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Full Version: Double XP Weekend: How well'd you make out?
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Double XP Weekend's come and gone, and in its wake, levels have shot up.

I didn't especially keep track myself, but given I have a text file with my alts listed on it, I'm able to accurately mark down how much progress I

MACH Mk.II: 23 to 25

Alicia of the Flash: 12 to 19

Demolition Sabre: 29 to 33

Sacae Sabre: 16 to 18

Maximillian Largo: 33 to 40

Binary Fusion: 1 to 15

All told, that's 36 levels. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.
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Just two characters for me, but not a bad run.

Purrfect Shield: 29 to 35

Just Another Archer: 4 to 15 (I am so keeping Arrows/Trick Arrows)
Virtue Server

Plasma Sabre: 31 - 32

Paraforce Red: 1 - 17

Sailor Midchilda: 1 - 13

Freedom Server

Mitarashi Miyoko: 38-44

I am still working on Miyoko as of the time of this post.
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I really didn't have the time to play much -- the little that folks got to team with me was almost it. Nobody in my roster got a level at all. Wah.
-- Bob
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I didn't do too bad. Achieved most of my (admittedly modest) goals.
Battery Acid - Brute - 43 to 50 (my fifth 50 overall, and second villain)
Payload - Tank - 30 to 35 (yay rwz)
Light Errant - Defender - 23 to 29 (I was aiming for an even 30, but close enough)
I'd hoped to play a lowbie VEAT a little, get him up to crab arms at least, but never got round to it.
But really, that'll do. I can't complain.
-- Acyl
4 on Lily and 2ish on Zen... would have probably been more on Zen but I was/am having issues with pugging during the event.

The idiots were out in full regalia, it was depressing and somewhat degrading.
MY biggest gain was 3 levels on Emi Arizona, my Rad/Rad def. She's within 1 1/2 levels of ITF and LGTF.
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(Note on LGTF is it is now -really- 45-50 and not SK-able

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I got Lost Sabre up to 35 from 26, and Vengy got a single solitary level. To be honest, I'm not happy with it - Pacts and all.
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I had a decision to make: concentrate on leveling, or get mah new TV.

The TV won (50 inches of sweet free tech, woo!).

So, I only had a few hours here and there over the weekend, quite a lot of which was wasted due to server issues. Fortunately, the issues (except for logging
in) weren't anywhere NEAR as bad as last time. I'm not nearly as close to saying "fuck Double XP weekend!" as I was after the previous one.

That said, I scored a couple levels on a lot of alts, and the big one was Purrfect Scrapper, who went from 41 to 44. Ruff Enuff got some lovin too, going from
27 to 31.

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dark seraph

... not very well, due to work and altitis

I had a pretty good, and fun, weekend. Letsee if I can remember who all I worked on...

Amp Scimitar: 15 to 19 (soooo close to 20 and speed boost!)

Iridium Horizon: 43 to 46 (turned off XP gain at 46 to make him a permanent bridge)

Rainier Ice: 31 to 35 (yay ITF!)

Purrfect Trick: 23-25 (half bar from 26... wheefun Warriorgeddon!)

A Rose on the Grey: 25-26 (harder because she was pacted and her pactmate didn't sign on all weekend...)

Purrfect Arrow: 41-45 (Hoarfrost is fun! I has FrostyKitty!)

Temporal Fault: 1-15 (My not-Faultline pacted with OM's not-Fusionette, and a surprisingly fun guy to play. Earth control and Thermal have good synergy)
Mmm. Not much time online this weekend, but.

Ayanami Ichi: 1 to 9.

Kagetsuki Misao: 32 to 34.
Sucrose Octanitrate.
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Themaria Dist - 15 to 32. Plus about seventy million infamy gathered on Sachie Hanagawa.

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