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So, His Lovely Wife and Foxboy grabbed me today. They asked if I'd consider starting a new toon on Justice.
"Why?" I asked.
Well, they explained, you know how Wide Receiver and Minuet Mac Hine are getting married? So eventually, they're gonna have kids, right?
So, flick the clock forward on the Alt-U of Justice. And there's Iluvia (Maureen Heisman), and her twin brother, whose name I forget. Then there's George Heisman (who wears a baseball costume). And Marie, named after Aunt Jackie. In RP, we also established Troy as the youngest (he's six).
Then there's Mackenzie "Mac" Heisman. 12-year-old girl. And mad scientist.
[Image: macheisman.jpg]
Think about it. It makes sense. I mean, Minuet and her siblings were all genetically engineered. Some things must run in the family...
Her shoulder-kitty is Igor, by the way.
And now...
50 Things Mackenzie Heisman is no longer allowed to do:
1. Troy is my little brother, not my "personal lab rat".
2. I am not allowed to experiment on any of my siblings.
2b. Even George.
3. I can't experiment on George because he's my brother...not because "PETA complained".
4. I am not allowed to create new life.
4a. Especially not in the school chemistry lab.
4b. Or in Mom's kitchen.
5. I should not encourage Troy to become the next Superball.
5a. Even if Uncle Superball likes the idea.
5b. Especially if Uncle Superball likes the idea.
6. Those fools in elementary school did not mock my genius, and I will not show them all.
7. I am not God.
7a. I do not play him on television.
8. I am not Washu.
9. Marie's old Barbie dolls are her property, not my minions.
10. I am not allowed to have minions.
11. My curfew does not count as oppression by the Man.
12. Dr. Vahzilok is not my mentor.
12a. Neither is Dr. Hamidon Pasalima.
13. I am not the Clockwork Princess.
13a. Or the Nemesister.
12b. Definitely not Lady Recluse.
14. Statesman is not the "Great Satan", and I should stop insisting that he is.
15. My hero license is for fighting crime, not personal profit.
15a. My allowance is not seed money.
15b. I do not qualify for government grants.
15c. Not allowed to secure independent funding.
16. Igor is my cat. He is not my lab assistant.
16a. Or my second-in-command.
16b. He cannot deputize for me in emergency situations.
17. I should not tell people that Igor is smarter than them.
17a. Even if it's true.
18. I am not a Servitor of Vapula, Demon Prince of Technology.
18a. I do not go to Church. I am not a Calvinist. I am not a Calvin-and-Hobbesianist.
18b. Not allowed to convert people to my "religion".
19. I do not work for Malta.
20. Dissections are only allowed with parental supervision.
21. Fight now, autopsy later.
22. Yes, it is my fault.
22a. If Mom asks, I do not have the right to remain silent.
23. As a costumed hero, I do not rob from the rich and give to the poor.
23a. I am not poor.
23b. I am supposed to fight crime, not "conduct field tests".
24. Being protective of my siblings is a good thing, but I am not "the only one allowed to hurt them".
25. I am not a real doctor.
25a. I am not a professional, and should not tell people to trust me.
26. My homeroom teacher is not a Rikti in disguise, and I must stop reporting him to Vanguard.
27. My bedroom is not an independent nation.
27a. I do not have diplomatic immunity.
28. I am not allowed to take over the world.
28a. Even if I promise to be a benevolent dictator.
29. I cannot wear my nuclear thinking cap to school.
29a. I am not allowed to blow up the school building.
29b. It was not an accident the last time.
30. Citadel is a respected member of the Freedom Phalanx. I should not try to pirate his brain.
31. The MAGI vault does not have an "open door policy".
31a. No, really.
31b. I am not allowed to take souvenirs.
31c. "It followed me home" is not an excuse.
31d. Even if it really did.
32. Drugs are to be bagged as evidence, not "free samples".
33. Devouring Earth spores are not "nice flowers for Mom's garden".
34. Dad is not the "Big Boss".
35. Or "Mein Fuhrer".
35. "I have modified my body to photosynthesize" is not an excuse for missing meals.
36. Dad wants peace and quiet when the big game is on. He does not want me to tell him I've dismantled the TV.
36a. Again.
37. My lab is in the basement. I am not allowed to conduct experiments in the bathroom.
37a. Especially when someone's taking a shower.
37b. Even George.
38. Having a towel round my neck is not proof I'm "Level 20".
39. Ms. Liberty will not increase my security level in exchange for money.
39a. Or chocolate.
40. I am not a Kheldian in "child form".
41. I am not an Incarnate.
41. Even if I am "chaos incarnate".
42. The Freakshow does not have a junior division, and I should stop trying to start one.
43. Uncle Mace is not a good role model.
43a. Neither is Auntie Nogitsune.
43b. My role models should not include former villains.
43c. Even if I'm their favourite niece and they give me the best presents ever.
44. I can't use Auntie Nogitsune's presents until I'm 18.
44a. I shouldn't build a time machine to solve this problem.
45. I am not allowed to accept any scholarships from Aeon University.
45. Nor can I intern at Crey Industries.
45. Not allowed to launch a hostile takeover of Crey Industries.
46. Superadine is not a cure for cancer, and I did not "discover it"
47. I am not allowed to use Grandfather's cloning machine.
47a. Even if he offers to help.
47b. Mom and Dad don't need more kids.
47c. "We don't have a full football team yet" is not a good argument.
47d. Even if Dad agrees.
48. I am too young to drink.
48a. The fact that Pocket D is in another dimension and exempt from US laws is not a valid argument.
49. I cannot have a pony.
49a. Not in the name of science.
49b. There is no such thing as a cyborg unicorn.
50. I am Mackenzie Heisman, not Mac Mac Hine, Mad Mac Hine, or the Dark Lord Mackenzie of the Sith.
50a. Even if everyone agrees.

