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Anyone who wants to use Evangelia or any other of my COH characterers in a COH story, consider yourselves given automatic permission. Just drop me a note and let me know, okay?
-- Bob
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His Lovely Wife

I second the motion!
Any of my characters in the Legendary or the ECL or Infamous are fair game for fanfic purposes.
Morgan Mac Hine, Minuet Mac Hine, Marianne Mac Hine and Fae Wree Tail in The Legendary
Sylvia Black, Meredith Mac Hine and Margaret Mac Hine in the ECL
Mace Mac Hine in the Infamous.

The Hunterminator

Well, I don't have many characters, but feel free to use my Virtue Characters. My characters in Liberty, however, I would prefer being asked first, since they are, for the most part, characters that I've roleplayed for a few years, and as such have a significant history and developed personality.
Oh, and also.
YOURE Fae Wree Tail. I was wondering who it was, I really like her, btw.

His Lovely Wife

Thank you. :-)
She needs to get out more. Meet more people, annoy them some more. Important things like that. :-)
I give permission to use any of my characters as well.
I've already got a basic description of some of Lora'Lai's quirks on the other thread.
Here's the other main character I'm developing over on the Infinity server in the ECL.
Stalnoy Volk
Level: 20
Technology - Blaster
Energy Blast - Energy Manipulation
After a mid-air collision and a faulty parachute deployment left him paraplegic, Mikhael Mitvol volunteered for a Soviet top-secret project. The scientists created a neural interface using nanocables to link his damaged nervous system to an experimental battlesuit, restoring his mobility and making him a fearsome combat machine.
The Soviets assigned Mikhael to the People's Legion under the codename Stalnoy Volk (Lit. "Steel Wolf"). For years, he was one of the Soviet Union's most prominent and visible superheroes. Happy in his new role, he ignored the obvious signs of decay in his team and country until just before both came crashing down.
When the Legion collapsed, he worked with the Russian Army, slowly becoming more and more disillusioned with the state of his country as it fell into corruption. He finally defected to the West, taking his battlesuit, and registered as a Hero in Paragon City. He spends most of his time in the suit, as he cannot walk without it.
Tactically, Stalnoy doesn't fight from range as much as other blasters. Oh he can, but he prefers to wade in close and personal whenever possible. He keeps foes off balance by knocking them around with his energy blast powers and by judicious use of his suits strength boosters. He knows he's no Scrapper or Tank, though, and will back off quickly if the villain isn't phased by that sort of thing.
He's experienced and savvy, and even a little world weary. He doesn't suffer fools well, and has a (Classic Russian) fatalistic disposition. He's a cynic and a pessimist. Yet surprisingly funny at times, with a biting, sarcastic wit. He'll absolutely floor you with a good one-liner sometimes, simply because he's the LAST person you'd normally expect it to come from. But just as often, he's likely to become severely annoyed by craziness. (He and Superball would NOT get along.) He's good in a secondary command position, but somewhat abrasive. Kind of like a drill sergeant. No - NOT R. Lee Ermey! Think of him as sounding a LOT like Sam Fischer from Splinter Cell, but with a slight Russian accent. His English is very good.
He and Thibor will either get along famously, or be tempted to try and kill each other.
If he's relaxing in the base, he's likely to take off his helmet and/or much of the top half of his suit, leaving the bottom half on so he can walk. Very occasionally, he'll get around in the lab or at his apartment in a wheelchair if he needs to tinker on the whole thing at once or doing maintenance on the leg actuators.
Here's some pictures.
"This kind of thing tends invariably to devolve into the kind of "No, Nakajima, THIS is true power!!" argument that only really works if you're yelling it from the cockpit of a giant robot . . ."
Permission granted to use the Lincoln Memorial, and any of my other characters who join.
The Memorial is in fact the ghost of Abe, on assignment from the Hereafter. He managed to swing the return ticket after Richard Nixon became a Rogue Isles supervillain -- it seems that cosmic forces require a superheroic ex-president to set things right, even if they never come into direct contact with each other (which they won't, since I'm playing both characters...).
As part of the arrangement, most of Lincoln's memories post-mortem have been suppressed. He remembers very little of the afterlife, and won't discuss most of what remains; his knowledge of world history and politics is extensive and up to date, but whatever social and cultural understanding he might have acquired Up There has largely vanished, leaving him a hundred and sixty years out of touch with modern life. (The civil rights movement falls under history and politics for these purposes.) He cheerfully defers to others' leadership, claiming that the laws of Heaven and Earth both prevent a dead man from holding office (and from voting, except of course in Chicago). In any case, supergroup combat is more about small unit tactics than large-scale warfare, and that lies out of his experience.
Abe inhabits a marble statue of himself, a scale replica of the Lincoln Memorial taken from a wrecked museum in the Hollows. In combat, he wields a giant stone... well, in-game it's a hammer, but for story purposes it's an axe (the Rail Splitter) that becomes a hammer when he's fighting living foes.
I'll probably post a short story involving LM in a couple of days -- it's mostly worked out in my head, just need to find the time to write it down.
"All out of roofs, eh?"
Use any ones of mine you like. You may want to talk to me about their personalities, though.
That includes:
Austalis - PB, Virtue
Bowtruckle - TA/A Def, Virtue
Psyclone Sally - Mind/Storm Con, Infinity
Twilight Ray - Dark/Rad Def, Infinity
Bull Nettle - Spines/Regen Scr, Infinity
Disrespect - Thugs/Poison MM, Infinity
If you want highers, I've got these on Freedom:
Paradoxe - Kat/Inv/Energy Scr
Entropic Avatar - Ice/Energy Tank
Unseeing Eye - Illusion/Kin Cont
Northern Lights - Energy/Rad/Ghost Corr
Inheritance - Soldier/Traps MM
Christopher Angel, aka JPublic
The Works of Christopher Angel
[Image: Con.gif]
This is turning into more of a who's who list too.
As above, people who want to use my characters are good to go.
that list is of course kinda short as I only play 3 around you guys (well 4, but Yukiriko is just a comedy bit piece)
Shizuru (33 Mind/Sonics [More Descriptive Fiction coming soon for her])
Tokiha (Lvl 10 Fire/Fire) [Have you figured out my character development yet?)
The Infamous
Mistress Valeria (Lvl 10 Rad/Kinetics Corrupter) [Think Dominatrix actually from Hell)When I say Jump, I want you out the window, you got that Demon-boy!
In the epic rage of furious thunder
legends create their tales
when the twilight calls and the dark lord falls
our glory will prevail

