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Full Version: Okay, now THIS is the screen...
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... for playing COX.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
unfortunetly that also looks like three CRTs put side to side. I don't know how much heat that puts out, but I know that I don't have the room on my
desk for it. And I don't want to think about how much juice that sucks down
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TF2: Spy



You, my friend, are not the target market 8 )

I'm just pissed that the rez is so low.. go away, and come back with 1200 vertical pixels!
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I'm just noting the two big "seams" in the screen where the normal CRT width meets.

If you're going to make a screen that huge, you'd think you could at least iron that out.
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