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Full Version: Tales of friends of the Legendary/Riot Force 6.1: Conflict of Interests
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Longbow Interrogation Session 139100012

Subject: Liscensed Hero "Sell-Sword"

Potential Infraction: Unauthorized use of force against another liscensed hero

Begin recording....

My name? Not really important. You'd never have heard of me before I put on this getup and you'd never find me even if you looked. I don't really
socialize, and my old line of work preferred no nasty loose threads that could be traced back to our employers. Fun fact: burning off ones fingerprints is
rather painful. Anyway, where were we? Oh, yes...that little dust up. Well, I'd say that he started it, and physically he did, but I imagine that you could
say I provoked him. What over? Well, that's an interesting story....

Riot Force 6.1: A Conflict of Interests

It all started over a job. Now, I make no pretensions. I'm as mercenary as they come in this hero business. If you can't make a buck, it doesn't
interest me and there's probably someone that'll get a warm fuzzy feeling in their chest when they pound some Hellion that just stole some lady's
purse. Me, I know the salvage laws, and there's a thriving market for the stuff. Especially since they created that Invention, Inc. atomic reorganizer. Put
in the right stuff, mess around with it a little, and you can get something new. If it's dropped off thugs that'd only misuse it, all the better, no?
Well, I know people that'll pay the big bucks for certain things. One man's trash, y'know? So anyway, I'm on an impromptue team to take out a
rather large Thorns gig. I really like taking out Thorns. No one ever complains about fatalities because there's no way an ancient spirit from beyond
possessing a stolen body is going to press legal charges or have a family to do so. It was me, a martial arts guy named Tseng Fook, and an acquaintance of mine
named Fire Bomber. Cute girl, and she thinks like I do, so we team up occasionally.

Anyway, standard mission. I got a few odd looks from Fook, usually when putting a bullet through a Mage's head, but generally nothing to write home about.
Bomber and I were comparing notes, trying to get a fair take for both. That is, each of us trying to get the other to accept getting a lesser take than
ourselves. Only fair, right? Fook didn't seem to interested, and I've seen his type before. Honorable samurai wannabes. Like the Tsoo, with morals.
Which actually makes them almost as annoying, really. Anyway, eventually we took down the Circle force there. Set a few people free from being soul sucked,
started divvying up the proceeds. That's really when it hit the fan.

Fire Bomber's a nice gal, but her appreciation for the concept of....tact...can be lacking at times. She made the mistake of mentioning a few gray legal
zones she could sell some of the stuff. Apparently Fook had dealt with them before and knew that they also might or might not sell that same stuff back to the
crooks on the street. Apparently Fook decided that made Bomber an accomplice. Funny, right? Comedy of errors. Honestly, I probably know more about superhero
law than most spandex heads on the street, so I knew his stated intent to arrest Bomber was....dubiously legal at best. That's why I hate samurai. So white
and black. On average. Not to offend any samurai who recognize moral grays that may be listening here.

Anyway, Fook was good, but he's just a norm, and not a particularly well equipped one at that. Bomber, on the other hand, can generate flames that can
roast a Council Mekman in under a minute. And while not as savvy as me, she certainly wasn't going to let herself be arrested for something that she was
pretty sure she couldn't be prosecuted for. A girl has to have standards. Anyway, I step between them, trying to break this up before we have a fatality on
our hands that the cops won't ignore. He accuses me of being no better than her.

I still remember the speech. Really, I toggled my radio to record it. I knew it was coming, and they're always good for a laugh. You guys mind playing that
back? I imagine it's still in my suit which you have, of course, not quite yet returned to me. Yeah, that's the one. Just put it in.

(crackle of static)

"-fend her! You're just like her, the most dishonorable kind of scum. You pretend at being heroes, but you're causing the problem! Every gun,
knife, or magical ingredient you sell off has a fifty fifty chance of winding up in the hands of the same lot, and hurting even more innocent people. You make
me sick, you bastards. I should bring you both in, and I'm sure it'd bring enough evidence to light if investigated."

(Soft 'heh') "Really now? We're part of the problem?"

"Of course. If it weren't for people like you, there'd be half as much crime as there is now."

"Okay, so let me ask you this. You take on Arachnos that often?"


"Any of them ever get out?"

"A couple."

"Sworn vengeance?"

"They always do."

