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Full Version: Possible Infamous Coalition
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His Lovely Wife

Well, Marag Kesh made a friend yesterday, I know, who'd a thunk it. If someone could be on the look out for Side-winder, he's a good rper who was looking into his own VG and might be interested in a coalition with The Infamous. Yes I did try and invite him, he wanted to do his own thing.
He was level 7 when I saw him at Mikey the Ear.
In other news. I met this pair upon logging in and was VERY impressed with thier costumes. I think they were both MMs. There certainly seemed to be a lot of ninjas around anyway. And I just realized I never read thier bios.
What a pair
Let me look through my notes and I'll try and remember thier names.
ETA: Sephseraph and Sephiseraph. Sorry, don't remember whose who. Cool concept though!


Speaking of possible coalitions...
A couple of friends and I have a small VG on Virtue, Profit Incorporated. It's a small group of like-minded mercenaries, but we have a functioning base and recently recruited a few more players. If the Infamous would be interested in a Coalition, let me know.
(We also have a SG, Phoenix, but there's no base, and I can't invite at the moment.)
@Render / Badb (Legendary) / Lead Poisoning (Profit Inc.) / Faraday (Phoenix)
Hey, Render, welcome to the forums! I just spotted your first message up in the Players and Characters thread, and I was wondering if you are (as many recent folks were) a long-time lurker, or you've wandered in because of the Legendary?
-- Bob
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Thanks. I'm here because of the Legendary... been lurking on the forums for a while, finally got around to posting something.
Seemed like the thing to do, returning from a month of hardly being able to play the game.
A little of both, then. Cool. Well, we're glad to have you, and I hope you find the rest of the forums to your liking.
-- Bob
...The President is on the line
As ninety-nine crab rangoons go by...
Indeed, welcome Render.
(Render's an old friend of mine from back when AmberMUSH was our favorite mode of entertainment...)
Can someone on the Infamous extend an invite to Kagetsuki Misao?
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