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A couple of stories featuring my characters. The first is Reyshal (Grav/FF controller on Virtue) and was written about a year ago. The second is a little shot of how Brahela (Fire/Ice blaster on Infinity) found a bit more of her Purpose and joined the Legendary. Bob, I've never met Evangelia in game so I've no clue how off my characterazation is from her actual personalty...

* * * * *
A Pirate's life

Weightless, floating in darkness...
No sight, no sound, no feeling...
Is this what it is like to die?
Perhaps... Perhaps that is just, then, for I failed them...
Where are you, my crew? Dantos, Yiin, Corluha? Are you here? Will you greet me, as you did before? Or will you scorn me, now that I have led you to your deaths?
What is that? Light? Is it growing closer? Or am I falling towards it?
Voices... but the tongue is not Salderan. Neither is it Erridos.
And that smell... antiseptic?
What is going on? Am I truly dead? Or did the Omnisentient trap me somehow?
I will not be held so easily!
* * * * *
Dr. Ray Miller looked over, distracted from the stat sheet by both the nurses call and the suddenly insistent beeping of the machines monitoring the patient. A patient, he noted, that was no longer still, like she had been since arrival here. He rushed to the nurses side, and began aiding her to hold down the patients wildly flailing arms.
He had just been able to catch her flailing hand, when his hold was suddenly reversed. Shocked, he looked up at her face, and saw her eye glaring at him.
She suddenly surged up from the bed, throwing both him and the nurse off balance. He was able to catch himself before falling, but she was out the door before he steadied himself. He reached down to his wrist, and hit the red button on his watch.
Immediately, sirens started to blare, signaling a possibly violent patient on the loose.
* * * * *
A maze of white corridors, people startled by my passing. I move them from my path with either a slight pull away, or else my shield deflects them from my approach.
I see now men clothed in blue, with bludgeons in their hands they approach, but they do not reach me, either pulled from my way, or shoved aside.
* * * * *
It was not the first time she had come here, but this time was different. She felt almost compelled to come, a sure sign that the Elohim needed her here. She also had the feeling that this wasnt going to be a simple thing, like comforting the sick. She came here often enough on her own to do that.
She was startled when a loud, blaring alarm went off, and turned in place looking for its source. Down the long hall, she saw someone running, but the details were difficult to ascertain, due to both the people in the way and a strange, glowing shield that surrounded her.
Stop her! Stop her! she heard shouted.
The fleeing woman broke through a pair of guards, and headed straight for her. She looked into the womans face, and saw fear, panic, but most of all, determination. She felt as though something were plucking her shirt, pulling her away, but she concentrated and shouted directly into the womans mind.
As she did this, she felt the pull increase, and was suddenly falling backwards, away from the woman, whos face had suddenly blanked out. The woman stumbled, and fell, the shield around her fading.
Psi Angel sighed, the unconscious woman lying on her lap. Her grey skin highlighted her short blue hair, her left eye slowly closing as her face smoothed out.
This, Angel said, might be some trouble.
* * * * *
So... Who is she?
Dr. Miller sighed. We dont know. The mystics at M.A.G.I. said that there had been a great disturbance in the mana flows of the city, and they pinpointed it to Circle Island, in Talos Zone. When they sent a few heroes to investigate, they found her, badly burned and unconscious with those damn Thorns trying to apprehend her. The Thorns were scared away, and the heroes brought her here. Shes been lying comatose for nearly a week now. The first time she woke up was this morning, and you know the result of that. M.A.G.I. cant tell us anything about her besides the fact that she probably comes from a different universe. D.A.T.A. says shes not human, but close enough both physically and genetically that shes pretty much indistinguishable. Her right eye... well, its been gone for a long time: two years at a minimum. Scars indicate that shes no stranger to battle, but she was probably a slave at one point, again, a long time ago. If she were human, Id say she would be around twenty-five. But... with all the immortals that are running around these days, who can say for sure? He sighed, and looked into the new room that they had placed her in. She was still unconscious, but they had taken extra precautions that she not get away the next time she woke up.
Psi Angel shook her head. You think I can talk with her when she wakes up?
Miller looked over at him. Truthfully, were pretty certain she doesnt speak English. But if you want... he waved towards the woman.
Angel sighed, and reached out to touch the glass between her and the unknown woman. The language of the mind speaks all, doctor.
* * * * *
I hear a strange whiiring sound, and occasional beeps when next I wake. I can feel the restraints that have been placed on me and I know I will not be able to break them. There is someone in the room. I can feel the heat from their skin on my arm. I take a shallow breath, and open my eye, looking to my left, where I see a woman sitting in a chair. The room is filled with strange artifacts, so I ignore it for now. The woman is important. She has this strange half smile on her face, as if she know much more than she would ever reveal.