"So...let me give you a little hypothetical. Say, hypothetically, Bomber and I go and sell this stuff off. And every bit of it winds up in the Thorns'
hands again. Now, the Thorns will go out and, as you said, try to hurt innocent people again. The word gets out, and a hero or two swoop down, like we did, and
rescue them. Mary Sue and Marty Stu have a story to tell their workmates about around the water cooler, public opinion of heroes goes up, and the little people
feel safe. If it's not a hero like me, maybe the stuff ends up confiscated entirely. Who knows?"

"That's rather optimistic."

"True. Worst case scenario, someone ends up soul sucked. Crime rates go up. Crying family. Etcetera. Now, let's consider your worst case


"The worst case scenario if someone using your methods goes about hauling guys in, spouting justice, and smiting evil. Now, say your guy serves his term.
Gets out on good behavior. Joins up with his old gang. He's angry, and he'll come after you. But that's normal. However, worst case scenario, your
guy is smart. He goes out, realizes getting back at you with the same old tactics won't work. So he decides its worthwhile to bring you down. Makes him
seem important. He talks to a bigger group. The Family. Tsoo. Maybe even the Council, if he's crazy. Gets some REAL muscle behind him. And he's smart
enough to remember your face. You got family? They're targets now. You come back after a night of roof jumping, find a teddy bear in your niece's bed
with a note informing you that you have until the next day to give yourself up. You call the cops. City wide APB. They don't find anything, and the
deadline comes up. You come home to body bags instead. By now, that original thug's gotten some infamy. He showed up the hero that jailed him. Maybe he
gets patron'd by a supervillain. Becomes a real threat. Maybe he's even one of those Destined Ones I hear Recluse is gathering. Training. Honing into a
weapon. He takes you down. Makes a name for himself. Gets further training. Becomes one of Arachnos' or the Council's big names. Soon he takes down
someone important. Let's say....Manticore. He's normal. Killable. Like you and me. This causes a chain reaction. The morale blow alone would be
catastrophic to the city. And it'd nudge both camps onto a war footing. Soon, before you know it, it's outright war between the Rogue Isles and
Longbow. If that isn't bad enough, what if the Rikti swoop in like a lot of vultures? So we're either under a supervillian bootheel, drove them off
with heavy casualties, or the Rikti have vaporized us all. Worst case scenario, of course."

(soft, feminine snickering)

"That's...that's impossible."

"No, just highly improbable. And you'd be the one to blame....or rather, you wouldn't. It's all part of the system, right? Could be you. Could
be Statesman. All it takes is a powder keg. If my guys get their stuff back, they're more likely to do the same dumb crimes and get caught the same dumb
way. Yours, however, could blow up. Is it likely? Maybe, maybe not. But I don't really well see my way potentially causing the end of the world as we know
it, right?"

(radio static)

That's about the point where he got so damn angry at me that he attacked me. I was nice. Just tazed him gently, then pumped a couple beanbags into his
stomach. Let him down nice and easy. Then you Longbow guys got a call about a super fight, came in, and found the whole situation as it was. So, I suppose you
could say I started it....if we're locking up people for having opinions now. Truth and justice for all, right?

Session Terminated

End result: Liscensed Hero "Sell-Sword" full acquittal, Licensed Hero "Tseng Fook" sentenced to six
months community service, hard labor

File Ends.


This's been bouncing around in my head ever since I made Sell-Sword in an attempt to make a non-standard hero. It really illustrates his
worldview rather well, I think. For those playing at home, Sell-Sword is, of course, my first character on Virtue, while Fire Bomber belongs to Sky
Reiko/Matrix Dragon, more well known to you probably as Knight of the Peace. Tseng Fook, my errant fall guy, is a generic put together for the purposes of this
"Oh, silver blade, forged in the depths of the beyond. Heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way. Lay
I'm liking the Riot Force, I really am. This is *good stuff* here.

I gotta say... I dread the day Sell-Sword meets up with Beretta Jane, my merc working Virtue redside. She'd be offering Longbow her services -- for a fee,
of course! -- to keep an eye on such a loose cannon as yourself... or possibly looking up Tseng Fook and offering her services to take you out.

Or both, depending on which seemed most profitable. [Image: smile.gif]

(The Longbow angle might be difficult, since they were the ones who sent her to the Zig, but hey. It wasn't personal, and a girl's gotta make a
living, right?)

--"Listening to your kid is the audio equivalent of a Salvador Dali painting, Spud." --OpMegs