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Full Version: Falling in love with the game again
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I have not been playing much of late, due to other duties, responsibilities, hobbies, etc.

I just upgraded my system.

The new beast is a quad4 with 8gb and a 1gb graphics card.

As Sam Jackson might say in a moment of levity, "This is one Oedipal Gerund tasty system."

The detail, speed and response on the new system is remarkable, and cutting through mobs dual-blading with Excalibastard is just a joy - I can't wait to
run an ITF or similar mission to see what that level of 8 person fun looks like.

if you haven't run a mothership raid with the new system, do so.

it is a thing of glory (and not just because the rikti armor has glowing bits on the higher graphics settings)
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