Dantos said I had that smile sometimes...
:Its alright. Cry if you want.:
I gasp, she can read my mind?!
The woman gives a full smile now, :You dont need to worry about anything. Youre safe now, but from what weve found, you are probably very, very far from home.:
I close my eye, and sigh. I was far from home before I came here. Who are you?
:So you dont speak English, do you? That didnt sound like any language Ive ever heard. As for who I am... you can call me Psi Angel. Now, what are you called?:
I look at her again. Impossible.
* * * * *
Psi Angel blinked. She had heard both the aural sound, but also the meaning behind that sound. Reisaoll, she tried to say.
The other woman snorted. Reyshal, she stated again.
Angel shook her head. Reyshaol.
Reyshals eye closed halfway. Angel got the feeling that while it wasnt close enough, she would tolerate it for now.
* * * * *
Psi Angel looked over at her companion. Yes, Rey?
Reyshal frowned at the nickname, but sighed and said slowly, I have been reading about this world, and its troubles. You help those troubles, yes?
Angel nodded. I do. So do many other heroes in this city and around the world.
They have power, yes? Reyshal asked.
Yes, but there are those who dont, who work to help those in need as well. She smiled, remembering the soup line in Father Macs parish. Why do you ask?
The grey skinned woman looked over at her. Back where I am from, there was a very bad group called the Senshikki. They held control of a great deal of land and people. I was an outlaw to them, but a... hero... to the people. I want to keep doing what I was doing. For myself, and... for memory. She looked down for a moment, but when her eyes met Psi Angels, the Elohim saw a deeply seated fire burning. I will return to my world someday. I will avenge those who died for me.
Psi Angel nodded, looking warily at the visible waves of gravity surrounding Reyshals fists. Im sure that one day youll find your way back. But for now, Youll probably need to train. That... Synseikky... doesnt sound like an easy opponent.
Reyshal nodded. Yes. I need to learn much.
Angel thought for a moment, then smiled. I think I should introduce you to someone. His name is Morales. I think he can help you a lot...

* * * * *
* * * * *
Moving on

She sighed, taking off her glasses and rubbing her eyes, pausing for a momentary break from the computer screen in front of her.
"Yeesh, I wouldn'ta thought English Lit would mean studying seven books online," she shook her head ruefuly. "Whatever happened to wood pulp and oil inks?" Laughing softly at her joke, she put her glasses down on the coffee table and stood from the couch she had been reclining on.
She streched out, reaching her arms above and behind her head and standing on the balls of her feet. She held the pose for a ten count, then slowly relaxed, luxuriating in the soft burn from her muscules protesting movement after so long stationary. She padded over to the window looking out over the rising highways of Skyway City.
She had been extremely lucky to find this apartment, so close to the Talos tunnel, especaily when the limited liquid cash she possesed was mainly going to her schooling at Paragon U.
"Who'da thought a mere five months of heroing would bag me enough to set me up for college." She glanced over at the laptop lying on the table, and resisted the urge to check her money. While she had played fast and loose with the little cash she had possesed before coming to Paragon, most of it was now tied up in CDs, long term/high gain loans, and slow-growth stocks, much like the ones she had set up for Mrs. Willow.
She grinned slightly at the thought of the formidible old woman who had nigh bullied her into accepting her powers and coming to Paragon. They still kept up a passing correspondence, writing letters back and forth every few weeks. It was interesting reading about Mrs. Willow's reactions to the changes she herself had gone through.
Although, looking back on it... she sometimes suprised herself.
Going from an introverted, closeted teen afraid to show her face, to blossoming into a prototype hero under Mrs. Willow, to fighting in Paragon City and gaining twenty five security levels in five months, then moving herself to the inactive register and taking college classes for a year and a half, to...
Glancing through the door to her bedroom and seeing the reflective glint of her holographic security clearance ID, she sighed, remembering how she, in a fit of annoyance and desperation, took out a heavily armed Malta Titan in defence of the innocent studens of the university. One simple act to have her recognised by the city, the media, and...
Her mother, who she had thought dead for over a decade.
She swallowed the lump in her throat at the memory, and leaned back against the windowsill. The woman had come up to her after all the hulabaloo had died down that day, stopping ten paces off, but still seemingly drawn to her. She had looked at the woman, and even though they both were so physicaly different from what they had been when they parted so long ago, it had taken only two words from the woman to confirm that yes, this was her mother.
"'My 'Lise...'" she murmured, her voice catching even as her mother's had on that day.
* * * * *
"My 'Lise..." The woman murmured, shaking her head slightly, her platinum hair swaying. "My darling daughter... What heights have you attained? How could you have come here? Please tell me that Mark... that your father... didn't find it...."
