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Full Version: Mistell of Doom
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In the spirit of the Top Gear presenters, in the spirit of friendship I'm going to embarrass Foxboy. Feel free to return the favor anytime. ^_^

[Team] Rebecca Heisman: Big Spawn of Cocks can be creepy no?
[Team] Sassinak: O_o
[Team] Sassinak: Yeeees....
[Team] Rebecca Heisman: CLOCKS!
[Team] Rebecca Heisman: *REDFACED TYPO OF DOOM*
[Team] Sassinak: ((*Whooping in laughter*))
Ranks right up there with Kid Flash's "I just hit people over and over again with my nads" from UF.
Ebony the Black Dragon

"Good night, and may the Good Lord take a Viking to you."
Ha! I knew that reminded me of something! ^_^
Alexis: Trust me, a big spawn of cocks is pretty creepy too.

-Morgan. They're more afraid of your knives than you are of them...