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Wide is about to ding into the range for the end-game task forces, giving us more fun things to do with Wide, Min, Bella, etc.
So. as I have Tuesday and Friday off.... Hows about some Shadow shard tf-ing? VEG, 'sides, should let Min ding 50 quicker
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WAH! I have to work Tuesday night! WAH!
You're an awful person to be tempting me with another bar towards 50 Foxboy. Awful awful awful ;-)
Catch ya Friday! -C-
I'd be good for Tuesday. I suggest skipping the Dr. Quarterfield Shadow Shard TF though, it takes FOREVER.--
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If you become a monster to put down a monster you've still got a monster running around at the end of the day and have as such not really solved the whole monster problem at all.