valles: Pocket D.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Because of the endemic in Pocket D at the time of Event
[The Legendary] valles: Skye, explain to the man. ^_^
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Pocket D.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: [Basing it]
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Ah.
[The Legendary] valles: Random thought collision:
[The Legendary] valles: In UF's Symphony of the Sword, Utena Tenjou is renowned for being able to play a D&D paladin and make her -interesting-.
[The Legendary] valles: Dark!Willow's catchphrase is 'Bored now.'
[The Legendary] valles: ...combine these two thoughts.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Combining Utena and Dark Willow... Probably not the thought you were thinking of, but still very distracting, yes...
[The Legendary] valles: Muahahaha.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [darn hot doors]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: (Got a TP ready?)
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [add TP's Fallingnow ouchyou're there]
[The Legendary] valles: What are some other ways of making a paladin into interesting company?
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Helm of Alignment Reversal?
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Marriage. Gender-Shift Belt.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Actually, the best is to probably saddle them with a thief girl-child they didn't know about, fathered on some nymph they blew a will save against early in their career.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Lesbian Paladin. Or gay paladins.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Remember, LAwful Good doesn't ecessarily mean Lawful Stupid
[The Legendary] valles: 'Duuuuuuuuuude. You shouldn't be so, like, violent. It's bad karma, man. Totally un-cool with the cosmic all.'
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Oh man
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: You think pacifism is funnY?
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Book of Exalted Deeds, dude
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: It makes you stupid
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Vows of Poverty and Paficism and Abstinence make you -stupid-
[The Legendary] valles: No, I think -hippies- are funny. And lawful. In their own way.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Heh.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Has anyone read Paul Kidd's D&D novels?
[The Legendary] valles: This coming from someone who was raised by two of them.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Awesome stuff those.
[The Legendary] valles: Nope.
[The Legendary] valles: ...wow.
[The Legendary] valles: That was over fast.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: They HATE ME!!!
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Who does?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I HATE the teens against Thorns
[The Legendary] valles: 'FEAR MY GHOST SLAYING owie.'
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Every Spectral whatever came RIGHT at my Corr.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Teens Against Thorns? Silly...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Teen levels COT is Pwnination on Ice.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: I got mobbed by six of them, /and/ bonked before I could asassainate.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Taht's why I avoid it or just use the option to "finish" the mish.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: I've got Awakens, Inari, if you can TP me out of this mob.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Done
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: Wow that was a gaytarded mission
[The Legendary] Foxboy: We're trying to come up with Non Legendary/Infamous bits for the VIIOR setting
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Like the Shopping Trip From Hell. [Image: wink.gif]
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Or random mobs.
[The Legendary] valles: Besides. Arguing against violence is not the same as not being willing to engage in it in certain circumstances.
[The Legendary] Terrence Knight: First rescue technicion and get 4 nodes, then as soon as i exit my mission another 9 min mission comes up for another 4 nodes..
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Hm.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I Think DragonBerry is a major figure on hte West Coast for VIIOR.
[The Legendary] valles: Who?
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: DragonBerry
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Forum Celeb for Virtue.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: She's coo'.
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: I know I'm something of a D Celeb.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Lessee Ascendant and Rowr would be others.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Rowr would probably get arrested for indecent exposure...
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Second verse, same as the first!]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: She's a starkers Catgirl.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: (Little bit deader, little bit worse.))
[The Legendary] valles: Kyaa!
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: I can see it now... "They're supposed to have their hair shaved off before going into jail. So..." "Heh, Me first, Rog... " *snarl, SLASH!*
[The Legendary] valles: Fox News would love her even better than Sky.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [yeesh]
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: Playboy would sign her up in a moment, I'm sure. [Image: smile.gif]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Sod this for a game of soldiers.]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: [right droped like right off]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [How do some Lost sound?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [okay after I talk to Willy]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: afk for a bit getting nagged
Kasandra Kyle: feels colder then normal.
Itty-Bitty Bot: That is still your bodies changes.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: One good point for Viior Ascendant: He'll have a better agent.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: So, poll-type thingy. Kumogakure setup under the organizational model of the Gotei 13?
