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Full Version: If anyone spots...
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...Spark of Compassion on Virtue, could they please offer her membership in the Legendary? She's Kat Avins' new toon, and she's expressed a desire for an invite. I couldn't do it because I was running all of last night with her using a brand new non-SG toon, X-Ray Ted.
You might want to also keep an eye out for Stone Fellow and Killer Kitsune (Joe Avins and Scott Pinkham, respectively), and offer them, as well.
-- Bob
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I've invited Spark of Compassion.
But the SG was full, so I had to kick the most idle character on the roster to make room.
That was Desiree Skye, a level 23...I think...Peacebringer. 99 days idle.
I sent an in-game e-mail about this to the character, but if you're Skye's player and want to yell at me here, feel free to do so. =P
Onyx Razor and Nyghtingale are also 99 days idle currently.
Room is becoming a distinct problem in the SG once again.
It's possible we may need a blanket call for people to either voluntarily remove their inactive or lesser-played alts from the SG. I did this myself a while back, so I'm down to just three heroes in the Legendary (Syndesis, Superball, and Space Mage).
Or...I dunno.
Maybe we should set up that Legendary Reserves SG we were talking about, and coalition with the main group so we can use the base. I've got a couple alts who are high level enough to start a new SG on Virtue. So does Cindy, I think.
The devs have said they're looking into granting us more room for SG rosters, linking it to 75 accounts rather than 75 characters. But there's no ETA on when such a change will be implemented, if at all. Positron mentioned it, but only in very tentative terms.
-- Acyl
Ran into Killer Kitsune as well, but I figured I shouldn't...y'know, kick someone else just fifteen minutes after. >_>;
So yeah, roster cleanup decisions needed.
-- Acyl
Writer's Workshop exists: my self-avatar on Virtue is one of the three members, and we're coalitioned. IIRC there IS a LEgendary Reserves SG held by one of the Mac Hines
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I just dropped Sen-Sen Mew-Mew from the Legendary to free up a space.
Happy hauntings,
Thanks everyone. I'd rather folks not drop characters if we can legitimately remove inactive people first, but if you've done it, you have my gratitude.
-- Bob
...The President is on the line
As ninety-nine crab rangoons go by...