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Anyone who wants to use Obsidian Heart in their stories is welcome to.
Here's some rough background info:
Her real name is Melissa Smithwick. She doesn't have a secret identity (hard to hide who you are when you've got pointed ears and a tail), but she doesn't advertise her name either. Her "civilian" friends call her Mel.
She comes from a small town in Georgia, and speaks with an accent. Her parents were devout Christians, which (given her "Satanic" appearance) led to a very unpleasant childhood until she left to live with her aunt, a martial arts instructor in Atlanta.
Besides being a superhero, she also works as a concert photographer, which explains her sometimes extended absences from Paragon City. She's fairly successful (given that even the best concert photographers don't make much), and has had photos published in various major newspapers and magazines.
She lives in a cheap apartment in King's Row--officially it's a one-bedroom, but the bedroom has been converted to a darkroom. When she doesn't have a paying photography gig or something heroic to do, she enjoys walking the streets of Paragon in civilian clothes with a camera.
Hm. I suppose I should note for the record:
Evangelia's real name is Raye Langley. Her parents are reasonably well off -- the Langleys live in a large apartment in one of the taller residential towers in Atlas Park. They are, however, mostly absentee parents (one's a researcher for Portal, the other's a photojournalist), and Raye has been a latchkey child since she was ten. She's 16 and a junior in Atlas Park Regional High School. She was a cheerleader in her sophomore year, but quit the squad when her powers and duties started taking up more and more of her time. She maintains a straight B+ average, and tries to miss as little school as possible. Fortunately, a reduced need for sleep seems to part of her powers, so she manages a full-time school schedule with six or more hours "at work" every night without serious repercussions.
-- Bob
...The President is on the line
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Zweitekinder's real name is Jessica Langley, no direct relationship to Evangelia, just a weird coincidence. She's the second of five children in her family; one older sister and three younger brothers. Her father spent several years as an ambassador from Germany to various posts around the world.
During a stint in one of the teeny countries in Asia "officially" claimed by the PRC, Jessica learned Iron Shirt and Light Foot kung fu from a master who was acting as a gardener for the Embassy.
Her older sister Rachel disappeared during the Rikti invasion, and Jessica set about investigating the best she knew how: beat up on street gangs until you work your way up the chain.
Her younger brothers have been hospitalized for various traumas suffered during the invasion.
Shawn suffered a spinal injury. Thomas lost an arm and a leg. Kenneth was simply beaten to a pulp by persons unknown.
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll
Zweitekinder's real name is Jessica Langley, no direct relationship to Evangelia, just a weird coincidence.
Especially given that they are in two different versions of Paragon City -- different universes or dimensions, if you accept that explanation for the servers. They're not even close enough to be analogues...
-- Bob
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As ninety-nine crab rangoons go by...
Superball is a little tricky...posting his full background reveals a little more than I want to, I'd rather tell it in the story I got going. But there's some facts it doesn't hurt to put down, especially since it won't all come out otherwise. And this stuff could be useful, if y'wanna write him. =)
As has been noted, the Superball persona is largely an act. It's just one he keeps up ALL THE TIME. He feels it's necessary. If y'wanna use him, the insane craziness is probably just fine to shoot for. Rev Dark's got this down wonderfully. That said, the trick here is...it's calculated insanity. Everything's intentional. He looks at a situation, figures out the weirdest thing to do or say, then does it. This sometimes has disasterous results, 'course, since he's really a loner type...very bad grasp of group dynamics.
His real name is Adrian Lai. He's in his early thirties. Of course, since he never takes off his mask, it's hard to tell race and age. He occasionally swears or quips in a couple Chinese dialects, tho. A first-generation immigrant to Paragon, he arrived as a kid from Taiwan. He's estranged from his family, however...that and mutant powers led him to crime.
He actually cares about the secret identity bit. Perhaps that's to avoid awkward questions, since someone crunching his real name would reveal that the original Superball, Adrian's predecessor, was one of his enemies. But when Adrian talks about the last Superball, he always uses terms of the utmost respect and admiration...it's one of the rare times he actually gets serious while 'in character'.
The first Superball was a Batman-type. Except, y'know, MUCH CRAZIER and with an array of incredibly silly ball-themed weapons. Adrian apparently has access to some of the gear, though he doesn't use 'em much. He does mimic the original's fighting style, except he 'cheats' - he uses energy projection to enhance the force of his melee blows and deflect attack rather than actually dodging. MA/Inv with Flight - the latter lets him fake acrobatics.
He's a full-time superhero, and does a lot of solo work when not given a SG assignment. The first Superball belonged to a past incarnation of the Legendary; that alone is enough to give Adrian fanatical devotion to the team, now that he's accepted the idea.
-- Acyl

