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Full Version: The Beginning Of A Little Something
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I don't have a title for this yet, nor is it much more than the opening, but I do have a direction in mind. I'm just not finding a lot of time to work on it at the moment. I decided I would share, though, just to show folks that I am working on some of the many shared-world projects that I am allegedly a part of here.
Minuet asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.
I said yes, of course, without thinking about it. How could I not say "yes"? Min's kind of like the big sister I never had.
But maybe I should've thought about it first. Because now I have a big problem. I'm sixteen years old and my parents don't know I'm a superhero. There's no way I can show up at what's going to be Paragon City's wedding of the year, in the freakin' bridal party yet with, what, half a dozen other superheroes, get my picture taken, show up in the papers and on television, and not have my folks wonder -- why did these big important superheroes include their little girl in their wedding, and just how does she know them?
I'm going to have to show them the invite that Min promised to fake up for me, after all, so they know I'm really invited. There's no way around that, not if I want to go. But my parents are far from dumb. They'll connect the dots. Oh, they won't recognize me -- the transformation magic hides my identity from everyone except witnesses to the change -- but when they can't find me in the wedding photos, they'll know I'm someone in a cape.
And there are only so many slender, perky 5-foot-2 teenaged blondes in the Legendary.
I spent an entire duty shift at our base talking to Alastair about it. Alistair's not been around as much as he used to be when I was just starting out -- now that I'm clearance 36 and the leader of almost 80 other superheroes I guess he figures that I don't need nearly as much hands-on guidance as I did when I first got my sword. Mostly these days he seems to like hanging around with Gil MacHeath, who's one of the two or three members of the Legendary besides me who can actually see Alistair. (I don't complain because, honestly, Alistair is a bit of a nag at times, and weirdly enough the two work together well.) But somehow he always knows when I need someone to talk to about stuff I can't go to my folks for, and sure enough, I'll turn around and find a penguin waiting for me.
Yeah, a penguin. Other magical girls get cats, or ferrets, or weird little blobby things that live in their cell phones. I get -- got -- a penguin.
An invisible penguin.
With a British accent.
(You know what's sick? After everything I've been through in the last year-plus, Alistair's probably the most normal thing in my life!)

Wow. That looks shorter than it does in Courier.
-- Bob
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I can see two possibilities. One, Eva concocts a plan to make her parents think she's...somewhere else during the whole superhero wedding festivities. Sleeping over at some friend's place, somewhere.
Or...not, and it gets very awkward, and hijinx ensue. Actually, I bet hijinx will ensue anyway.
But. Whatever the case, brilliant story, nice look at poor Eva's situation. =)
(It also made me think, here...I hadn't realised it, but somewhere along the line, I'd decided Adrianne's - Space Mage's - parents know she's a hero. Sort of a background assumption affecting her RP there. Perhaps something to explore in my own writing.)
-- Acyl
Alexis: I'm sure glad I don't have to have a secret identity.
Discord: Is a Mysterious Past that much easier to deal with?
Alexis: Yes.
I'm not sure I understand why she'd be telling her parents in the first place though, if she's going to be transformed for the wedding. '.'
(And this reminds me... *really* should resolve the thread about Alexis thinking Evangelia has a creepy stalker...)
Wow. That looks shorter than it does in Courier.
I do a lot of my writing originally on paper. Everything I do ends up being shorter than I thought it was.
Love it Bob,
Nice to see more Eva writing, as well as her increasing level of confidence.

Thanks, everyone. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up in and around other projects -- like DW5-5.
-- Bob
Visit beautiful Boston, proud successor to Seattle as
"City Most Scared Of Its Own Shadow