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Full Version: 57 and 60 month rewards revealed!
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The 57 & 60 Month Veteran Rewards are designed to help our 'Vets' hit the ground running and in high style without breaking the
bank! With players having so many opportunities to create new character concepts we feel these rewards will help our long standing fans suit up in style.

57 Months

Abiding Badge: 50% discount on all tailor sessions: Start out your new characters in style!

60 Months

City Traveler Badge: Hit the ground running... this badge unlocks access to the following Power Pools at
level 6, so players can access Tier 1, 2, or 3 powers early on.
  • Flight

  • Superspeed

  • Teleport

  • Superleap

(1) Additional Character Slot:
This reward is granted annually to each player that has been part of our Veteran Rewards Program. Months: 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 should all reflect this value.

5 Merit Rewards

This got clarified. The old timers can now take Flight, Superjump, etc, at level 6! NICE.

57 month (which is 42 months away for me) is.. just shy of completely useless. 60 month has some interesting possibilities...
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Are the extra char slots retroactive?
-- Bob
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I would hope so
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To clarify, you get an free character slot every year, effectively. When vet rewards were introduced, these slots were all granted at once to existing subscribers.
When we got the ability to purchase new slots, one or two (I can't remember) were given out to every player, plus the vet reward slots they already qualified for. So a newbie player who had an active sub during that period would have gotten a free slot, but a vet would have gotten four or five, etc, depending.
Going further, when you reach the new vet reward marks, the new slots simply show up as a new slot token to apply on whatever server in the character creation screen, same as if you'd purchased one.
Regarding the 60 month reward... that is interesting. True travel power for any character on any AT at level 6. Granted we do have the temp travel packs nowadays, but there's more nifty factor in this for many people, I suppose. Also helps some tight builds, I imagine.
I'm rather bemused by the hairball on the official forums. Some people are complain' that the 60 month reward breaks the dev's 'promise' that vet rewards wouldn't alter game balance. Others are like 'meh what's the big deal? It's not that huge a thing'. There doesn't seem to be much in-between. I just think the whole thing's silly. On the other hand, I can reasonably expect to see 60 months myself, so I'm probably biased there.
-- Acyl
Ah, okay, that makes some sense. Thanks, Acyl.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
Yeah... I stay out of the official forums because of hairballs like this. *sigh*

Can someone explain to me just how it would break game balance? You can take the travel powers at level 6. Okay. Ignoring the fact (for the moment) that the
epics have them at level 1... just how does this affect things?

Travel powers are effectively useless in combat, really; about the only benefit I can see is that you get a (pretty weak) stealth via Super Speed. Fly is
useless in combat -- lets you get AWAY from combat easily, maybe, but that's it. Superjump, the same -- you can't slot defense in them, either, so
what's the point?

Plus, at that low of a level, they are truly end hogs of the first order. Using them in combat will make you _lose_ effectiveness; hell, at 14, if I forget to
turn Super Jump off, for example, I hear that lovely 'power-down' sound waaay too often.

So it can't be combat people are griping about. Right? Or have I missed an angle here?

If it's not combat, then it's gotta be the other aspect -- travel. Which seems to me to boil down it "it's not FAIR! Waaah! They get to get
around fast while I have to walk! Waah!"

I'm tempted to quote the pony ride comment on that one.

Anyway, I'm agreed with Wire -- the 57 month rewards are teh lame. 50% off tailor sessions, big whoop. I haven't paid for a tailor session -- even on
a new alt -- in _months_ (well, except for the time I got hit by the tailor bug, but eh); anybody who's been on longer than a year (by definition, everyone
getting that reward, heh) has free tailor tokens popping out their ears. I'd rather see a new costume part or a craftable base item or, well, just about

60 month rewards are nifty, but I'm in no hurry. As-is, I get the Raptor Pack at level 6 anyway, and that does just fine until I get around to getting a
travel power. Heh.

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Its not actually having the powers themselves that is the potential problem. It is that you can get the powers at level 6, and I am assuming with -out- taking
the prerequisite pool power (Hover/Air Sup. for Fly, and so on), and thus freeing up a extra powerslot to go munchkin over.

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It's OK, Ankh, noone needs travel powers anway.

"No can brain today. Want cheezeburger."
From NGE: Nobody Dies, by Gregg Landsman