The Hunterminator

Well, since this seems to be turning into a "Describe your character" topic, and because this might be relevant to A Fistful of", I give you a more in depth description of Yukiyo.
Yukiyo is, above all, a very curious mage, and a bit of an oddball. She has grown in a world where magic is omnipresent, and technology barely heard of. As such, she has very good knowledge of magic and has all the tools she needs to quickly identify any unknown magic she finds. Modern technology, however, baffles her. Her mage-sight sees nothing; there are few mobile parts and, most of the time, the people she asks questions from don't know how the things they take for granted work either.
These things, most people already know, what might not be known, however, is that like all my characters, she has a darker side as well. There is, after all, a reason why she is the demonic equivalent to a magical girl instead of the magical equivalent to an inventor.
I won't go into the specifics, mainly because it hasn't been entirely fleshed out yet, but I will say that a tragedy in her past has given her an intense hatred of betrayal.
For example, in A Fistful of", if Yukiyo were to believe that Jackie betrayed the Legendary (I get the feeling that the story is going towards an apparent betrayal; -Edit- and now that Ive read the newest part, I see that I was right), she would stalk around looking for her with the intention of doing anything from causing small burns in inconvenient parts of the body to a prolonged stay in the hospital, depending on how bad this perceived betrayal is.
Especially given that they are in two different versions of Paragon City -- different universes or dimensions, if you accept that explanation for the servers. They're not even close enough to be analogues...
(Oh god, not another possible way for the two server groups to relate to each other... o.O )
-Morgan, wonders if she should make someone else on virtue... but Talia wouldn't really work, and I don't have any other ideas in reserve..."I have no interest in ordinary humans. If there are any aliens, time travelers, or espers here, come sleep with me."
---From "The Ecchi of Haruhi Suzumiya"
-----(Not really)
(Oh god, not another possible way for the two server groups to relate to each other... o.O )
Huh. We've sure got a lot, haven't we? From some of the stories that have been written...well, they suggest that the two groups exist in parallel - otherwise Gil wouldn't be able to talk to Evangelia, right?
And I think Cindy implied that the East Coast Legendary is a sorta reserve or auxillary branch or something. I can't recall.
But hey, it's comic books. Continuity? Meeeehhhh! =)
-- Acyl
I always thought of the ECL as a technical rather than physical division. Performance based rather than another reality altogether.
I would not burn a whole lot of lean tissue trying to justify it one way or another.
Hm. Looney's in both. How do we work that?
-- Bob
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Anyone who wants to use ElectroEagle or TechHead in their stories can do so.
Here's some rough background info:
ElectroEagle Background
Susan Griffin is the inventor of a new alloy she calls Reactive Titanium. This alloy
is a strong but flexible material that reacts when imbedded with electronic circutry and
electrified. Susan was testing the suit she had developed when her lab was attacked by
TechHead, member of The Infamous. She succeeded in stoping him from gaining
Reactive Titanium and has sinced moved to Paragon City, joined The Legendary,and is
now working to bring TechHead and The Infamous down.
She is a serious minded woman, a bit to literal, and tends to be a better stragetic
rather than a tactical thinker.
TechHead Background
Gerald Samuals started as a scientist working for an Arachnos cover company. He
developed an extremely efficient robotics control system based upon brainwave connections.
A rival at the company arranged an accident during the testing phase. The new control
