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Full Version: Things I have learned from Task Force Fridays
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-It is *much* more fun to be at the high end of the TF level range than the low end. At least if your job requires actually hitting anything.

-Positron's TF really does suck. I never really knew how much until I'd done other TF's to compare it to.

-Moonfire's TF, on the other hand, is awesome. With all the doors in one zone, I never got the lag from hell!

-And most importantly, whenever anyone says anything about my outfit (and the amount of material it involves), all I have to do is look at Jackie Frost and say

-Morgan, will not be around for a TF tonight, because now it's her turn to go see Iron Man.
Ooh! You're going to love Iron Man! Post in the Iron Man thread on the general board when you come back, okay? ^_^