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Full Version: Paragon News:Hero slain in Steel Canyon
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Hero Slain!
byline by
David L. Lindquist
Responding to a call, police discover the body of Brooks
McCain, AKA Arrows Mccain, lying along the side of road
in the Platinum Lake District of Steel Canyon. Cause of
death was massive trama and electrical damage
commonly associated with 'The Outcasts' gang. While
under normal conditions, this would have activated the
mediport but in this case it failed. Officials are
Brooks 'Arrows' McCain was born in Baton Rouge, La.
Son of the Industrialist Nathan McCain and Julia La
Fontaine McCain, he graduated with top honor at
Ridgemore Private School. An aspiring olympic archer,
his career was cut short due to the discovery that
his mother was involved in the Illegal arms trade. He
settled into a life as a Business executive when tradgey
struck again with the car accident that slew his parents
and the federal goverment seizing their assets in a
criminal investigation. Though cleared of any charged,
he seemingly vanished until he registered and was approved
to work as a hero in Paragon City. Soon afterwards he was
accepted in the supergroup 'The Legendary' where he served
until his death. Representatives of the Supergroup could not
be reached for comment at this time.
Services will be held in Baton rouge, La where he will be
enturned in his family crypt. As per instructions left when
he registered, any donations may be sent to the 'Paragon
City reclaimation fund' or the "Olympic recovery
commision'. Brooks McCain was 32.
((This is mostly due to the fact that I needed room
on virtue server and he was the one I could afford to
lose. I'd also lost interest in him a while ago and never
got it back. Do what you will with this.. if anything at
all. Have fun.))
We should at least hold a wake...
-- Bob
...The President is on the line
As ninety-nine crab rangoons go by...
We keep trying to give him wakies! He won't take them! He's starting to smell bad too.

His Lovely Wife

Arrows will be missed. Never met the man, but his passing will be felt by all of us. Good luck in the hereafter Arrows. (Can we put a black band around his portrait in The Legendary Base?)
When I do the roster page(s) for the website -- assuming people don't insist we use Guildportal instead -- I'll do up a "Memorial" area, and we can put black frames around the pics there. Fidoohki, did you keep a screenshot of him that I can use?
-- Bob
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As ninety-nine crab rangoons go by...


Sorry I never took any of him. I could remake him for a photo op then send those. Would that be good?
Sure! A screenshot inside the character designer is just fine.
-- Bob
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As ninety-nine crab rangoons go by...


Okay sent one pic but I have a few others. if you want em I can send them. Also if you want an in game wake just post a tiem and date and I'll see what I can do.
I'll check it out when I get home and let you know what I think.
As for an in-game wake, I'm going to back off on any kind of planning until I have a more dependable connection to the Net. If someone else wants to take this up as an RP opportunity, please do.
-- Bob
...The President is on the line
As ninety-nine crab rangoons go by...