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Full Version: Tales of the Legendary: The Movie
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[SCENE: Atlas Park Regional High School]

[Musical Cue: "Sam At the Lake" Transformers Movie: 2008 Original Score]

[TEACHER thwaps ruler against RAYE LANGLEY's desk, causing her to jerk upwards from dozing off]

TEACHER: Miss Langely, DO pay attention.

RAYE: Sorry, sir....long night.

[CUT: RAYE standing before the teacher's desk, after class]

TEACHER: I simply do not understand this. You were always such a good student, especially for the cheerleading squad, but of late, you've been...slipping.

RAYE: I'll try harder, sir.

TEACHER: Please do, because the last few times you've assured me of that, I've yet to see any improvement.

RAYE: This time will be different. Promise.

TEACHER: I'd hope so. Your fellow cheerleaders may leave you with the impression that being one of them makes the rules of this school's academics
inapplicable to you, because you are a special case. That is incorrect. Your situation is no different than any other student in this school.

[CUT: Exterior high school hallway, RAYE is walking with ADRIANNE down the hallways]

ADRIANNE: He actually said that? Oh man, I'm surprised you kept your cool.

RAYE: I have to, Adi. Honestly, what was I supposed to do? Blow up and hope I didn't get suspended?

ADRIANNE: Better self-control than me, Raye. I'm tellin' ya.

[CUT: The pair walk out into the track and field tarmac, where WILLIAM BISHOP III is holding a demonstration for the Archery Club. The PE TEACHER walks up to

PE TEACHER: Miss Langely, I *must* thank you so much. Mister Bishop is amazing, and his guest instruction has been so worthwhile to our group.

RAYE: Happy to help, sir. Really.

PE TEACHER: That, and...well, I do believe he's increased recruitment with his...demonstrations.

[Behind them, BISHOP proceeds to quick draw and split three arrows lengthwise one after the other, dead center in the bullseye, to chears from the watching
group. He looks over, noticing RAYE and ADRIANNE and waves. RAYE waves back cheerfully.]

[CUT: RAYE entering her home, finding a series of notes sitting about the table indicating her parents are away. Again. Long suffering sigh. Her cell rings.]

RAYE: Hello?

ADRIANNE: Time to move, girlfriend. We just got a tip. It's a big one.

RAYE: What is it?

ADRIANNE: Someone found a lead on what happened to the people who hired you.

[RAYE's eyes sharpen into focus almost immediately. When she speaks, there's a slight "military like" clip.]

[Music Cue: "Autobots" Transformers Movie: 2008 Original Score]

RAYE: I'll be right there.

[CUT: A rooftop. SPACE MAGE, clearly ADRIANNE, and TERRENCE KNIGHT are standing around waiting. GAMMA EMISSION is sitting atop a chimney.]

TERRENCE: She got homework or something?

SPACE MAGE: She'll be here.

GAMMA: Honestly, Terrence, so impatient. [impish grin]

TERRENCE: [grunt] I just don't want these jerks to get away if they are who we think they are.

EVANGELIA: [Landing beside SPACE MAGE] Oh believe me, no one feels that way better than me.

[CUT: The four heroes conferring on the roof.]

[Music Cue: "Deciphering the Signal" Transformers Movie: 2008 Original Score]

GAMMA: The scoop came through MAGI. Before now, the previous group of the Legendary's deaths were believed to be unconnected, with their spread out dates
seemingly reinforcing that. However, MAGI recently acquired a piece of evidence suggesting that their being taken was part of an organized vendetta by a
villian group that'd managed to thusfar stay mostly anonymous. Presumably, your inactivity, Eva, was why you weren't targeted. The group calls
themselves the Infamous.

[A handheld holoprojector(similar to police radio) flashes several faces. It ends on that of TECH-HEAD]

GAMMA: TechHead is the leader of the group, but for the moment, he seems to be retaining their territory in the Rogue Isles. The current field leader is one
Lord Omega. However, we've recently been tipped off to the actions of his de facto second in command. A villianess calling herself Lady Nogitsune.

