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Wire wanted one, and this is how far I've gotten thus far:

[Image: LegendaryChart.jpg]
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I can't stop laughing at this flow chart....well done!
A few points to say here:

- Inari is together with Sachie Hanagawa (Valles) and Misao Kagetsuki (Kaeda).

- Nogi is a kindof-surrogate-adoptive mother of Steph.

- Erin (my Facet) is the 'middle' Sister between e/Space Mage.

- You can add in En somehow attached to Brae and as 'teases' Terr, if you wish.

- If I ever had a chance, I'd get Swift and Dance a bit more together, but that's not exactly plan-friendly.

- If I think of anything else, I'll put it up here.

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>Analects: Book V, Chaper XXVI
[Image: divbze.jpg]
I can't help but guffaw mightily at Gen's 'partner'.

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