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Full Version: Possibly stupid question:
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My Search Fu fails me.

What's the back story on both the Sabres and Purrfects anyhow?
As for the Sabres: I believe that the 'official' backstory is that Crey, while playing with Portal tech, opened up a portal to a Genom facility that
was storing the four 'copy' Sabres that were to be used in ep....5? I think? Anyway, instead of those being used, Mason just used the pop-up Buma seen
in the ep. These were made to be exact copies of each of the sabres, up to the point Sylvie died. Crey stole these copys, and their hardsuits, remodded them,
and were in the process of awakening them when they escaped through various means. Crey then got the bright idea of making different versions based on the
engram encoding that they had on the Sabres. They got a partial memory engram of Sylvie, (pretty much) full engram of Anri, the full engrams of the other three
Bu-33s from the Genaros escape, and then started making others by 'Playing with the numbers', resulting in all the different personalities of Sabres
now. They eventualy (In Lisa's case) *stole her brain* to put in one of their Bu-33 bodies and recondition.

That's about it as far as I know. OpMegs has a more complete version, as he's the one that came up with it.

As for the Purrfects? I'm not sure...
my 'Lost Saber' is theoretically Jeena Malso, brought to Paragon through unrelated means, and undergoing rehabilitation.

The Purrfects are just.. well, someone must have left the catnip out, 'cause we keep attracting catboys and catgirls..
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I have no idea who "Life Sabre" is at this point. Maybe it's time for a local copycat to try to get in on the act...
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That's pretty much the short version of the Sabre's history. As for the Purrfects, it just happened like that. There is no explanation.

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Quote: drogan niteflier wrote:

That's about it as far as I know. OpMegs has a more complete version, as he's the one that came up with it.
Drogan's pretty much got the right of it, and I can effectively break down the Sabre "generations" by using my ad hoc classification
system for them that Crey uses for organizational plans.

Type 0: The Original Four, which, as Drogan noted, were vastly modded -33S copies of the original Sabers, for Largo's smear campaign in Red Eyes, but
stolen by Crey and taken back to CoH Earth.

Type 1: First generation copies, built around the -33S technology obtained from further covert tech raids on GENOM. Their brains are also identical to -33S
types, but given the fact Crey doesn't entirely understand them, a large proportion of these units have gone rogue, insane, or simply failed to function.
However, enough were successfully malleable that a majority of the Scimitars operating in the Rogue Isles are Type Ones. Sylvie, Anri, Meg, and Lou of the
Generaos quintet have been brought online through this method, and there appears to be a running theme that they're all based off fictional characters(we
have Gunsmith Cats, Those Who Hunt Elves, Fire Emblem, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and others)

Type 2: -33S bodies, without an artificial brain, are implanted with a human brain taken from an unwilling participant, usually someone that's been a
problem for Crey in the past, and brainwashed into loyal soldiers. The local Lisa Vanette was put on the scent of this story when Crey thought she'd make a
good tool. Unfortunately for Crey, it didn't work out. Blaze Sabre and Amp Scimitar are also of this type.

Unnofficial Type-3: Copycats and other armored folks that've taken up the Sabre mantle for whatever reason. Examples include Genki Sabre, Lost Sabre, and
presumably others. Most of these have been vetted by Sylia extensively before she actually opens up the group to them.

As for the Purrfects, the story basically went that Matrix had his catgirl character, Just Another Archer, which was her own snarky response to the registry
office asking her hero name. Eventually, as she became an established hero, she wanted to change it to something less....sarcastic, and of the suggestions put
out, Purrfect Archer was selected. And then Spud made Purrfect Scrapper, followed by Purrky Goth(Ebony) and Purrfect Storm(Fox), and the meme became
self-sustaining at that point. Of late, we've seen actual subversions with male Purrfects(Purrfect Arrow, Purrfect Knight, and Purrfect Kick, to my
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Thanks Ops, I was feeling a bit out of the loop on that one.
For reference, and because I don't feel like finding the topic it came from....the updated Sabre list:
Silicon Sabre (Claws/Invuln Scrapper)

Secret ID: Sylia Stingray (BGC)

Player: OpMegs

Net Sabre (Electrical Blast/Kinetics Defender)

Secret ID: Nene Romanova (BGC)

Player: OpMegs

Edge Sabre (Broadsword/Regen Scrapper)

Secret ID: Utena Tenjou (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Player: OpMegs

Demolition Sabre (Energy Melee/Willpower Tank)

Secret ID: None

Player: OpMegs

Gauche Sabre (Dual Blades/Super Reflexes Scrapper)

Secret ID: Nanami Kiryuu (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Player: OpMegs

Echo Sabre (Sonics/Sonics Defender)

Secret ID: Lisa Vanette (BGC, Primal Earth local version)

Player: OpMegs

Sacae Sabre (Katana/WP Scrapper)

Secret ID: Lyndis (Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword)

Player: OpMegs

Street Sabre (Super Strength/Willpower Tank)

Secret ID: Priss S. Asagiri (BGC)

Player: Matrix Dragon

Dance Sabre (Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper)

Secret ID: Linna Yamazaki (BGC)