system was to overload and kill Dr. Samuals. But because the rival didn't really understand
the technology, his sabotage didn't work out like he had planned. Instead of frying Dr. Samuals
brain the technology fused with it, destroying the lab and the rival. When Dr. Samuals had
recovered he had been arrested for the destruction of the lab and the death of his rival. He
escaped and started a career as the Mastermind TechHead.
His personality is the ultra techie with a manicial bent. Not too good on human-human
realtions he interacts better with machines.
Hm. Looney's in both. How do we work that?
A few ideas spring to mind.
This would, among other things, explain why his powers are far more limited than they should be - he's only playing one song. AND IT NEVER STOPS.
The techies...I'm thinking Lora'Lai, ElectroEagle, and Flu Shot...got together one day. With some of Palindrone's schematics. And possibly got drunk, because when they woke up...
'nuff said.
I mean, really, maybe he's just a member of the primary Legendary group who works with the ECL branch often. If you need a reason, maybe he's a liaison guy.
(Now, watch me proceed to examine very closely.)
I dunno what's the deal with CoH Looney - is he actually the Drunkard's Walk Doug, or is he an alternate...native to the CoH universe? Sorta like how Rev Dark wrote him for that Doug-Thibor team-up. A version of THAT Doug works fine, actually, since we've got Bella claiming IST credentials, and the IST Paragon on Infinity.
'cides, IST in general kinda fits, anyway; it does make sense for the organisation to exist as a CoH entity, probably with ties to the CoH canon's Vanguard (the international superhuman force formed to fight the Rikti).
-- Acyl

Chibi Konatsu

For what it's worth I'm officially putting my thumbprint on any fanfictional portrayals of Mirror Guardian Naoko (or, for that matter, any other Legendaries I should come up with). Well, not any portrayal: if you want to turn her into a sentient rutabega you're going to have to talk to me. But if you want to use her, I'm cool with it. I'd love to see some interaction with the various magical girl members of Legendary.
Hell, when I've got more time, I'd love to write some myself.
Hm. Looney's in both. How do we work that?
-- Bob
Same way Wolverine manages to show up in 3 monthly X-titles, his own comic and Avengers. He runs very quickly. 8P__________________
I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.
"I've always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific." - George Carlin
Same way Wolverine manages to show up in 3 monthly X-titles, his own comic and Avengers. He runs very quickly. 8P
No, see...
Wolverine is Weapon X.
X is a variable.
We are simply dealing with a very large value of X.
-- Acyl
I dunno what's the deal with CoH Looney - is he actually the Drunkard's Walk Doug,
Well the bio I wrote for one of him -- the ECL version, I think -- explicitly mentions him having an extradimensional origin...
-- Bob
...The President is on the line
As ninety-nine crab rangoons go by...
I figured this was the best place to put the Bio for Fallgone, so here we go:
Fallgone: As scientist that was drawn to Paragon City to study how superpowers worked, he as a background in chemistry, biology, and physics. He was shocked when his own manifested, and now it has progressed into a mix of loathing and a burning desire to know (as he goes out every day and violates several laws of thermodynamics to fight crime). His study of superpowers has approached the level of monomania and he may one day have a mental breakdown.
He has a bad habit of not always turning over the more interesting gadgets he finds while patrolling the city, because he takes them home and disassembles them until he finds out (or doesn't) how they work. His apartment has slowly progressed from a neat collection of notes and experiments, to a mad tinkers workshop.-Terry
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