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Full Version: i18 "Shades of Grey" announced
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Quote:Issue 18: Shades of Gray Overview
The eighteenth free expansion for City of Heroes® introduces major new game upgrades and is the milestone for the release of the content in the City of Heroes Going Rogue™ expansion.
Tips System
The Tips System gives players a new way to find missions. During play, foes Level 20 or higher may drop notes or clues, or offer information. These Tips start new mission arcs, allowing characters to face new opponents and challenges.
One Auction House for All
Players of all alignments, whether they are Heroes, Villains, Vigilantes, or Rogues, can now use any Wentworth's Consignment House or Black Market venue.
Trading Between Alignments
Heroes and Villains can now trade Inspirations in co-op zones. Players can even mail certain items to their own characters using the global email system.
Mission Architect Additions
With the inclusion of doppelgangers, your character can now fight against himself or herself!
New Hardware Support
City of Heroes now supports Alienware AlienFX®.
Cathedral of PainIssue 18: Shades of Gray reintroduces the long-awaited Cathedral of Pain Trial. The Cathedral of Pain is the name of one of the strongholds of Ruularu the Ravager, a cosmic entity with unimaginable powers. Inside the heavily defended Cathedral of Pain, Ruularu is attempting to pierce the barrier between his realm and our reality. If he succeeds, Ruularu gains ultimate power, and our dimension will be obliterated.
Only you and your allies can stop Ruularu.
The Cathedral of Pain is one of the most challenging trials in City of Heroes. Up to 24 Level 35 to 50 characters can work together to take down the Soldiers of Ruularu, Psionic Resonators, and ultimately an aspect of Ruularu himself. You have only one hour to complete your mission.
If your group manages to stop Rularuu's insane scheme, your courage will be rewarded! You can earn Merit Rewards, or even earn a rare badge to celebrate this epic victory. But be on guard--Ruularu will return.
http://www.cityofheroes.com/news/game_ ... rview.html
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Well, very cool.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
I bet they made the Castle of Pain non-base raiding related. *hopes so because he loathes PVP*

But tips being another interesting Drop Type... NICE.

*checks CoX Fora for the WAAAAAAAHmbulances about Cathedral*
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Okay. Here's a word of Dev:

Ghost Falcon Said:
Originally Posted by Dragorian View Post
Not trying to start a poop storm or anything, but I'm curious about the "possibility to change your destiny". Does that mean that running tip missions will allow me to change alignment via the new tip mission system without purchasing the upcoming expansion?
Customers who do not choose to upgrade with the Going Rogue expansion will be able to do "Tip" missions, but will not be able to switch their alignments.

As mentioned in the ViDoc videos, characters have to do a number of "Tip" missions before they can get a "Morality" mission. The "Morality" mission is the determining mission that changes your alignment, and is only available to players who purchase the Going Rogue expansion.

Quote:Hey folks,

With the release of the "Issue 18: Overview" today, I wanted to address some questions that would naturally arise within the PvP community regarding the return of the Cathedral of Pain.

Previously the Cathedral of Pain was used to acquire Items of Power which were instrumental in Base Raiding. The initial implementation of the CoP was exploitable and ultimately removed. We have always wanted to revisit the CoP and return it to something players could participate in, and with Issue 18 we will be doing just that.

The new implementation of the Cathedral of Pain gives the choice of a number of rewards to players, but it does not contain Items of Power.

Base Raiding is currently on hold and not being actively worked on. We understand that this may disappoint some of you in the PvP community, but we wanted to tell it to you straight to minimize any confusion or false hope that Base Raiding would be addressed in this new iteration of the Cathedral of Pain.


Ghost Falcon
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll
...all things considered, I think City of Heroes has the best management team of any MMO now or historically.
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There's no question of that. Absolutely agree.
(And did anyone else notice that Rularuu has a COMPANION CUBE???)

dark seraph

Quote:Up to 24 Level 35 to 50 characters can work together
it says charecters, not heroes or villains..... dose that mean co-op?

Considering that the threat is described as "World Ending", I'd say it's a good bet that it is.
Either that - or since both heroes and villains have bases, there's a Hero version and a Villain version.
But of course, coop would be cooler.
Given that co op would be more of 'Da WIN'... It wont. It'll be more like Oro; one red one blue and neither the twain shall meet.
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Cathedral of Pain?..welll wasn't expectin that Smile..thats our Dev's for ya..they love us.