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Full Version: Looking for a spot of Help...
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Well, some members of the Citadel of Eternal Damnation, manily myself and Zilem Kain, would like to run somekind of Task Force tomorrow. sometime around 3-4pm,
and we'd love it if we could get some of you even to just spot us a member when starting. So what do you guys think, Virtue Red TF on a Saturday?
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If that wouldn't plonk me right in the middle of getting ready for work, I'd be there with bells on. ><

I'm good just about all day Sunday, though, barring accidents and last-minute proofreading of my dad's assignments.

Redside Virtue Roster available:
Happy Grin (17 fire/therm corr)
Mother Meyai (20 mind/psi dom)
Arbmu [24 dark/dark stalker]
Bizarre Mouse [24 SS/Inv brute]
Chiyuki Inari [42 ice/cold corr]
Lady Nogitsune [50 nin/dark MM]

Arb and Bizzy are fairly close to 25, IIRC. Probably no more than a fresh set of papers and a mayhem away...
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