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Full Version: Update on Tales of the Legendary Five (Warning possible NSFW - contains Jackie)
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I have been dealing with rendering block on the latest issue - more the story than anything else. Today I had an epiphany, which descended from the skies
with the majestic grace of a shovel to the back of the head and a medium sized stomping.

Halloween. Check

Villains. Check

Protagonists... Eva - Check, Jackie - Check, Gil - Check, Alistair - Check (They even have matching costumes.) - Morgan - check.

I needed another.



Fae Wree Tale!

And here she is

(Edit - Whoaaah! What happened to Jackie's waist there....)

[Image: de7163119702885c3982fd3c393378df9c205064.jpg]
"possible NSFW - contains Jackie"

Makes me think of a video game commercial (can't remember which one) preceded by one of those warning boxes with "sugestive themes", and I
imagined one of the characters saying "Of course this game contains suggestive themes. *I'm* in it."