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Full Version: Bios that will break your brain!
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Sometimes, hanging out in Pocket D, the Icon Store or Atlas Park will net you some real winners in the weirdness department.
In many cases, it's easier to lock onto a persons name and read their bio than it is to get a closer look at the costume.
But TRUST me, most of these people had costumes that were well up to the task of equaling the weirdness in their bios.
First up, a guy I noticed in Icon. Modi was the name. At the time he was just wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Must be incognito. Okay, I'll bite, he's level 50 AND actually has the name locked down without using "creative punctuation! Must have been around for awhile. Let's click the bio and...
Well he's got the whole Norse BRAG thing down, that's for sure.

I was on with Panzer XII in Mercy Island when I noticed a brightly colored Mastermind. Looking closer, I'm thinking... "No... he did NOT just go there..." Clicking on the bio.
"Oh my god, he went there."
That is disturbing on so many levels.

Right! Moving right along! Our next contestant has the seeds of an interesting concept hidden among the detritus of some truly horrendous editing and one of the most unintentionally HILARIOUS typos I have ever seen.
And BTW, why is his name Scion of SORCERY?? His origin is SCIENCE!!

This next one isn't really a bad bio so much as one that is reeking of snark. ^_^
Nope, not much of a stretch at all, really.

This one is one that I've seen around on Virtue server off and on. His costume looks like a wearable version of the palette and design sense from Yellow Submarine. In other words, Peter Max threw up.
Paging Mr. Duke, your pharmacist is here with the GOOD drugs!

Robot Apes! That's what City of Heroes needs! Cybernetic Apes FROM THE FUTURE!!!
Rock me Dr. Zaius, R... r..r..r..rock me Dr Zaius!

So many things wrong here. So much lack of sense. So many affronts to fashion and color. As bad as the portrait is, the whole costume was MUCH WORSE.
I wonder if Dr. Trippy and this guy hang out?

Okay... Is it a Harry Potter spoof? A Willie Wonka reference? All I know is that I'm going nowhere NEAR that cat!
Don't know what to say, just kinda disturbing, really...

But nowhere NEAR as disturbing as THIS guy! I saw him in Pocket D. As if the pink battle armor wasn't disturbing enough on its own, it was the fact that it was only HALF of a suit! The bottom half was nowhere to be found. He's barefoot in tighty whiteys! Good god, man! Put on some PANTS!
And then I read the bio...
No... Just... NO... Not going there, man. Just not going there... that's a dark and lonely place...-Logan
"Wake up! Time for SCIENCE!"
-Adam Savage
"Pariah Carey" is becoming wallpaper for me. No question.
I've teamed with Dr. Trippy. Or someone much like him. That was, forgive me, a trip.
I love the label on "Spuzzinator": "Immature RPer". Think about it. This guy is roleplaying a guy who roleplays immaturely. That's deliciously twisted.
-- Bob
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