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Full Version: Open Beta time!
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Early observation from me is that the psi blaster is fun Tongue

Anyone else going and giving it a try?


I'm purposely avoiding it. I want to play VEATs on live so I actually make progress with the new stuff and not have to "waste" time on test...

One thing in the patch notes that makes me giggle with glee is this...

• Reduced Duration and strength of Captain Mako's 'Elude' power.

Thats a Big Ol' FU Mako. I still hate your guts Tongue hehe
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I'm sorta in between the two points here. I'm waiting for Live to actually play stuff like the story arcs and such in earnest, and seriously level any
new characters. However, I have messed (and am messing) with the VEATs sufficiently to get a vague feel of how they look, how the powers are laid out, so on.

To my surprise, I do actually like how the Night Widows seem. Didn't expect that. I'll probably play a Crab and Night Widow come I12.

Probably check out the psi blaster thing at some point.
-- Acyl
WHOA WHOA WHOA, just noticed, the Sewer Trial is FIXED on Test. It autoexemps properly and everything now.

Which, y'know, actually makes it less of a logistical headache to do.

And at once more of a challenge, because you can't have over-level characters soloing the generators anymore.

I like that.
-- Acyl
They fixed the sewer trial? Oooh, I may have to do it again once I12 hits live...

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I have memories of doing it once the old-fashioned way, with a full team of folks actually in the level range. We only finished with less than 10 minutes left
on the clock - it got hectic.

If they can recreate that sense of danger in descending the shaft (while needing to find weapons), and the monumental task of having to clear the generators
before sweeping back to start gunning together (and breaking off contact to clear again when respawns occured) ... well that's how I assume the trial is
MEANT to go. It'll be interesting to see that instead of the weird curbstomp we've been doing.
-- Acyl
I myself have been mostly on test lately...

an 8-man team of widows can be deadly, as can a team of 6 psi/ blasters and two dark/ tanks.
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Psi blasters are very sweet, simply for the quick-animating early powers and the nice range on them. A Psi/Psi blaster's first two primary attacks cycle
very fast, and the first power from the secondary is, like other sets, an immobilize with damage-over-time.

Unlike other sets, said immobilize has long range.

So you can stand at a distance and punch three ranged powers off for a full cycle at LEVEL TWO.

I probably won't play one, however, because the sound effects for psychic blast drive me insane. =P The echoing wail doesn't quite give me a headache,
but it's grating on my nerves. Which is a shame, because it looks very very very sweet.
-- Acyl
I'm resisting the urge to play on test, because dammit, I want EATs, and Emmy is getting into spitting range. She's halfway to 44, I'm averaging
about 1 level / night when I get time to play... at this rate I could hit 50 by the end of next week. I wanna try those Peacebringers and Warshades, dammit!

... but... test server... *drool*

NO! I will stay strong!

...powerset proliferation... *whimper*


(Not playing on test, wouldn't be prudent, nope, not gonna do it...)

--"Listening to your kid is the audio equivalent of a Salvador Dali painting, Spud." --OpMegs