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Full Version: On the EU servers: The Death Badger 500
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This sounds like a bunch of fun.
The Death Badger 500
Join the first ever Death Badger 500 race next week!
Next Wednesday, 22 November, we will be holding the first ever Death Badger 500 across all the European City of Heroes servers. A variation on the classic Death Race concept that sees Level 1 characters racing across Paragon City, the Death Badger 500 also requires you to pick up some exploration badges along the way.
To take part in the race, youll need to create a new character and be at Back Alley Brawler in Galaxy City on the evening of Wednesday 22 November. The Death Badger 500 will start promptly at 7pm GMT on Union or Zukunft and 8pm GMT on Defiant or Vigilance, so we would recommend that Death Badgers arrive at least 15 minutes before those times. This race is for Heroes only, but if all goes to plan, the next Death Badger 500 will take place in the Rogue Isles.
There are some strict rules to taking part, so if you are going to come and face the challenge please make sure you abide by them, as we (and our GMs) will be watching! Read on for the full rules and details of the route that the race will be taking
The Rules

All Death Badgers must be Level 1.
Kheldians are not allowed to enter.
The Force Field power set is not allowed.
All travel must be done on foot - trains, Supergroup bases, and other such shortcuts are not allowed.
Pocket D may be used, but it must be entered on foot - see below.
Death Badgers are not allowed to make use of the Good vs. Evil jetpack or Pocket D Gold Card teleport power during the race.
Enhancements and Inspirations are allowed.
Death Badgers may not have any Exploration badges before the event.
Death Badgers may not receive any aid from characters not taking part in the race. This means no heals, no buffs, no debuffs on enemies, no tanking or herding of enemies, no teleports, and no aid of any other kind. Death Badgers are not allowed to join groups before or during the race.
Please note that we will check the logs of the winner and we will be able to see if he cheated or not.
If you get buffed by someone else shout it out loud in the broadcast channel and send a /tell to the character that overviews the event (Bridger, Amboss or Midoh, depending on the server).
Spectators are welcome, but please do not interfere in the race in any manner.
The Route
The Death Badger 500 will begin at Back Alley Brawler in Galaxy City and end inside the Icon store in Founders Falls. Players will have to collect a specific Exploration badge in every zone along the way, apart from Galaxy City itself, as follows:
Back Alley Brawler, Galaxy City (start)
Kings Row (must collect the Smokey Exploration badge)
Skyway City (must collect the Solace Exporation badge)
Talos Island (must collect the Minotaur Exploration badge)
Founders Falls (must collect the Chaotician Exploration badge)
Founders Falls Icon store (finish)
The first Death Badger to arrive inside the Founders Falls Icon store with all four Exploration badges will win the race!
The Prizes
As well as fame, fortune and the admiration of their fellow Death Badgers, The winner of the Death Badger 500 will receive a special in-game title for the character of their choice, a special title for their message board account, and an exclusive first edition of Issue #1 of the City of Heroes comic from Top Cow, signed by none other than Statesman, Positron and Manticore!
If you have any questions about the Death Badger 500, let us know in the announcement thread on the official message boards.

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You've got to be kidding.
-- Bob
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Nope. Seen footage on youtube of something similar in World of Warcraft. It was a death race of level 1 Gnomes from the Gates of Ironforge to the Gates of Stormwind. Probem - the land route there goes through level 45-60 territory. -Logan
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Yeah, the first couple of badges look to be in sorta-rough territory, too. Lots of spawns around them. The one in Talos is easy, just run straight out of the gate into the water and swim to the statue. The one in Founders might be a pain because it's in sniper territory.
Can you imagine if they did this on Freedom or Virtue? It'd be like a lemming stampede of lowbies running through. [Image: roll.gif]
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"Broad-minded is just another way of saying a fellow's too lazy to form an opinion." -- Will Rogers
This almost sounds like it has the hilarity potential of -both- Cannonball Run movies.
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All we need is an Adrienne Barbeaubot in a Lamborghini for it to be complete... [Image: pimp.gif]
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"Broad-minded is just another way of saying a fellow's too lazy to form an opinion." -- Will Rogers