I pity her parents. I really do.
-- Acyl
There is the fact that Wide's father worked for Crey. He may still, but if so, he's forgotten his life as Chris Heisman and may be in his third clone body.
So "Mac" comes by her genius from both sides of the family.
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll

His Lovely Wife

I blame my bad sleeping habits because if I hadn't woken up so early on Sunday, Iluvia (Maureen, or as Mac says it Mau-REEEEN) would never have been created.
Anyway, for those who would like to RP the descendents of your heroes, you're very welcome to join us on Justice. Rev has already creathed Leisel Sawchyk (Thibor's daughter) aka Lethal Sawchyk. She's fun.
51. I should not tell people that Igor can talk, but the only word he knows is "meow".
52. Synthesising artificial testosterone does not count as "discovering boys".
52a. I do not know what that really means.
53. I can't build a giant robot until I'm old enough to drive.
54. Catgirls are not suitable specimens for experimentation.
54a. Even if "Atlas Park is lousy with them", and "nobody will miss one or two".
55. Portal Corp is not Stargate Command.
55a. I am not Jack O'Neill
56. Mom's jello is not a "Hami-O".
56a. I should not try to raid it.
56b. I am not allowed to slot it in George.
57. I must return all the police drones I "acquired".
57a. I can keep the Arachnos ones.
57b. But I shouldn't use them to harrass Maureen when she's hogging the bathroom.
58. I can have a piggy bank. Not an anonymous Swiss bank account.
59. I am not allowed on field trips to the Terra Volta Reactor.
59a. I have no idea what happened to the missing uranium.
60. I am not a Mastermind.
60a. Dad is a Tanker, not my Bruiser.
60b. My brothers are not Punks.
-- Acyl

