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Full Version: Issue Twelve Ideas... the UberTeam
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I got to thinking about this recently. What with the extra slots for most of our players and the likelihood of most of them being Virtue....

We should set up an UberTeam, that is, a set of eight characters designed to play together and totally DOMINATE the game.

Each participant would select an AT and then discussions would ensue as to what powersets each should be.

My own preferences would include at least one pentad with three other slots available for "open-choice" AT/Powerset.

The first night of play would be character creation and running from the Sewers, to the first KR mish, through the Hollows to at least Frostfire. This will
easily place the team in range of Posi for the masochistic "Task Force *dayname*" or perhaps the first Midnight Club arc.

Fifteen should come swiftly enough that we could then do Synapse or Faultline, etc. etc.

We can give these a tentative "Run Two" timeframe

So for the Blueside version we need:

Tanker -- ???/??? played by ?

Scrapper -- ???/??? played by ?

Blaster -- Psi/Psi played by Foxboy

Controller -- Plant/??? played by RevDark

Defender -- rad/rad played by SofaSpud

Open -- ???/??? played by Valles

Open -- ???/??? played by ?

Open -- ???/??? played by ?

Redside Version

Mastermind --Nin/Storm played by Sweno

Corrupter -- Rad/Rad played by Valles

Dominator -- ???/???

Stalker -- ???/???

Brute -- ???/???

Arachnos Widow -- played by Foxboy

Arachnos Soldier -- played by Corrupted Flame

Open -- ???/???

Any takers?

ETA: takers
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I'd be willing to occupy the MM slot, as I have been planning on rolling a Nin/Storm MM regardless
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TF2: Spy


I'll be playing a Crab Spider when I12 comes out no matter what you say [Image: happy.gif] If you want to slot that in somewhere, fine, otherwise.... [Image: wink.gif]
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I'll grab the controller spot - plant Control and Perhaps radiation. Secondary to be determined.

All Hail Caesar Salad!

I have a Rad/Rad corr I haven't touched since I rolled her... - still L1.

And... hmm.

A warshade? Or I could take another pass at a /SR scrapper...

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Well, I've been thinking of rolling up a rad/rad defender anyway, and they're at least as popular/useful as emp defenders (more so when it comes to
GM/EB fights)... so if that's a powerset you want, I could take that slot.

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I had envisioned playing a Psi/Mental Blaster come i12, that is the only character I have given thought to. I might could make a Fire Scrapper or a Widow, but
that could take time to come up with something. I don't like Dom's much but I could reroll my Evil Amber as a Mind/Psi (As opposed to Grav/Psi). Oh,
and when it comes to fruition, I'd be glad to add my Granite Tank on the list, but he's a bit ahead of the rest being 44 now.

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I could be convinced to bring out a possible tank or scrapper if the game night agrees with my work schedule.
Erm. Yes. I should probably add the same caveat.

Do we know what the game schedule would be, at this point? I'll throw mine out there... if I need to drop to 'designated alternate' status or
somesuch, that's fine. [Image: smile.gif]

(all times are Pacific)

Sat/Sun: morning hours always ok, afternoons sometimes, evenings are good on Saturday. I have a prior commitment for 6 weekends this summer starting in June,
but other than that this is stable.

M-F: evening hours only, after 9 Pacific most days

Hmm. That sounds a lot more restrictive that it did when I was thinking about it... sorry [Image: frown.gif]

--"Listening to your kid is the audio equivalent of a Salvador Dali painting, Spud." --OpMegs
I'm interested in this myself, but yeah, the gamenight thing is an issue.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
Yeah, the time to play is always an issue. I was thinking relatively late evenings, in relation to the Eastern Time Zone. Say, 10 pm or so. and if we could
make this a one night a week thing, that would probably work best.
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll
10pm Eastern works for me on Tuesdays or Thursdays (or, if you want crazy detail, alternate Mondays and Fridays -- but not on the same week, that'd be too
easy!). And that would work fine for Saturdays, as well -- it *may* even work for that prior engagement I spoke of, but I'd have to double-check before
committing to it.

9 Eastern, even, on Tuesdays/Thursdays... it's M-W-F that I have the most constraints. Heck, I could do 8 Eastern on Thursdays, since I get off work right
then and work from home that day.

I'm not the social butterfly this schedule implies, really I'm not. It's all transportation/childcare related.

--"Listening to your kid is the audio equivalent of a Salvador Dali painting, Spud." --OpMegs


I'm interested. There was (is?) a long thread on the forums about 'Advanced Teaming' which was very much in this vein, and I wanted to try it.
Insert the usual caveats about scheduling. Later tends to work better for me, and weekends tend to be busy.

I could play a Brute or a Tanker if I come up with a powerset combo I like. I'd also be interested in playing Blaster/Corruptor/Defender in an open slot.
Oh, and I'm planning on making a Elec/Elec Stalker anyway, so, there's that...