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Full Version: If you ever wanted a demonstration of how skewed the redside market was...
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After the craziness that was Terr's Ride of Roman Death, Largo had 16 million in Infamy. However, he also had a good deal of lack of slots, because going
from 45-49 in one map will give you the sea of red right quick.

So, I try to IO out his build, using just generic IOs. I note, my seed money for this was 16 *million*. This would not be difficult blueside. I'd want,
say, 20 mil to be sure of it, but I'd feel just fine about making the conversion from SOs to IOs.

I am now down to 4,000 some inf. I've *almost* got all the End Reducs I needed, and a handful of SOs are green now. However, about half his slots are still
red. I note, I concentrated ONLY on the End Reducs for IOs, figuring the rest could come later.

And most of those IOs were bought as recipes rather than the 500K a pop asking price for crafted IOs. Which lowered the price to 92,000 a pop, plus the
salvage. The silver wasn't bad(500 a pop for 10 pieces), but the Nevermelting Silver, common arcane salvage, apparently rings up for 50,000 a piece. @_@

Needless to say, I'm grateful that I'm perfectly fine with SOs most of the time. Otherwise redside's market would probably kill me.
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Ops, you could have used your tickets for the salvage. They recently increased team ticket rates.
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I've been saying for a very long time that there needs to be market controls on the auction houses.
Do note, Ops, that is actually cheaper to buy the pre-crafted IOs off the market than it is to buy recipes and craft them yourself. In adition to actually
getting the recipe and salvage, you have to pay a good amount of Inf for crafting level 50 IOs. This ranges from 162 600 to 464 600 inf. I noticed this while
memorizing IOs on Emet (Recipes are the same red/blueside), that people who -do- have them memorized can make the recipes for (about) half the inf normally
needed, and the put them up on the Market for just under the normal price, and make a good profit.

It too me about 26 million to IO out Ankh with all level 50 IOs, buying direct to IOs.

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I'm not so sure about market controls. I'd just be happy if the linked the markets. That would effectively level them out (after a short period of
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cost me about 30 mil to IO out Lost..
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