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Full Version: Miscellaneous and Only Faintly Relevant Fiddly Details
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As I doubt I'll ever write this out in story form, I imagined most people would be curious about the timeline by which the BGC verse from which the Sabres
were stolen operated on. As such, I cobbled this together for reference. Note, this essentially canonizes (for the Sabres, at least) a few theories that've
bounced about the internet, mostly because they serve the overall plot of the Sabres and Scimitars in Paragon.

Note, canonical events effectively take place as they were seen in the various media.

Timeline Legend:

- Canon Events -

(Sabre Timeline Events)


(Chairman Quincy uploads himself into GENOM's mainframe, existing as a purely digital intelligence with a variety of robotic duplicates to give the
impression he's still flesh and blood)

- AD Police Files -

(Jeena Malso retires from the AD Police. Brian J. Mason, guided by subtle hints from the disembodied consciousness of V7-28, discovers files on Quincy's
brain transfer procedure, and begins independently researching it himself.)

- Blow Up -

(As planned, Mason's death is only the beginning, and his mind is uploaded to an extremely advanced Buma body....but also corrupted by the presence of
V7-28, who attempts to seize the body for himself. The resulting amalgamation of personalities becomes Largo.)

(Largo visits Genaros "on business" and seeds the 33-S group's escape as a measure to discredit his pawns and take full control of the advanced
construction facilities necessary for the next part of his plan.)

- Moonlight Rambler -

(GENOM salvages the remains of Nam, Lou, Meg from Genaros Station, later salvages Sylvie similarly from the wreckage of the DD Battlemover. The memory cores
are removed and "boxed" for later study.)

(At some point, Largo's controlled assets in GENOM acquire detailed memory scans of the Knight Sabers(as well as Mackie Stingray), which are implanted into
modified 33-S chassis buma, while replications of their hardsuits are constructed for use in Largo's upcoming smear operation. A Crey acquisitions team
operating through Portal Corps stumbles across the hidden factory and seizes all materials they find. Having lost both the mental records and the fake Sabers
themselves, Largo revises his plan to use disguised Hyperbuma to impersonate the Sabers instead)

- Red Eyes -

(As a "reward" for her loyal service during the Largo incident, Chairman Quincy has Katherine Madigan's neural patterns scanned and duplicated
before she can die of her injuries, thus preserving his loyal henchwoman...and placing her directly under his control as she is only able to exist outside the
GENOM mainframe in one of a variety of buma duplicates, similar to himself, but also lacks the access codes to enter a new duplicate without his say so.)

(Anri's intact backups are similarly removed and placed into a highly secure facility, in hopes of finding out more information about how Largo managed his
attack so well. Largo's own wreckage is never found.)

(A random dimensional spike due to increased portal activity sends Jeena Malso careening out of her own reality and into Paragon City. She is found by the Lost
and inducted into their ranks.)

- Double Vision -

(Crey begins a campaign of corporate espionage and raiding. A weakened GENOM, still reeling from Largo's attacks worldwide as well as their loss of
prestige after the destruction of their new prototype buma at the hands of the Knight Sabers and the Genki Battlemover, loses large amounts of technical
equipment and data. The backups of the various 33-S girls, a Madigan backup, and potentially even one of Quincy's numerous backups are seized during this
campaign, and inserted into Crey's mainframe for analysis and potential implantation into the 1st Generation Scimitars. Also unbeknownst to Crey, they raid
a GENOM facility privately controlled by Largo, whose digital intelligence is still without a body as he awaits the repairs to his old one.)

(Sylvie is brought back online as Nano Sabre and escapes with the help of the Legendary and Riot Force. Shortly thereafter, Largo seizes control of the
facility his intelligence was taken to and uses the available construction equipment to rapidly build himself a primitive imitation of his original body. He
flees to the Rogue Isles to recoup his strength and plan.)
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