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Full Version: Powers Question
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Does anyone know whether Mastermind minions can be affected by -- and, if so, are smart enough to take advantage of -- Group Fly?
I'm not sure I'd take it if not. But it would be cool for the King to have a squadron of Zombies of the Stratosphere. [Image: smile.gif]
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They can indeed, although I've heard if you go to far they start to fall behind and drop out of the area of effect. I don't know how much they'd take advantage of it in a combat situation though.--
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If you become a monster to put down a monster you've still got a monster running around at the end of the day and have as such not really solved the whole monster problem at all. 
Excellent. I'll have to do some experimenting when I get it... but one of these days, a flying Blaster in Bloody Bay is going to have a most unpleasant surprise. [Image: wink.gif] Thanks!
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You're going to be point-clicking a lot. The most efficient way to use group fly is to activate the power and follow one of your group. This keeps you in range better.
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So... set myself to autofollow one of the zombie minions, then tell it to go somewhere?
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I'm guessing what he means is setting yourself to autofollow a zombie, and then telling all your pets to go somewhere...they tend to stick in a fairly close bunch when you issue a group Goto order.
Hell, if you make this a regular thing...you could do something like...um...
/bind lshift+lbutton "petcom_all Goto"
I think.
Which should let you just issue pet move orders by holdin' the left shift key and clicking with the left mouse button. Assuming you don't already have that bound to something else, like teleport. In which case you could use control-click or somesuch...
-- Acyl