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Hahaha
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: I love his uncle.
[The Legendary] valles: 'Gotei 13'?
[The Legendary] Kaeda: The Shinigami squads from Bleach.
[The Legendary] valles: Ahh.
[The Legendary] valles: *shrug*
[Broadcast]Charred-Remains: Feel the burn as I once did
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Dunno it.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Squad 2 is Special Operations, Squad 4 is Support/Medical, Squad 12 is Technical/Research, and Squad 11 is PSYCHO COMBAT KILL.
[The Legendary] valles: Like Konoha's Team 7?
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Sort of.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: But larger. They tend to have a Captain, Lieutenant, a half-dozen Ranked Officers, and a hundred or so Random Lunatics.
[The Legendary] valles: An Uchiha, a Jinchuuriki, and Freaking Sharingan Kakashi, what -else- are they being aimed for?
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: KONOOOOOO!!
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [No! More end! Nee more end!]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari:
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I need to build a bind file of Sacchan's ANGRY ROARS]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [hehe]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Gah he was UGLY!
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: SHINEEEEE!!
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [resting]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!]
[The Legendary] valles: I love Brutes.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Oof.
[The Legendary] Sweno: hello all
[The Legendary] valles: ELECTRIC NINJA SMASH!!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I'm not Al, but Hello anyway!
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: Hi Sweno [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] valles: Heh. Most entertaining tanking technique yet invented: Kill everything that moves.
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: [Image: happy.gif]
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: Works for me!
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Ahhhh. Here they are.
[The Legendary] NorthFlayme: I'm off to bed. Night everyone [Image: smile.gif]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Night!
[The Legendary] valles: Smashing dreams to you!
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: resting
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: REST IS FOR THE WEAK!
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [darn MM recipes]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: *collapses gasping and grinning fit to split her face*
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: What was that about weakness, Sacchan? *sweetly*
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Must say, Inari-chan, the jeans look SO much better than the spandex. Especially when kicking ass.
Chiyuki Inari foxy grin
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Never said I was strong.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ^_^
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Need Stamina. So bad.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Or Decent IO sets]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Both!]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Agreed, both.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I THink... We could do the TF here]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [That's what I'm doing with Sky....]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((TF?))
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((I've honestly never done one before.))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [The PTS one?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Tarikoss Strike Force... We are all high enough level... we jsut need one more to do it IIRC]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Yup]
[The Legendary] valles: Anybody else on have a teensish villain interested in Tarikoss?
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: My only teen character right now is Sunspot, but that's not what you mean. [Image: wink.gif]
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: Well...I like him as a -friend-...
[The Legendary] valles: Thought she was, like, ten?
[The Legendary] Skye Valentine: But as anything more, nuh-uh.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: 12, actually. Just about 13.
[The Legendary] valles: Ahh.
[The Legendary] valles: But, anyway. the Three Kunoichi wanna do a TF, so.
[The Legendary] Silhouette.: She just gained flight, and is working on her quantum singularity-powered suit at 20th
[The Legendary] Foxboy: The THREE KUNOICHI! *does the Three Amigos! Salute*
[The Legendary] valles: Did we ever establish what their team number was?
[The Legendary] Foxboy: 42.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: *straight face]
[The Legendary] valles: Thbbbbbbbt!
[The Legendary] Kaeda: Nah, they're from Squad Eleven.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Container tops?
[The Legendary] valles: Thought 11 was heroside?
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [whoohoo! !7!]
[The Legendary] valles: Speaking of which, Fox, (what) did you do for them?]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Which server was that?
[The Legendary] valles: Infinity blue.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hm... Nothing yet. My Game time is limited by tech difficulties.
[The Legendary] valles: Ah. Well, so far we have a ninjutsu and genjutsu type.
[The Legendary] valles: I LUV Confuse.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: We should have a tanker for the taijutsu type, maybe.