[Image on hologram CUTS to LADY NOGITSUNE within the museum below them]

NOGI: Yes, yes, that one too. [considers another painting before sniffing in disgust] This one is appalled by what they will put in museums these days. Have
they no taste?

[THE LEGENDARY bursts in the front door]

EVANGELIA: That's far enough!

[The various kunoichi stop what they're doing, SHIMA in fact sitting one vase back on its stand as the rest look to NOGI. NOGI rolls her eyes.]

NOGI: Heroes....Akai, deal with them.

AKAI: Hai!

[The kunoichi makes her way across the room to the currently "ready for battle" LEGENDARY, before stopping in front of them.]

AKAI: If you would be so kind, the Lady Nogitsune would request we not engage in such brute endeavors as battle in such a place of delicate treasures.

[The heroes look confused, until EVANGELIA nods slightly.]

EVA: Uh...sure. We'll...meet you outside?

AKAI: Arigato. I will accompany you to make certain that our intentions are honorable.

[GAMMA, meanwhile, nudges TERRENCE in the ribs and whispers at him.]

GAMMA: Stop staring!


[CUT: LADY NOGITSUNE and her kunoichi outside the museum, facing the LEGENDARY]

[Music Cue: "Decepticons" Transformers Movie: 2008 Original Score]

NOGI: Ara, ara....this one does not think you heroes play fair. Outnumbering us thus.

SPACE MAGE: ...but there are seven of you.

[NOGI looks about before pursing her lips thoughtfully]

NOGI: So there are. Still, this one believes unfair numerical advantage is a villianous thing. Sutoraiku!

[LADY NOGITSUNE's hands curl with darkness as THE DUKE OF IRON and MECHANON-1 appear on the other side of the Legendary.]

NOGI: There. Now we are even.

[EVANGELIA looks at SPACE MAGE who returns a sheepish look]

[Music Cue: "Downtown Battle" Transformers Movie: 2008 Original Score]

[CUT to a street in the middle of a battle. SPACE MAGE is staying out of the DUKE's reach as GAMMA and TERRENCE attempt to fend off MECHANON-1's robots
and several of NOGITSUNE's kunoichi. EVANGELIA, however, looks behind her as AKAI and KUROI slip in from behind her, parrying their blades with her own. An
intricately choreographed fight scene erupts as EVANGELIA fights both of them to a standstill by sheer skill. NOGITSUNE watches from above, before vanishing
into the shadows. Inside the museum, several piles of loot vanish in bursts of darkness. EVANGELIA then parries an arrow in flight as NOGI sets her bow aside.]

NOGI: This one most enjoyed the show you were putting on, but we have what we came for. Duke, Mechanon-san, let us depart.

[The DUKE OF IRON gives the heroes a scowling look before leaping away, while MECHANON's robots engage thrusters and head for the sky, followed by him.
NOGITSUNE gives EVANGELIA a flirtatious smile as she and her ninja vanish in bursts of smoke. The heroes are left staring at the sky before a second arrow
embeds itself in a tree. GAMMA pulls it out, taking the note tied to it.]

GAMMA: ...it's an address. Some technology lab in Peregrine.

EVANGELIA: ...she wants us to follow her.

SPACE MAGE: It could be a trap. What do we do, Eva?

EVANGELIA: We spring it.



Author's Note: Several points. One, if Nogi's Japanese is horribly out of place in context, I blame online
translation sites. I tried to keep her in English as much as possible. Two, this trailer, while long, is only the first one. I've too many ideas to not put
them all in one trailer, so expect...two or three more. Three, if anyone has suggestions for further Infamous cameos, PLEASE send them. I'm primarily going
off Virtueverse and the pic thread here on the forums, but that's all I've got.
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Bravo! Nicely done. My only real nitpick would be that I've always used "Atlas Park Regional High School" for Evangelia, but that's a quick
-- Bob
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Love it!
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