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Full Version: Task Force Alacrity captures the Clockwork King!
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Right as I'm going to bed, I decide to hop onto CoH and see what's going on. It turns out that the only thing of interest is a Synapse TF by a pick up group. Despite my better judgment, I join the team. Well, it seems I lucked out, getting two level 50 players that seem to give a damn and a level 18 that's not too bad. Sadly, the 18, Alli Gill, had to leave early on due to a leaking roof, but the rest of us pushed on, capturing the Clockwork King in a little over three hours!
[Image: Alacrity.jpg]
From Left to Right; Uron, Charlie Stone, Synapse and Lady of the Peace, who hit security level 21 after this TF, well and truly establishing herself as a hero separate from her brother.
... man that's a bad picture.