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Full Version: DS's art thread MK 2
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dark seraph

so, now that i have finaly fixed my photobukect acount, lets start posting thise again.
[Image: Gir001.jpg]

[Image: Broken001.jpg]

[Image: DSandGir.jpg]

[Image: CoH008.jpg]

[Image: sachie02.jpg]

[Image: DarkNette.jpg]

[Image: gears.jpg]

[Image: sera02.jpg]

[Image: Ailicia001.jpg]

[Image: Terrandthepiratebed.jpg]

[Image: TerrandDS.jpg]

[Image: GirPattiandminimoose.jpg]

"No can brain today. Want cheezeburger."
From NGE: Nobody Dies, by Gregg Landsman

dark seraph

yes, Gir's beloved pet piggy that she named mini moose Tongue

dark seraph

ooh, forgot to add a few.
[Image: Oni.jpg]

[Image: Fox03.jpg]

[Image: DSandTish02.jpg]

[Image: Tish.jpg]

and finaly, cheesecake, cuz i can Tongue
[Image: CoXCheesecake.jpg]

dark seraph

recent thing i posted for geting 4000 veiws on devian art (still tryint to porces that)
[Image: DSBeef.jpg]

why? because the idea of it made me laugh my ass off. Smile

dark seraph

[Image: Gally.jpg]

a rought ass sketch of Seer Gallowglass, i will try and clean it up a bit. Smile
and definetly fix the eyes >.>

dark seraph

[Image: A_Day_in_the_Park_by_Dark__Seraph.jpg]

part of a story i was working on when my system died, Sera and Alicia in the park talking about time travel and such.
in the Forground, said reson for talking about time travel Smile

dark seraph

[Image: Gally001.jpg]

well, I said I would get around to fixing it.... went a bit overbaord and inked it to. Smile
so here's everyones fav Brit Fortuna, Gally, who know's, might even color this one Smile

dark seraph

[Image: HeroCakedone.jpg]

sort of a late B-day present for Terr and Sweno. Lisa and Reha in a cake.
took so long cuz i suck at drawing hands.... and eyes.... and not that good at cheese cake Tongue

That's a nice touch on Rhea's left hand.  Very good placement.  *cough*
However, there's one major problem, I'm sorry to say.  Mr. Whiskers is missing.  If Mr. Whiskers is missing, you don't get Happy Fun Rhea popping out of the cake; you get the radioactive equivalent of Mt. Vesuvius.

--"Listening to your kid is the audio equivalent of a Salvador Dali painting, Spud." --OpMegs

dark seraph

umm.... he didn't want frosting on his fur?
that and i had no idea where to put him >.>;

dark seraph

[Image: HeroCakedone02.jpg]
okay, cake mark 2, now with 100% more mister wiskers Tongue

dark seraph

[Image: KaraSkye.jpg]

for Atl, i offered to draw and he said yes. Tongue
also, need to practce more with a tablet.

Nice. You know, I don't actually have Kara wear that outfit much outside of the "D". You must've snapped a screenshot or been paying attention. Good choice for this. Big Grin

dark seraph

based it of this pic here.
[Image: screenshot_090723-12-06-02.jpg]

Kara showing Gir a cool trick with her pet... before Gir pointed out they were comiting a fedral offence Tongue

dark seraph

[Image: RingMistress.jpg]
Carni Ringmistress with a top hat and cane.
why? because i can Tongue

dark seraph

[Image: AliciaandNamoko.jpg]

something to tie in with that day in a park pick i did a while back.
say hello to Namoko, time traveling kid Tongue

dark seraph

[Image: Nephilim.jpg]

drawing of my Brute Nephilim Blade, sadly this won't be inked due to the fact I kept adding more detail every 5 seconds >.>

dark seraph

[Image: ArtandGally.jpg]

dark seraph

[Image: NephMorning.jpg]

Karen and Misty (Hilltopper and Misty Hanagawa) go to pay their neigbor a vist one morning.
lets just say Neph is not a morning person... at all.

dark seraph

[Image: X-masSamwich.jpg]

Merry Christmas people of the Legendary.
((I will note that while drawing this, I could almsot hear Rhea making so many coments about carrying Terr's Sack....
of Toys. Tongue )

dark seraph

[Image: Nephilimrefrancepic.jpg]

another pic of Neph (she is rather Fun to Draw) with 3 of her Tattoo's listed.
she may have more... she's not telling. Tongue

dark seraph

[Image: FamilyTree.jpg]

Not really Art, more something to keep things straight for the hand full that read my stories.
Now i know some names haven't poped up in stories... they will eventuly...

when I remember >.>;

dark seraph

First a brief few scraps I drew X-mas day, from the rough mental Image of my toons X-mas party.
[Image: X-masscraps.jpg]
So in order, Top left to bottom right.
Gir with her present from Patti, an Ice cream maker.
DS and Tish seeing the joke part of thier present from Sera, Sil, Gir and Patti. (String bikini and a Banana Hammock) the actual present is 2 tickets for a cruise in the tropics
Gally and Patty with a X-mas cracker (or party popper, what ever you call them)
And finally is Neph handing a present to.... well Tish was meant to be there, but I drifted off at that point >.>;

Next is something new I tried, but due to it being NSFW, I'm just posting the link to my Deviant Art Page instead.
http://i457.photobucket.com/albums/qq29 ... raNude.jpg
*Edit: changed the link so those that don't have Deviant art acounts can see it

dark seraph

while board/half asleep yesterday, i inked and colored a pic, with permission of the original artist, I can post it here. Smile
[Image: SD_Lady_Nogitsune.jpg]
Fox's Chibi Nogi, I even did some shading *shock horror* Tongue

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