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Full Version: Paging Dr. Terrence, Dr. Terrence to the OR, Please
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I scored major in the last few ITF - nailed a Hecatomb: Damage and a Numina's: Regen/Recovery. I sold the Numinas, but I'm debating about what to do
with the Hecatomb.

I'm carrying one Melee attack at 6 slots, and one at two slots (durrr, what?). I'm considering respeccing to move those around and end up with 4 and 4,
at which point I'll have room for a pair of Hecatomb x2 (for the +4% recovery), and with the Numina's sold, I'm pretty close to the cash to buy a
second Hecatomb for that two-piece bonus right now..

You available to talk tank spec anytime soon?
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Well, I can try, with what meager experience I have, to help you. Just let me know when I can be of Assisstance?

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