[The Legendary] valles: *nodnod* That would be apropos, yeah.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [is EM a viable secondary?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Definitely.]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Sure. Lightning jutsus, and all that.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Hm. Crey Cryonicize good.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Its early attacks are middling damage but fast animation and recharge]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [The last two attacks HURT.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I Know tankers are no damage]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Speaking by Tank standards. ^_^]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [EM is Godly gfor stalkers]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [EM/Regen = PWNT]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Hmmm. ELeovaters.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Other halls, too.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [So, yes, /EM is extremely playable.]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Found a lab. Full of targets.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [The only complaints I have about my Fire/EM are all more to do with the fact that -none- of the existing sets really fit her concept.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Dunno what I want for Primary. I've got too many INV as it is]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Anyone got a res left?))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Other choices are Ice, Fire, Rock, right? And no, i don't.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [i do sec]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Any of those could easily be a defensive ninjutsu.]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Yeah, but not in our elemental theme.)_)
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [salvage full [Image: frown.gif] ]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [So let's go shopping before we head back up?]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((There, slot's open))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Um, I'm tapped out]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [No more Wakies]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Ok... back in a bit.))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Well, Kumo-nin might have the -best- lightning jutsu, but I'm pretty sure that the other villages all have -some- - and vice versa.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Tongue
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Yeah, I'll buy that for a dollar.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: tp inc]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Now who's gonna be the springer-esque slacker who got up from the comp and his cat got zapped into his Cyborz Catgirl?
Chiyuki Inari: RUN!
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I'd be a bad choice to write that, I think. No experience and too nice besides. ^_^]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Me too...))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Who said her standards would include HIM?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I'd've expected that to be obvious - that they wouldn't, i mean.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Except the loser THINKS thye do...]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [or worse the Kid brother who gets totally subsumed by a detailed RP toon]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...that could turn very ugly, either of them.]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Imagine the public reaction to anyone playing actual demons...))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: {shudder]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Most people would shrug it off, I honestly think.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Plus side... if they return to Hell, they can't get back]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ['Demon, yeah, fine, but a -real- one? Shyeahright.']
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [You're just some swivel spread neckbeard who got hit by that MMO thing]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [that kinda thing?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Yeah. And on the other hand, you've got characters like Falwell and that texas state rep from the political board...]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [who say that ALL virtues are demonds anyway]
[The Legendary] Kaeda: There could be Blastertime Barbie!
Hanagawa Sachie lands on Chief Cryo Scientist's skull, axeblade first.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Next floor.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Though, I think we are overestimating hte population for these early bits.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [A couple thousand, overall? But scattered widely and -noticable-.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [or stretching credibility for so many to be in Jersey at the time]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [right VERY noticable]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Group teleport by Misonon et al?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Possible]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Nogi-me mauy try Misonon's car trick]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Misao gets to "These are not the droids..." any cops that pull Nogi's car over [Image: wink.gif] ]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Heh. She's good at that.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [How many Stalkers DO that, anyway?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [GOOD stlakers are the least noticable Virtues, after all]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [*Jen Etroica raises her hand*]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Good-Skilled or Good-Nice?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Good- skilled]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Or even both, for different reasons.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [The thing is, Placate can be an innocent expression and "Gee officer, I have NO idea HOW that sword got jammed up this guy's &$#%^!]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [The skill listing on the character sheet reads: Bullshit: 3]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Yare yare. You DO get into trouble on me a lot.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((This is being... dangerous.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Multiple "Named bosses"
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [So A-rank?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Hard schools teach best.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((I haven't seen any Named Bosses yet.))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Chief Cryo, Chief Plasma, etc. Close enough.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Chief Plasma Scientist, Chief Cryo Scientist]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((No more resses?))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Al out of plasma!
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I think that Sacchan's Super Jump indoors may actually be ricocheting off of the walls like a superball.]
