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Full Version: *POOF* goes the schedule... dammit...
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I knew this was coming, but now that I'm out of training classes at my job, my schedule has gone from a normal 9-5 Mon-Fri schedule to a 3 PM - 12 AM Wednesday through Sunday schedule. So other than on Mondays and Tuesdays I'm going to be more or less completely unavailable except for the graveyard schedulers.-Logan
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I agree, not the best schedule. BUT on a good note...if you're still awake after midnight, and if I remember, you're on the west coast....you could still be playing when us early birds on the east coast - which I think I may be the only one - are on.
Then again, there's also Acyl. He's in his own timezone issue though. :-)
Sorry, trying to look at the positives. [Image: ohwell.gif]
Yeah...these days, in a year...I'm either at school in London, or I'm back home for holidays in Singapore.
's possible I might catch you if you...hm, play before work, or somethin' like that.
Seriously, tho, in my experience, there's always SOMEBODY playing CoH at any given hour. 'specially on the populated servers like Virtue and Freedom.
I'd recommend checking out a few global channels for networking purposes. VirtueUnited's good. Then there's Australia - that channel, obviously, was started by Aussies, but it's grown to encompass generally everyone in non-US timezones and offpeak playtimes.
There's some other 'graveyard shift' global channels, but I forget what they're called.
-- Acyl


Well I work 3rd shift, so on my days off you can usually find me on at that time.
Right. As I said, there's folks with all sorts of weird schedules, so if you really want to play, there shouldn't be a problem.
I'm fairly sure, since I spent a couple years working weird shifts. Like, I'd be working early morning one day, then two evening shifts, then a morning shift...and so on.
Playing with the supergroup will be tough...but pick-up groups aren't that bad, are they? [Image: wink.gif]
(Now, the effects of weird shifts on your regular life, on the other hand...I never realised how much of a toll that was ringing on me until after I finished...and went back to relatively normal sleep patterns. >_o)
-- Acyl
As for weird shifts, I work graveyard, so I usualy play 0800-1200 most days. Soloing isn't so bad after awhile...Without a word...