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Full Version: Hrm. THAT's not promising
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"Debug Error!

Program: CTonguerogram FilesCity of HeroesCohUpdater.exe

HEAP CORRUPTION DETECTED: after Normal block (#61547) at 0x07d83780 CRT detected that the application wrote to memory after end of heap buffer.

Memory allocated at cConfusedvncohcoh_sourcelibsutilitieslibutilspiglib.c(601).

(Press Retry to debug the application)"


I have no clue what that means, but I suspect it's bad news.

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Well... it's not good? But it may not be all bad, either.

If -- and I stress IF -- it's not a random glitch, then the most likely culprits are (in this order) your physical memory and your hard disk. If it
continues to happen, the first thing to do would be to download the updater from PlayNC.com and 'reinstall'. You won't need to download everything
again, thankfully.

If that doesn't fix it... I'd check airflow in the case, especially around the memory sticks, and look at acquiring a memory testing utility.
Unfortunately, sometimes the best way to test memory is to stick to known-good units and swap them in until the problem goes away. Memory testers don't
often catch things, but they have the advantage of being cheap.

You could also try doing a full defrag of your hard drive (which may take several hours, be warned) and see if that clears things up, or if that plus
re-acquiring the launcher does the trick.

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Bear in mind I'm no expert in this sorta stuff, but I did do some Memory stuff in the Computer Sci dpt (i.e. this is mostly educated guess and induction)... From what it looks like in that error, either CoH (or whatever its writing-liaison HDD to RAM is) tried to write outside of it's allocated memory. Presumably at the memory address given, in Hex. File directory is probably where the game has its Virtual Memory.

Spudly has the advice down though. I can point you to some free and effective utilities to make that stuff easier though:

-Memory Testing: Memtest86+ Burn the download to a CD or floppy (If you have a floppy drive these days...), and boot to the appropriate drive. Typically the Boot order is set for that, but you can change it in the BIOS. (F2 during first startup, I believe)

-Hard Drive Defragmentation: Diskeeper Lite is a lot faster than the standard Windows Defrag tool. It's the Freeware version of 'Diskeeper' but all you're paying for is an automatic-schedule feature for the Drefrag, and some other business bells&whistles.
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For defrag hit http://www.mydefrag.com. It's in beta, but it uses the Windows API so it's safe, but it works
really well and is free.