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Full Version: Tales of the Legendary: Alone among Friends
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Warning: This gets a bit angsty, but I've been feeling that about Reyshal, anyway.

Tales of the Legendary: Alone among Friends

I sit here in the Admin office, waiting.

Or, more like, brooding. The book that I picked out rests on the small table, but I've turned my chair about to face the globe, watching it restlessly.

Two and a half years.

It's been two and a half years since I was propelled to this world by magics unknown. Two and a half years of fighting, resting, singing, hoping... that
someone that I have spoken to could find some small link back to my homeworld. Even now, that I've just started to curry favor with the people at Portal
Corp, have I entreated them to find my home.

"Perhaps," I whisper in my native Karudo, "I've just burnt out again?"

I'd spent some nine months stuck at Security Level 32, occasionally going out to help the citizens of the City, but mostly brooding my way around the base,
and my small apartment. Then, some two months ago, I had exploded back into heroing, shooting straight through the much dreaded 'Dead Zone' of the
later 30's, and arriving where I was now, just having been awarded my 41st Clearance Level.

My thoughts turned to others, my companions in arms, the members of The Legendary. They I had claimed as my teammates in battle, for they had broken through my
rectitude and befriended me, as those others I had joined could not. However, even then I was distant, perhaps because, even after nigh three years, I was
still too used to being a sole authority? I do not complain of Evangelia, and indeed, believe that she has grown into her place quite suitably. But do I still
see myself in the position of Capitan of my ship? Above all those I work with, unable to fraternize with them?

I sigh, and lean forward, placing my finger upon the globe. North America, United States thereof, Rhode Island, Paragon City. I close my eyes, and with a soft
push and a whisper of Song, I spin the globe on its axis. Even among all the friends I had in The Legendary, all those who tried so hard to include and aid me,
I still felt so alone. I was the only one of my kind on this world, and even free of the Omniscient, I still thought of all those enslaved by them, as I had
once been.

"Yo, Rey."

The interruption to my thoughts springs me to my feet, and I reflexively nod my head to my intruder. "Terrence, how may this One aid you?" I ask,
instinctively reverting to the formal way of speaking I tried so hard to drop around my companions in The Legendary.

Terrence Knight looks at me up and down, then behind me, at the table. "You weren't answering any messages, so I'd thought I'd come down and
see what was up. You okay, Rey?"

I winced guiltily, and looked at the table where my communicator sat, blinking with the light of unheard communique. "My apologies, Terrence. I was...

He nods. "'Sokay. Just was wondering if you wanted to help me take out some BP?"

I smile slightly. Everyone in The Legendary knew of Terrence's Banished Pantheon world. And everyone knew that he ran it solo more often than not. "I
shall be pleased to assist you, Terrence." I said, accepting the outreach from my new mentor. "Shall we, then?"