The Hunterminator

*Is giggling on the floor, helpless to do anything*
*A while later, after regaining his composure*
This is so great, but none of my characters and potential characters are likely to have kids, so instead, I'll do the next best thing and consider that Yukiyo got too curious around a cloning machine and now, you have Yukini (From Yukiyo-ni or Yukiyo-2 if my understanding of Japanese numbers is correct and yes, I suck at names.)
Of course, she's going to have her own personality and, partly because she wants to understand where she's from, partly to distinguish herself from her mother and partly because no one she grew up around wanted another Yukiyo, she focuses on technology instead of magic.
So, you suddenly have a much less naive Yukiyo who understands technology, and classifies magic under "I won't even bother trying to make sense of that"
Of course, literally growing up in hell and around various people who consider violence to be a perfectly valid solution to most problems has given her a somewhat... odd outlook on life.
So, I'm thinking I'll make her a rifle/gadget blaster and, for some reason, I keep thinking that her and Mackenzie in the same team would suddenly cause a rather... large amount of chaos.
(The power set might very well be revised, I might make her into a controller instead, depends on how I'm feeling when I sit down to make her this evening.)
61. Yukini is my friend, not "my bitch".
61a. She is not my loyal and trusted right hand.
61b. Or the first recruit to my evil imperial army.
62. I am not Yukini's court sorcerer and grand vizer.
63. I am allowed to go to the mall. I am not allowed to go to the mall in another universe.
63a. Even if Yukini's mom gave us permission.
63b. Even if she's the one who took us to Portal Corp.
63c. Auntie Yukiyo is no longer allowed to give us permission.
-- Acyl


Mackenzie's been watching a little too much Dexter's Laboratory, hasn't she? [Image: tongue.gif]
Global: @Jimmy Amp
"Broad-minded is just another way of saying a fellow's too lazy to form an opinion." -- Will Rogers
64. "Dexter's Laboratory" is not government propaganda to slander child geniuses.
64a. I should not promote "Vahzilok's Lab" as an alternative TV series.
-- Acyl

The Hunterminator

You know, Yukiyo-ni sounds a lot like Yuki Oni and, unless I'm mistaken, that means snow demon.
So of course, considering that she's building her powers, Yukini would look at that, chuckle, and build devices to become an ice/ice controller or blaster (I can't remember if there are Ice powersets for controllers, I really hope so)
Anyway, for those who would like to RP the descendents of your heroes, you're very welcome to join us on Justice.
Mirami: *looks at Alexis, blushes purposefully*
Alexis: Mirami, biologicals and holograms aren't reproductively compatible...
#43c reminds me of the bits of the relationship I've defined between Eri and Anire... '.'
(I also wonder what "Auntie Nogitsune's presents" are...)
"I can keep the Arachnos ones."
I love that one.
-Morgan."I have no interest in ordinary humans. If there are any aliens, time travelers, or espers here, come sleep with me."
---From "The Ecchi of Haruhi Suzumiya"
-----(Not really)
Liesel is the second child of Thibor Sawchyk and Cammy Hoyle. Her brothers Doru and William are full fledged hereditary Sawchyk werewolves (it only passes through the male line). While Cammy tried diligently to raise her daughter as a refined and proper lady (while not neglecting SAS style training on unarmed combat, firearms, survival and tactics), growing up with two wolfish brothers and an Alpha wolf papa has left Liesel with a few bad habits that have well dogged her.

