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Full Version: Valles and Ankhani - Sync Bug
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Quote:Hi folks,
For a bit now we've been tracking
an issue we call the "Sync Bug" although some players call it ghosting
or out of body experience. It's an issue where the player will say they
are moving around, but their team mates will never see them move. They
just see them standing in one spot. If another player teleports them in
the zone, or they use a zone moving power, or they log out and back in,
they will usually get re-sync'd and back to working as normal.
order for us to resolve this issue, we really need to hear from players
who are having the problems with it. Ideally, this would be in the form
of a support ticket that the user having the problem can enter one of
two ways:
1) via the /petition command in-game
2) on the website at http://www.plaync.com/us/support/ask.html
really appreciate if you hear about someone complaining about this in
game (in your team, in a global channel, in the help channel, etc.)
that you let them know we need to hear from them and for them to use
the above methods to do so.
We have a thread about this issue in the Technical Issues / Bugs forum, but want to post here about it to help spread the word.
Thanks very much for your help!


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