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Full Version: The New and Improved MechaDeuce! ^_^
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G'day folks! (^_^)

I've been in frank envy of the PPD Hardsuit armour designs since I first saw them in the Brickstown Safeguard mission, so a while back I commissioned Phil
Moy to do a redesign of the MechaDeuce battlesuit and incorporate some of the design features of the PPD Hardsuits.

And so, I give you, MechaDeuce Mark III - POWER ON!

[Image: Mechadeuce-Powerup.jpg]

Oh my GOD I so want this costume in game. *sigh*. ^_^


Bert V.V. (Aka SkyKnight/MechaDeuce)

(that is all)
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WHEE! Very pretty.
Nice. Very nice. Oh, alright, it looks great! [Image: happy.gif]

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Very nice update.

Yow! That's impressive. And I agree it would be great to be able to use those parts in the game. It looks like the only parts you changed were the gloves
and the boots though. Maybe the chestpiece? Have you considered using the Enforcer Gloves and Boots as a compromise?