Sorry kid; no one gets it without ID. The bouncer stared down from his six foot, five inch height, secure in the knowledge that he could overpower through sheer physical magnificence the cluster of teens that gathered about him.
Liesel Lethal Sawchyk called a huddle, urging Mac Heisman, and Maureen Iluvia Heisman to group together. They whispered back and forth for a few moments before straightening up.
We have licenses. Iluvia pulled a card and reached up to hold the card in front of the Bouncers face. Were heroes and were here to stop a rumble between the Skulls and the Hellions; let us in please.
The bouncer considered this for a moment. They were certainly dressed like heroes, but hero fashion was all the rage among teens, so he couldnt rely on that. The ID was probably faked. There was no way he was going to let them in. Furthermore his testicles had just leapt from the dangling position they normally occupied to a location that felt like it was just below his kidneys. He collapsed, falling down to his knees, bringing his head in line with his assailant. The tiny blonde girl could have fit into one of his pants legs, but it was undoubtedly her foot, encased in a heavy, steel toed, boot that had brought him down to eye level. Her cute features were marred by a long scar that snaked across her cheek. She smiled at him. He smiled back, his teeth grinding together. His smile was pained, but hers was absolutely lupine and it grew suddenly closer. Faster. Her forehead smashed into his nose with an audible crack; the pain was extreme, and it doubled as her head retreated, only to be replaced by a rising knee that generated a series of smaller cracks that were no less painful that the original one. As the world faded to black the bouncer managed to justify a single good outcome of the event. They had not gotten past him without his permission. Sure they were going to walk past his unconscious body, but he could hardly be blamed for that.
Um, was that legal? Maureen looked aghast as Liesel pulled out a tissue and fastidiously wiped the small smear of blood from the knee of her leather, camouflage, pants.
If you are playing by the Marquis of Queensbury rules, no. Lethal admitted. It was duplicitous, unfair and the mark of a complete and utter rotter who has never, ever, fought a fair fight in her life. That would be me.
Have you ever considered a career as a minion? Mac asked; casually stooping to snatch up the discarded, bloody Kleenex. Perhaps stupidity had an identifiable genetic component; it might make an interesting paper. Perhaps it could be duplicated or even loaded as a vector in a virus. Troy was only six, no one would notice, at least not initially.
Well, we might as well go in. Maureen stepped around the prone bouncer. Mac and Liesel followed, carefully not avoiding stepping on the bouncer.
* * *
Elisabeth Charlotte Marta Lethal Sawchyk paused, cocking her head and sniffing the air; trying to figure out where the bad guys were. It didnt do any good; it wasnt fair. Papa said that fair was where you went on the pony rides. Papa was also seven feet tall, almost completely invulnerable, smelled it when you were lying and could in a moment of levity, juggle tanks. That was hardly fair. A wolfish smile crossed Liesels features. She might not be a Sawchyk hereditary werewolf like her brothers, but she wasnt a bitch you ever wanted to mess with. Mamas genes had passed on significantly increased reflexes, hyper-dense muscular tissue, and the ability to heal injury without trace. Liesel wasnt quite as fast, but her ability to heal might be even stronger, not quite werewolf speed, but close. There were other benefits too. There was a great deal of old magic on Papas side of the family; the good stuff. Gypsy curses, the evil eye and several quite unmentionable things, at least one of them employing a duck. Great-mama had doted on all her grandchildren, but Evil Aunt Marta had all but ignored her until, at age five, she had placed a curse of Doru in a moment of sibling rivalry fuelled anger. Lethal had gone from utterly ignored to Aunties favorite status in a second; and Evil Aunt Marta had even started talking to Mama; an occurrence that shocked the entire family, given that the two had not exchanged a civil word in almost five years.
Lethal had heard the term Army brat; that didnt sound very good. IST brat on the other hand was great fun. Sure you moved around a lot, but you saw the whole world, and if Mama and Papa were going to be gone for a long deployment, there was the Sawchyk estate in Romania. It was always exciting, she had her own horses there, Great-mama and Evil Auntie Marta were teaching her new tricks and Great-Great-Papa Christonel had even let her practice with Eisengrim. The sword was a family heirloom and a very efficient killer of supernatural evil; Evil Auntie Marta had even taught her a trick where she could transform it into a silver ring and then return it to full size with a thought. The estate was a great place to spend summer. Sure there was a vampire attack once in a while, but that was exciting too. Great-Great-Papa might have been pushing 120, but he could still tear a bloodsucker in half with his bare claws all the while bemoaning that he had to use both when thirty years earlier one would have sufficed.
When Doru and William had expressed interest in joining IST, Lethal had known in a second that rebellion dictated that she do something else entirely. Tia Bella and Auntie Jackie were still in Paragon, and wouldnt mind if family crashed on their couches. It was a perfect plan; sneak out in the middle of the night, catch a lift to the airport and she would be off. She had her passport, a knapsack stuffed with her favorite clothes, and enough cash to make a good start of things. The plan went perfectly wrong. She snuck out in the middle of the night, was met at the door by three well-packed suitcases and the papers documenting a generous trust fund in her name. Then Mama and Papa drove her to the airport where Uncle Louie met them and flew her to Paragon. It was maddening! It was also typical. Papa claimed he never brushed his teeth without a backup plan; and therefore his and Mamas contingency plans for dealing with a rebellious daughter were likely legion. This was doubly confirmed when she angrily thrust her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket and found a silver ring and a note from Great-Great-Papa. Eisengrim was to be hers for as long as she wanted; by succession it should have gone to Papa, but he had allowed it to fall into her hands.
Heroes! A pack of Hellions rounded the corner and spotted them. Lethal grinned and mouthed the counter hex. The ring on her hand was replaced by a glistening silver sword almost as tall as she was. She hefted the weight easily and charged forward.
Go! Go! Go! Danger Awaits! She bared her teeth in a dominant, challenging grim. The painted punks started howling; trying their hardest to sound like the very hounds of hell. That was fine with her. Hounds were domesticated; and had the all too obvious habit of pissing themselves when confronted by wolves. Tallyho!