Player: Matrix Dragon

Nano Sabre (Rad Emission/Dark Blast Defender)

Secret ID: Sylvie (BGC)

Player: Sofaspud

Swift Sabre (Katana/Super Reflexes Scrapper)

Secret ID: Linna Yamazaki (BGC 2040)

Player: Ankhani

Psyche Sabre (Psychic Blast/Mental Manipulation Blaster)

Secret ID: Minnie May Hopkins (Gunsmith Cats [Nene base template, heavily modified])

Player: Evil Midnight Lurker

Range Sabre (Assault Rifle/Gadgets Blaster)

Secret ID: Chassis - Madigan(BGC, with alternate red hair). Mental Template - Ritsuko (Those Who Hunt Elves)

Player: Bob

Mirage Sabre (Illusion/Kinetics Controller)

Secret ID: Anri (BGC)

Player: Niteflier

Phoenix Saber (Fire/Gadgets Blaster)

Secret ID: Not established.

Player: ElectroEagle

Plasma Sabre (Fire/Fire Scrapper)

Secret ID: Lou (BGC)

Player: Drenivian

Rose Sabre (Plant Control/Empathy Controller)

Secret ID: Anthy (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Player: Unicorna

Cavalry Sabre (???/??? ???)

Secret ID: ???

Player: ???

Hawk Sabre (AR/Elec Blaster)

Secret ID: Nam (BGC)

Player: Valles

Frostbyte Sabre (Ice/Ice Blaster?)

Secret ID: ???

Player: Duckly

Blaze Sabre (Fire/Fire Blaster)

Secret ID: Naoko (BGC, Primal Earth local version)

Player: Sofaspud

Freefall Sabre (AR/Dev Blaster)

Secret ID: Megaera Genaros (Modified 33-S "Sylvie" chassis)

Player: ECS Norway

Genki Sabre (FF/Energy Defender)

Secret ID: Irene Chang (BGC, Primal Earth Local Version)

Player: Sofaspud

Typhoon Sabre (Rad/Rad Defender)

Secret ID: Mackie Stingray (BGC, mental template adjusted for female form)

Player: Matrix Dragon

Mace Sabre (Shield/Mace Tank)
Secret ID: Sachie Hanagawa
Player: Valles
Prime Sabre (Fire/WP Tank)
Secret ID: ???
Player: Bal'Phyr
Phantom Saber (???/??? Scrapper)
Secret ID: ???
Player: ???
Shell Sabre (Assault Rifle/Devices Blaster)
Secret ID: Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost In The Shell)
Player: Microshade
Life Sabre (Empathy/Psi Blast Defender)
Secret ID: ???
Player: Bob
Riposte Sabre (Broadsword/Willpower Scrapper)
Secret ID: Juri Arisugawa (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
Player: Unicorna
Lost Saber (Broadsword/Shield Scrapper)
Secret ID: Jeena Malso (BGC/ADP Police Files Manga)
Player: Wiregeek
Ransom Sabre (Mind Control/Kinetics Controller)
Secret ID: Julianne Thompson
Player: OpMegs

Honorable Mention:

Detective McNichol (Assault Rifle/Devices Blaster)

Secret ID: ....do I really have to tell you this? *laugh*

Player: Sofaspud

Detective Wong (Fire/Fire Blaster)

Secret ID: Really, it's not obvious?

Player: OpMegs


Inferno Scimitar (Kinetics/Fire Assault Corruptor)

Secret ID: Madigan (BGC)

Player: OpMegs

Psycho Scimitar (Mind Control/Electrical Assault Dominator)

Secret ID: Nena Romanova (Nena Trinity/Gundam 00, Nene Romanova, BGC mashup)

Player: OpMegs

Jizai Scimitar (Dual Blades/Super Reflexes Brute)

Secret ID: Fate Testarossa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)

Player: Unicorna

Amp Scimitar (Electric Melee/Electric Armor Brute)
Secret ID: ???
Player: Sofaspud
Shadow Scimitar (Claws/Ninjitsu Stalker)
Secret ID: Galatea (BGC 2040)
Player: OpMegs

Honorable Mention:

Maximilian Largo (Robotics/Force Field Mastermind)

Secret ID: Brian J. Mason

Battle Drones: Armstrong, Frederick, Quincy, Hyperbumas Alpha, Beta, and Omega

Player: OpMegs

BU-55C (Electric/Electric Brute)

Secret ID: None

Player: OpMegs
"Oh, silver blade, forged in the depths of the beyond. Heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way. Lay
Wire told me I should bust the precedent and actually make the Purrfect Sabre since it hasn't been done yet. I'm thinking my next will be a Purrfect or
a Sabre I'm just not sure which, doubtfully the c-c-combo.
I made an edit to the new master list -- with I13, I could finally get a name change to work, and corrected "Range Sabre".
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
The Purrfects were the result of people building on Purrfect Archer's name. The original concept was using any number of "Per-" adjectives, which
is why I made Purrky Goth. Sadly, I apparently missed the memo when everyone else decided to make Purrfects. But it works for Purrky, since she's a Cat Who
Walks By Herself, not prone to follow any sort of trend beyond her own amusement, and as independent as as any stray.
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