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Full Version: ISP defeated AGAIN
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Sorry guys. I just can't deal with the stress involved in being continually disconnected. Pardon me while I go scream bloody murder at the tech support
office again.
who's your ISP?
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Time Warner Cable.

And right now I am looking for any alternative in the area that will allow me the cable speeds I need. Because currently there are 3 people in this house using
the net and one of them makes her LIVING off of it. We can't play our City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, and have her do what she needs to to on a DSL
connection. If it was JUST me, I'd kick TW to the curb posthaste and go with DSL, which is what I had before this mess started. But don't really have a
choice at this point but to go with the cable modem. When it works, it's admittedly awesome. But during the daylight hours this summer, it's
practically IMPOSSIBLE to stay online consistently. Our roommate with the business (based on Second Life) has to do all her work between the hours of 9PM and 6
AM just so that she can stay online in order to edit the models and artwork.

We've screamed at them constantly for THREE. FUCKING. MONTHS. They'll send a tech out to do what they can at our house. It'll stabilize MAYBE for a
day or two, then go right back to sucking horribly. They won't take the BLOODY HINT that they need to do major work on the line itself to the local CO. But
sending a full blown line technician to inspect it obviously costs REAL money and REAL time and their techs, representatives, and supervisors all seem to want
to avoid doing this like the plague.

Part of the problem is that TW inherited the physical network in the area when they bought out Comcast. And Comcast was... dear god. Time Warner may be bad.
But Comcast may have been WORSE. All the more so because I think their employees knew the company was either going down the tubes/would be bought out and
really didn't give a shit.

My friend Glenn went through this hell last year when it was still Comcast. I knew the possibility existed for this to happen during the hot part of the year,
but hoped we could dodge the bullet. No such luck.

When and if I go to another service (either another cable provider or DSL) I am really REALLY tempted to take the Time Warner provided router, find their local
corporate office, and smash the router to the floor, jumping up and down on it, smashing it to unrecognizable splinters on the floor of their reception area.

The thought warms my black, black heart.
Another alternative is to do what I did, and add an ISP..

oooor... you could stop working hard and start working smart?


"No can brain today. Want cheezeburger."
From NGE: Nobody Dies, by Gregg Landsman
Logan, I know you live in the DFW area, so believe when I say this: Time-Warner does not care about you. They could give a rat's ass whether your
connection works, whether you get clear television signals, and whether their techs come out to help you at the time they tell that they will. Time Warner
thinks it's the ONLY game in town; not an invalid assumption, up to a few years ago, because they pretty much were. They're not any more.

Call Verizon. Get a connection through them. They work better, they have better techs, and they have better customer service. Time Warner is a bunch of dicks.
I went through the same sort of problem that you are going through, complete with 18 months of aggravation. Change providers; it's the only thing that Time
Warner will listen to.
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Believe me, if Verizon FIOS was available in my area. TW would get my boot up their corporate ass.

But it's not.