[The Legendary] Kaeda: t((Those aren't names))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Rats]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [They hit hard enough to be.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Another one]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Wait for Misao.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Hai.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Can't wait for MY stealth]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [My next Secondary Choice, actually]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Secondary Tier six is at lvl 22?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: {Dunno *shrug*]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I need to go after this mish though, Early Morning ahead]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [*nodnod* No problem.]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((You could dip into a pool for it, until then, then respec))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Right I'm about to debuff the snot outta that guy
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Alright... let me get in and hit on that plasma guy before you attack.. then both of you hit him hard.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: *Taps Misao on the shoulder, then points at Chief Plasma Scientist* Him.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [TWO of them in one room! Two! Gah!!!!]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [CRAP! SO CLOSE!]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I picked up four rezzes]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Wise man. Thank you!]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Hmph. Nothing.
[The Legendary] Sweno: anyone want winged boots?
[The Legendary] valles: I don't think I have any characters that they'd suit, sorry.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Hmmm. Item high on Misao-me's to-do list: Have a long chat with the CoV devs about poly count.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [*blinkblink* Hm?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Why does that affect Misao-you?]
[The Legendary] Kaeda: ((It doesn't. But it's pissed ME off since I started playing CoV.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [hehe]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Unneccessarily high? Low? Huh?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Okay a bit of Background for whoever does the 60 minutes bit...]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [{--not that up on graphics]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Unnecessarily high.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [From a player's viewpoint for the other servers...]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [West coast servers were just suddenly dropped]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [There was a hastily scribbled admin announce for the East coast servers before they were shut down]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Wierd shit is going on, we're being asked to close down for national security reasons?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Pretty much]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Europe doesn't shut down till Noon GMT Sunday]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Erm. Saturday]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ['Unanticipated technical issues have arisen. Servers are being shut down so that it can be properly diagnosed and dealt with.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [they shut down JUST as the GIFTER fight Starts]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [So the Brits scratch their heads at not being able to play CoH and turn on hte Telly...]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Is that a geniune team effort, BTW, or the work of an asshole with Mind/Foo?]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((And there's good old Dummy Rather, blathering about CoHGate.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Combination]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [That's the most interesting]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Especially if our Mindy is a PL'ed Gifter]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [*nodnod* wait... Mindy?]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Remind me what GIFTer stands for, again?))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [And has someone else tellign them how to use his/her powers]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ['Gratuitous Internet Fuckwad Theory.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Mindey, rhather]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [How people act when they think there's nothing anyone can do to get back at them.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [For example /b on 4chan
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Rampant Racism and aggressiveness]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: ...Shimatta.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Yatta! Naisu paruru!
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: Two cryo's... want to go for the asassinate/teleport again?))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: Obliging.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Whew
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [So our GIFTERS are mostly folsk who have power and go for instant gratification]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((IE, idiots.))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Incidentally, the two guys with the teller lady who Brightsky too for...]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: Hmmm.
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [...-took- for would-be rapists were actually taking her inside to get the till open without ripping it apart.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [thus how she got Mind-trolled]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Hmmm.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Now was that a troller or a Dom?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I was figuring a Dom riding her high.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Okay. Now who is Her Svengali? since she may not have THOUGHT to Mind-control a Hero]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [That is, the obviously SMART GIFTER that Say, Stiletto takes out?]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Er, who convinced her that it was a good idea to come out and do all this stuff?]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Right.]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [I figure Sky got whammied because she made herself stand out by oneshotting the fire guy she hit.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Because even a lowbie Dom can get by quite well doing "White Collar" crime rather than Nyahahaha I am EEEEEvil!]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Even the smart ones can have a power-trip when they first start out.))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Honestly true of 'most -any- Virtue.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I mean I ca nsee Misao Catwomaning like mad if she weren't in with the Heroic crowd]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Even an MAN build is scary-strong by human standards.]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((She may be anyway. [Image: smile.gif] ))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Olympic Athlete in all sports? Yeah. I can see it]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Since Man Build models Batman and Daredevil type characters]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [*nodnod*]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Yep. Any city where we get a major deposition of Virtues, we're probably going to end up with a Special Police Unit to deal with them, and it's going to recruit some of the more practical and cooperative heroic types...))