The younger dipped her head, shining blue hair shifting forward in its ponytail. "He didn't. I did. I found the Well of Innocence... Four years after you... died?"
"Not dead... the lab accident, the new Portal system collapsed, and I was thrown into another dimention. That place... Darkness covers it." She guestured at her skin, deepest black but sprinkled with pinpricks of white, like stars at midnight. "I was recovered about two and a half years ago. I registered to be a hero under a nickname of mine..." The woman looked into her daughter's eyes. "Do you think... that its possible that...?"
She swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded. "Yes... Oh, Mother..."
* * * * *
"The end of a fairy tale? Hardly, I think." She snorted. "More like the begining of a new chapter." Glancing over at her ID again, she scowled at the paperwork lying beneath it. The letters of complaint from the Department of Super-Powered Affairs had been silenced by Statesman's declaring her 'A Hero above and beyond the norm'. Unfortunatly, that only extended her fifteen minutes of fame, and the offers for TV appearances, newspaper interveiws, and supergroup applications came flooding in.
* * * * *
She had unceremoniusly dropped the entire day's mail in the trash, de-listed her phone, and stopped answering the door.
It had been three days after the furor had died down when another knock came to her door. She had answered the door with the intention of telling off whoever dared invite her to *one* *more* *supergroup*.
What she had found was a girl who looked about two years older than her own apparent age, dressed casualy in a blouse and slacks. The girl had tilted her head to the side slightly, then asked, "Elizabeth Glorien?"
She still wasn't sure how, but the girl had gotten herself invited in, presented tea, and was sitting on her couch before she was quite sure of her name. "Raye Langley. You've had a rough few days, haven't you?"
"Yah. Heroes just can't take 'no' for an answer. I'm on the inactive line. Can't do anything while I'm on it." She rolled her eyes and glared out the window.
Langely smiled and sipped her tea carefuly. "I was under the impression that you were re-upped after your stunt at the university. That's what had everyone after you, you know. All of them were expecting another great show."
"A 'show'? I shoulda given 'em a show and set their rears on fire to move along." She rolled her eyes and looked over to her guest. "Sorry, but was there something ya came by for?"
"Acctualy, I'm here for probably the same reasons as those you want to set fire to." The girl set her cup down and folded her arms. "I told you my name is Raye Langley. I also go by Evangelia. I came here... 'of the clock' you might say, to show you that SG's aren't all 'duty and honor'." She smiled slightly. "Though I am partial to the whole 'Love and Justice' theme." Drawing a thin packet of paper out of her pocket and laid it on the tabel, she said, "I'm not begging. I'm not demanding. I'm just offering a place to rest, be among friends, and maybe cut loose every once in a while." She stood, nodded, and let herself out.
* * * * *
"And here I am, staring at a peice of paper, wondering at a choice," she sighed.
She had brought her ID and the paperwork out to the couch, and was staring at the bottom line, ready for her to sign her name.
"Its not like its really gonna change anything, right?" she growled, grabbing her pen and marking the line with a flourish. She sighed, "Well, that's that. Congratualtions, Brahela. Welcome to the Legendary."Without a word...
Bob, I've never met Evangelia in game so I've no clue how off my characterazation is from her actual personalty...
I've played her very unevenly -- an unfortunate consequence of her starting out as a "joke" character and then evolving into something more. Your brief portrayal works for me -- it seems to be pretty much what everyone seems to see in Eva, which I have no problems with.
The story is pretty cool, especially the little "alternate universe" versions of various anime icons. I take it Reyshal is some kind of analogue to Rei Ayanami -- which means that when she meets Emi Arizona, there should be some mutual confused eyeballing going on. And the Senshi as a regime of tyrannical villains...
One note -- it's "Circe" island, named for the sorceress of Greek myth.
-- Bob
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The story is pretty cool, especially the little "alternate universe" versions of various anime icons
Okaaay... Bob, your comment had me confused as hell as to where you found an anime connection in there. I looked back over at Rey's description, and found that I probably wasn't using enough adjectives...
"Her grey skin highlighted her short blue hair, her left eye slowly closing as her face smoothed out."
Rey's skin is a dark, slate grey, and her hair's more purple than blue. Guess I need to reword that.
Thanks for pointing out Circe Island. I never went back and checked my first guess. (Which was a long, long time ago.)Without a word...
Ah. I thought you were playing word games and doing lawyer-friendly cameos. The name of Reyshal's enemies at "home" also looks suspiciously like a mutated form of "Senshi".
I guess I just have anime on the brain.
-- Bob
...The President is on the line
As ninety-nine crab rangoons go by...