The Hunterminator

Mmm... could someone help me a bit? I have a problem with determining how tall a kid around 12 would be.
Heights are screwy.
Lots of males are taller than they realistically should be.
Most females are shorter, likewise.
Mac is supposed to be 12, and 5 feet tall...which is reasonable for a girl going through puberty.
She's also the same height as Second Fade (Emily Etroica) - and Emily's supposed to be somewhat older. So go figure.
So I'd say somewhere between 4'5"-5'.
-- Acyl
She's also the same height as Second Fade (Emily Etroica) - and Emily's supposed to be somewhat older. So go figure.
As I believe I mentioned, I designed Em's character model thinking she was somewhat younger than she turned out to be. Long story short, you can expect her to go through about six inches worth of growth spurt as soon as I can either raise the cash or get ahold of a costume change token.
Ja, -n

"Puripuri puripuri... Bang!"
Abe Lincoln's not too likely to have kids... but there's another option. Granted, Mike "Warlock Wolf" Maxwell isn't actually a member YET, but this IS the future. [Image: smile.gif]
So, Mike and his renegade youma love B'dekka have a daughter, Victoria "Vicki" Maxwell, who's inherited a variant of her mother's electrokinetic powers (elec/elec blaster). Being half-youma and therefore needing a fairly high-mana environment, she's incapable of learning her father's style of magic (which requires living in near-zero-mana areas for years in order to develop extremely sensitive mage-sight).
Vicki, having been raised alongside her parents' friends and allies in both Paragon City and Tokyo, tends to think very solidly in magical-girl terms. She's relentlessly optimistic and firmly believes that Love and Justice will win out over anything... and so far it's working out for her.
She follows the "Lesser Senshi" tradition that's sprung up in Japan over the past ten years, in which novice heroines declare themselves Sailor (splat) despite neither actually being planetary guardians nor ever having met the actual Senshi... so Vicki is now Sailor Paragon, defender of Rhode Island!
[Image: SailorParagon.png]
Her shoulderkitty is Hercules Jr., son of Red Battler. He's part Earth cat, part mooncat, and sort of part youma, and some of her powers may actually be him lending a hand.
"Stop your evil ways, naughtyspawn!"
Sailor Paragon.
Genius. =)
As a side note, our supergroup on Justice is up and running...
[Image: macsg.jpg]
-- Acyl

The Hunterminator

15c. Not allowed to secure independent funding.
Mmm... looks like we'll have to keep this evening's activities *hush-hush* as they say.
Speaking of tonight's activities...
More list items! With thanks to George (Foxboy), Iluvia (His Lovely Wife), Lethal (Rev Dark), Emily (Valles), Ryan (Skye Valentine), and Yukini (Hunterminator).

65. Clockwork are not allowed in the house.
65a. They do not make good pets.
65b. "Toilet-trained" does not mean "trained to dismantle the toilet".
66. I have contacts, not a "secret intelligence network".
67. The restraining order says nowhere near Portal Corp.
68. The supergroup base is not my personal lair.
68a. Even if I built it.
68b. I am not allowed to decorate the base like Frankenstein's Castle.
68c. Or the Slytherin dungeons.
69. I am not allowed to cast my schoolmates in re-enactments of "Battle Royale" and "Lord of the Flies".
70. Mom has rules about breaking the Fourth Wall.
70a. I must fix it when I'm done.
71. George really is the MVP of his baseball team.
71a. MVP does not stand for Most Violent Primate.
71b. He is not George of the Jungle.
71c. George does not have monkey DNA.
71d. He does not want me to give him monkey DNA.
72. "Dance Dance Electrocution" is not a good idea for a video game.
72a. I should not use Clockwork parts in my console.
73. Tesla was not a misunderstood genius.
73a. I am not allowed to prove the world wrong by building a sixty-foot death ray.
74. Mom won't let me go to Japan.
74a. Japan won't let me go to Japan.
74b. I should apologise to the ambassador.
74c. They still won't let me in.
74d. They spend enough repairing Tokyo Tower as it is.
75. I am not a giant monster.
75a. I am not "Mac-zilla".
76. Not everything can be solved by greater firepower.
76a. No matter what Yukini says.
76b. I shouldn't listen to Yukini.
77. My supergroup rank is not "Tyrant".
77a. Even if it actually is.
77b. They shouldn't have let me name the ranks.
78. The Trolls would not make superb minions once brainwashed.
78a. They don't have brains to wash.
79. Igor does not have a PhD in Quantum Physics.
79a. His great-grandmother did not work with Dr. Schrdinger.
80. I am not allowed to dissect Ryan Valentine.
80a. Yukini and I are not "nearly a full doctor" between us.
-- Acyl
I want in.
I have no idea whose kid, yet, but I want in.
-- Bob
...The President is on the line
As ninety-nine crab rangoons go by...
You have no ideas, come on Bob, the closest thing I could do is make Mashiro de blan Windbloom, just out of the fact that the only character I'd actually do is the arteficially inseminated child of Shizuru and Natsuki.
Well, I went the child rout. Fear the evergrowing might of Fujino Mai. Ettuqiete, Motorcyles, and Fun. Hold the Mayo, yuck.When engaging, nothing beats a full frontal.
In the epic rage of furious thunder
legends create their tales
when the twilight calls and the dark lord falls
our glory will prevail

[Image: strikersetcfinal9_th.jpg]
Like Bob, I want into this.
Also like him, I've no idea how to do so, because *none* of my characters are the type to settle down and have kids...Without a word...
Also like him, I've no idea how to do so, because *none* of my characters are the type to settle down and have kids...
Couple things.
Firstly, it doesn't have to be the child of your character. My primary contribution to this bit of insanity is Mackenzie, and she's the daughter of Wide and Min.
Secondly, it doesn't have to be a child in the conventional sense. There's all kinds of potential craziness. A Crey clone, f'example. Time travel.
Heck, I just rolled Obsolete's "son".
See, what happened was...the Chinese military captured Obsolete.
Now, you gotta understand, Obsolete isn't simply a robot. She's a nuclear-powered mechanical...something...that's been running since the 1950s. She developed her own sentience. Hell, she developed her own soul.
And that's why they tried to replicate her. A project as much sorcery as engineering. "Metal" is one of the Chinese elements, after all.
The word for elemental metal also means "Gold". Gold is the quintessential metal, and to that they bound powerful magics, the finest machinery. Then they gave it life.
What the Chinese government didn't count on...
Obsolete is fershluggin' INSANE.
[Image: pirated.jpg]
Yeah. He's the "Pirated Copy". And yes, he's Chinese and Gold.
-- Acyl
Based on discussion earlier tonight: Do we assume that the Little Legends are living in the 2020's... or is Justice Server the home of the Earth-2 Legendary, who were big in the '80s, making LL the equivalent of Infinity Incorporated? ^.^
"I'm full of tinier men!"
Oh. Well, I kinda made one of those a *long* time ago... but I suppose I could remake E'lrynann on a new server.
Though thinking about it, I'd rather go as one of Min and Wide's kids Wink
-Though, also thinking, since two of my characters are already mother/daughter, is it possible to tack a third generation on there somewhere?-Without a word...
Yeah. He's the "Pirated Copy". And yes, he's Chinese and Gold.
But shouldn't that make him a Farmer? [Image: smile.gif]
"I don't speak your crazy moon language!"
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