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [*brightsky raises her hand, smiling*]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [See, a Just-Rolled version of Happy would work for the Police, etc.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Since he WAS wrongly imprisoned by the PPD]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Sure.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Unfortunately he had interesting reactuions to Snake Venom on MErcy so now he is Froot Loops]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Oog.]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Combine Joker with Pyro, and the Phantom of hte Opera]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [_Oog._]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Hmmm.... Fun.))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Good thing I WASN'T Playing Happy]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [As noted before, I'd been playing Arbmu jsut before the event and was about to switch to Wide on hte Select Screen when it hit, so....]
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [I ws one of the Select Screen zapped]
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Meanwhile DHS is going over their pull list from NCSoft, monitoring folks (like Render noted), surveilling activity trying to figure out who was suitable to recruit...))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Getting profiles of RP toonsform captured lesser lights]
[Team]Hanagawa Sachie: [Congress is pulling people in and questioning them to try and figure out what -they- should do...]
[The Legendary] Kaeda: ((I can imagine Nogi and Misao picking up a few GIFTers and presenting them gift-wrapped to the local office. "Here... this one's a freebie."))
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: [Like for instance, a few of the RP'ed PUG mates of the laters[
[The Legendary] Atlantea: Heh
[The Legendary] Kaeda: MT
[The Legendary] Foxboy: It's okay, Atlantea is in on VIIOR
[The Legendary] Kaeda: YEah.
[The Legendary] valles: [CNN is going out Live and Direct for those selfsame congressional hearings...]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Getting Arc Two orThree worked up in sketchy detail]
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Oh dear.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I STILL want ot see the Sixty Minutes storylet.
[The Legendary] valles: Probably scientifically minded Virtues, or those with particularly interesting powers, are getting in touch with the scientific community...
[The Legendary] Foxboy: The Nogi Subtitles let you not have to worry about her Circutuous manner of speech.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Hmmm.
[The Legendary] Kaeda: DHS: "Don't you want to go back to your old life, Chris?" Misao-Me: "WHAT old life? My job sucked, my health sucked, I had a bad back, bad skin, bad teeth, no romantic prospect, no career prospect... now I'm young again, I'm a fucking NINJA, and I'm hot!"
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Had you heard abou some of the "native" Enemy groups for VIIOR, Atlantea?
[The Legendary] Atlantea: Er... no? Been out of the loop a few weeks there.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: We just got these Yesterday.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: First off. No Circle or Mu at ALL
[The Legendary] valles: The Spooks are drawn from the less moral elements of the real intelligence and security community.
[The Legendary] valles: Dime-store Malta, essentially.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: The Cartel is our Organized Crime.
[Team]Kagetsuki Misao: ((Going to run and level. ))
[The Legendary] Foxboy: NeoArachnos is Noonlighter's and Ghost Widows Baby.
[The Legendary] valles: Probably mostly Colombians in the States, but they're actually a member of a global alliance.
[Team]Chiyuki Inari: NP]
[The Legendary] Atlantea: Ah... anything written up where I can read it out of game?
[The Legendary] valles: Not yet... we could log the chat, though.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I've got last night's chatlog copied to a file]
[The Legendary] Atlantea: Cool.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I'll jsut have to edit out the Blind reverse invites, etc.
[The Legendary] valles: Satan's Children are Alaistair Crowley, the Crips and the Bloods, and the Hellions tossed in a blender and given a CoT shaped power vacuum.
[The Legendary] Foxboy: I should be able to post it Friday Morning, I think
[The Legendary] valles: IE, demon-worshipping gangbangers, but they -mean it-, and they're cookin' with Real Gas.
[The Legendary] Atlantea: Hmmm.... Sounds interesting!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Most of these are a couple arcs away though
[The Legendary] valles: T3h L33t are script kiddies and cyb0rp4nk fans who got ahold of datamagic.
[The Legendary] valles: Circle of Freakshow.
[The Legendary] Sweno: ding on 48! huzaah
[The Legendary] valles: Congratulations!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Grats!
[The Legendary] Atlantea: Grats!
[The Legendary] Foxboy: Anyhow I need to bail. Sleepies are stalking me.

''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll