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Full Version: Dark Heart High Yearbook 2009: Transfer Student
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Quote: "I did it all to help you. To make you confident and strong. ... you were the first and only human I ever cared about."


"We can both be safe together, and that's all that matters."


"How can you be so foolish? Shinji, I love you, but I don't have time to argue with you. These two are going to die, now or later, it doesn't
matter. -You- don't have to. That's all I'm offering you. Now come over here and stop being such an idiot."


Ichi frowned thoughtfully at the slowly spreading scarlet stain on the front of her smock, and then looked at Shinji. The corners of her mouth cocked upward
in a smile.

"Well, I will be God-damned," she said slowly and distinctly. "Shinji. You were actually -listening-. I'm... I'm proud of you."

Then her eyes rolled up in her head and she crumpled to the floor.

- - (Neon Exodus Evangelion, volume 3, chapter 8, Benjamin Hutchins et al)

Ayanami Ichi arrived in Hell with a smile on her lips.

It didn't last long.

Hell was hot, and dark, and rather medieval-looking, at the moment. The particular spot she'd landed in seemed to be the stone-walled hallway of some
sort of castle.

The heat didn't bother her.

The dark didn't bother her.

No sign of modern conveniences, no visible light sources but I can see just fine - yay demonic vision - and tapestries on
the walls depicting - oh, gross. Okay, have to admit, even I can be disgusted by some things. Moving right along...

The decor was completely unacceptable.

She spent a totally unfulfilling period - she thought it was about four hours or so, but her watch wasn't working - exploring the twisting, branching
corridors of the 'castle'. The halls were lined with more tapestries, most of them depicting the worst excesses of the so-called 'seven deadly
sins' (Really, she thought, if Sloth were a sin, all humanity is damned anyway,
lazy buggers. The thought was, however, scant comfort to someone who didn't care any more about damning or saveing humanity than she did about
pretty much anything else.)

The sight of a tapestry that looked exactly like the first one she'd seen, but was on the floor, gave her a moment's pause. The footprints in the
dust on the wall next to her made things even clearer. 'The Egyptian Method' might work for keeping one's way in a normal labyrinth, but when the
designer could tell the laws of geometry and physics what to go do with themselves, well... Crap. Okay, that didn't
work... now what? Who do I have to kill to get out of here?

"Well," said a clear, tenor voice, distinctly feminine and coolly amused, "You could always kill yourself. I don't guarantee you'd enjoy where it would get you out of here to,


Ichi grinned to herself as she examined the face in the mirror. The reflected image showed paler skin than she was used to, but the wicked mirth in the newly
crimson eyes was the same. Her hair was starting to show streaks of the vibrant powder-blue that Reilael had sported in her own mortal guise - fitting, given
Ichi's origins as a copy of the Cherub.

The deal had been hours in the making, and Ichi was still not sure exactly what her new patron's goal was. Depriving Natlateth of her supporters on this
side of the line was one thing, but the choice of her new placement was ... well, questionable. On the one hand, it would give her the opportunity she'd
craved: to make her own life, her own power, free of the soul-grip Natlateth had had over her. Just what exactly Lilith got out of sending her to school,
though... that was a question for later exploration. Very detailed exploration.

In the meantime, however, she'd spent a very enjoyable afternoon - and evening, night, and morning - completing
the negotiations. And today she was off to school for the first time in her life.

This required she at least pretend to wear the school uniform. Fortunately the regulations on that weren't all that specific, and she'd customized
things a good bit. The silk was hedonistically soft against the bare skin beneath it. The deep maroon shirt was unbuttoned a bit at the top, hinting at but not
really exposing any of her modest cleavage. A charcoal-grey blazer displayed the school's horned-skull logo, and matching slacks fell over the low-heeled
boots she'd selected. "Perfect," she declared. "Just enough to tease, tempt, and tantalize..."


An hour later, she stood in front of the class, grinning impishly to herself as she finally made the connection that gave her the start of Lilith's plan.

"I'd like you all to welcome our new transfer student," said the teacher, "Ichi Ayanami. Ichi, would you mind taking a seat next to Ysrafel?
I'm sure she won't mind sharing her textbook for today.

"And let's all give her a warm welcome to Dark Heart High."
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ok, now I have to go reread NXE

not sure if I should that you for that or not.
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Cute. I like it.

Can't wait to see what happens when Emi Arizona meets Ichi...
-- Bob
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Dun dun DUNNNN....

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Well, Ichi already kinda has met Emi. Or at least Emi has meet Ichi. Ysrafel(Fox's char) is Emi somwhere along the line, I belive. I'm not so sure just
where, but they are the same person, at some point.

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Redemption... hm. It's possible. It's kind of up to Ysra, in some ways, as she's the one most likely to be able to get through to Ichi.

Speaking of which, Fox, we need to hash out the next scene. Smile
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