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Full Version: A silly stream of consciousness idea
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The Hunterminator

The Gorman Familly. The Patriarch's a Circle of Thorn mage and the Matriarch's a behemoth. Don't ask me how it's possible, it's just what my brain belched out after I made the oldest of their children, Anthony Gorman, the 'runt' of the family.
As soon as he has him, his bruiser will be Timothy "Tiny Timmy" Gorman, the baby of the family.
Their Mother tends to baby Timmy a lot btw, here's dialogue I made.
"Damnit Timmy, be careful. If you get yourself arrested working for me, Mum's going to rip my head off."
"Aw, you're just jealous because mommy likes me more than you."
Aside from those odd tidbits, here's a few monologues I've made of Anthony briefing Lil' Nicky, Frail Fred, Pyro Pete, two currently unnamed Lieutenants and Timmy before an heist.
Ok boys, we've got a job to do, and here's how we're going to do it.
Fred, stop picking on Nicky and watch the door for the hero that'll arrive to try and stop.
Yes, I know there's going to be one, there always is.
Nicky, stop goading Fred and go check the patrols. I don't care that you're not touching him, that's still goading.
Pete, stop laughing and just, y'know, put stuff on fire when the fighting start. Just try not to light up the entire bank like last time.
Yes Timmy, I know I'm always the one to give orders.
Because you got us in jail last time I let you.
Don't you dare tell Mum that or I'm not letting you beat up the hero.
Yes yes, most horrible meany on the planet, moving on...
And that's it. Why I've put this up online? Because my muse struck and I know better than refuse to obey, she might keep hitting.
I predict lots of slapfights and namecalling, a la Three Stooges.Ebony the Black Dragon
Senior Editor, Living Room Games
Ebony the Black Dragon

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